June Possibilities — no more monthly TBR lists?

May 29, 2020

Another new month means another new TBR! 

Aaaactually… scratch that.

I didn’t make a TBR for May because of Moody May, and it made me realize how much I’m not enjoying TBR lists these days. I’ve been making TBRs basically every month for about 3 years now, and while they used to help me out a lot, nowadays it seems like they just stress me out and I never complete them — so why continue making them? 

I didn’t want to not have any beginning-of-month posts at all, though, so I polled my lovely twitter friends a few days ago and it was practically unanimous that everyone was in favor of me ditching TBRs for monthly “possibility lists” — posts where I’ll talk about some books I might grab that month, like upcoming releases, things I’m in the mood for, etc. So, that’s what we’re doing today!

In fact, I’m feeling so optimistic about this decision, I’ve decided to challenge myself to keeping it up for the rest of the year. I’m probably going to allow myself one minor exception of continuing to make a seasonal TBR jar every 3 months, but those will be changing a little as well. Otherwise, no monthly TBRs, no strict seasonal TBRs, and I’m ditching my annual 2020 TBR.

Now… let’s get on with the possibilities, shall we?

✨ readathons, challenges, & themes

As a queer woman myself, I always feel extra hyped for Pride Month in June, so I’ll definitely be reaching for as many queer books as possible. ?

Every month, I help Kathy over at Books & Munches host a reading challenge in a Goodreads group called DEVOUR YOUR TBR. While I’m not making monthly TBRs to fit the challenges, I will still pick a few “possibilities” each month to fit the theme! This month’s DEVOUR YOUR TBR theme is Jazzy June, where we’ll focus on rereading (or, if you don’t like rereading, picking titles from other members’ TBR lists from the previous month)!

I don’t plan on participating in any readathons (except maybe an Unexpected Readathon).

The only challenge I’ve set for myself in June is to read 100 pages per day minimum! Ellyn and I have been coming up with monthly challenges to do together and it’s been really fun, so this is what we’ve chosen for June. ?

? buddy/group reads | ? pride | ? jazzy june
? graphic novels/manga |
? poetry | ? audiobook

? reread | ✨ review copy | ? recent haul

  • ?? The Song Rising — Samantha Shannon
    This is actually a planned buddy read with Jules, so this is one of the only books on this list I’m basically for sure picking up.
  • ? My Dark Vanessa — Kate Elizabeth Russell
    I think Ellyn and I are buddy reading this in June!
  • ????? The Titan’s Curse — Rick Riordan
    Another buddy re-read with Ellyn! I think Nico is introduced in this one, if I remember right? ♥♥♥
  • ?? The Luminous Dead — Caitlin Starling
    I’ve been meaning to read this and it got picked for a group read in the Ladies of Horror Fiction group this month, so I’m gonna try to join them!
  • ?✨ Girl, Serpent, Thorn — Melissa Bashardoust
    I’m scheduled for a blog tour post, so if I don’t pick it up in June, I’ll have to read it first thing in July.

  • ??? Aurora Burning — Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
    I want to get better about reading my pre-orders right away, plus I’m dying to continue this series. I have the print copy and audiobook, so I’m not sure which format I want to pick up, but probably the audio!
  • ? This is How You Lose the Time War — Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone
    I’ve been meaning to pick this up and I’m super in the mood for some sapphic sci-fi novella fun right now. 
  • ? The Whites of Their Eyes — Xen
    I am loooong overdue for some spooky shorts from one of my faves. (Xen = Cole McCade)
  • ✨ The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires — Grady Hendrix
    Literally shocked & feeling like a failure because I haven’t read this yet!!
  • The Only Good Indians — Stephen Graham Jones (releasing July 14th)
    I need more poetic weirdness in my life via SGJ.

  • Girl, Unframed — Deb Caletti (releasing June 23rd)
    Gonna cry like a baby, you already know it.
  • ?✨ The Extraordinaries — T.J. Klune (releasing July 14th)
    I’m so ready for gay babies & ADHD rep!
  • ?✨ I’ll Be the One — Lyla Lee (releasing June 16th)
    She’s bi, Korean-American, AND fat… my heart can’t hold all the hype I’m feeling rn *weeps*
  • ?✨ The Order of the Pure Moon Reflected in Water — Zen Cho (releasing June 23rd)
    Sapphic wuxian fantasy. Keep ’em comin’, Tor.com.
  • ?✨ Cemetery Boys — Aiden Thomas (releasing September 1st)
    Gay babies, own-voice transboy rep, and GHOSTS?!?!

  • Mexican Gothic — Silvia Moreno-Garcia (releases June 30th)
    I’m in such the right mood for gothic horror right now.
  • Final Cuts: New Tales of Hollywood Horror and Other Spectacles — anthology edited by Ellen Datlow (releases June 2nd)
    I actually might start this one early, ngl
  • ?✨ The Girl Next Door — Chelsea M. Cameron
    To be totally honest, I haven’t had great luck with this author and heard this book is very boring, but I already had this eARC and want to give it a fair chance!
  • ?✨ The Hideaway Inn — Philip William Stover
    I truly don’t talk enough about what a sucker I am for b&b/inn settings in romances.
  • ✨? The Guest List — Lucy Foley
    I’m actually nervous to read this because I’m so hyped for it!

  • ✨? A Collection of Dreamscapes — Christina Sng
    Spooky and dark fantasy in poetry format, an all-time fave storytelling vehicle ♥
  • ✨? Beach Read — Emily Henry
    So many hypes. Alllllll the hypes. Everywhere.
  • Home Before Dark — Riley Sager (releases June 30th)
    Am I FINALLY giving this author another chance after loathing Final Girls? Perhaps.
  • What Unbreakable Looks Like — Kate McLaughlin (releases June 23rd)
    I’m saving this for the moment I’m in an “I could use a good cry” mood because it’s about a sex trafficking survivor and I know it’s going to wreck my shit.
  • Out of Body — Jeffrey Ford
    This is honestly getting the WORST reviews, but plenty of my favorite horror novellas do. ?‍♀️

Which of these possibilities do you think I should pick up? Have you read any of them? And what are you most excited to read in June?
Let me know in the comments!


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    1. I hope you have a great reading month with whatever you end up reading! There is no point in stressing over TBRs!
      I really want to read Mexican gothic! And The order of the pure moon reflected in water!


      1. Thank you so much! <3 I agree, what's the point in putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves, especially lately?!

        Omg they both sound so good. I can't wait!! I hope we both love them when we get to them! Let me know if you have either of them and wanna buddy read!

        1. I would love a buddy read! I have an ARC of the order of the pure moon reflected, so I’m ready for that one anytime! For mexican gothic, I will have to wait for the release!

    1. I cant make lists anymore either. I used to be a planner but now I’m defo a mood reader. I wrote all my tbr down (old skool!) and I just look at that and pick what takes my fancy!

      1. Ooooh how fun! I love that. 🙂 Sometimes I daydream about writing all of my owned TBR down in a huge notebook and just flipping through at random or something… but I always talk myself out of it since I have them all on my Goodreads shelves and I know my hand would cramp up by the end of it all. ????

    1. I can’t wait for all our buddy reads! I read This is How You Lose the Time War earlier this year, it’s weird but good too! It’s also really short so it’s probably really good for when you’re randomly in a good reading mood and you need something quick!

    1. I haven’t read any of your reading possibilities, lovely, so I can’t be of much help, although I’ve heard amazing things about This is How You Lose the Time War & Beach Read, both are on my TBR, so I’d love to know your opinion! ???
      If you don’t feel like making TBRs, I think it’s perfect, sometimes the best option is to pick it up what you feel at the moment, I support you with that! ❤️ & I hope you have an incredible month. Stay Safe ✨✨

    1. possibility lists sound lovely! I always pick “want to reads” but don’t fully restrict myself. I know that I’m a 100% mood reader so instead I do how you’ve chosen to do from now—pick what to read FOR but not what exactly to read. Like, read for a challenge or read a romance or an ARC.

    1. A possibility list is such a good idea! Sometimes TBR’s can feel like a lot of pressure, esecially if it’s for a specific goal or challenge that you’re trying to read. I’d also like to read The Extraordinaries this month! I love TJ Klune, and I’m also suuuper behind with books I’m meant to review ? Good luck with your June Reading!

    1. Don’t blame you for cutting your TBR post commitments. I love the idea of them and I realize it’s mainly because I just really like looking at new books and imagining reading them! Sure they have their time and place but they can be exhausting. (I still like talking about new things I’ve added to my TBR and how I found them.) So much changes in a month, like mood reading! Cheers to knowing when you’re done. 😉

      I’m going to add The Only Good Indians though I don’t usually read horror I think this sounds interesting, so I’ll give it a shot. I’ll also add (to my overall TBR) A Collection of Dreamscapes and What Unbreakable Looks Like. These all feel like they’re going to be gripping emotionally and hopefully not tear me up! So those are my votes for ya! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing & good luck!

      1. Hahaha you love looking at the books and imagining reading them – that’s so accurate and relatable, I can’t even tell you! And thank you, good luck to you, too! <3 I hope you enjoy The Only Good Indians. I think Stephen's particular brand of horror is less "scary" and more "unsettling" from my experience, so it makes me feel like he's the kind of horror writer that a lot of non-horror-readers could enjoy, too. I'll cross my fingers that I'm right in your case. :D Happy reading, friend!

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