June 1, 2018

It’s no secret that I feel strongly about queer issues (especially being a bisexual woman myself!), so June is one of my favorite months because it’s…


Besides my Pride-themed reads, I’m also going to be participating in Jazzy June! Jazzy June is a challenge to reread books in June, and I actually have a few rereads planned!


* I’ll mark Pride books with a rainbow (?), Jazzy June with a music note (?), and ARCs with a shiny little star (?)! *


1. Captive Prince trilogy — C. S. Pacat ??
I’m actually rereading the entire trilogy with my bestie, Julie! We both are so trash for this series and have been dying to reread it, so we finally decided to do so in June!
2. Sawkill Girls — Claire Legrand ??
You may remember that I DNFed Claire’s last book, Furyborn, but I have a gut feeling that Sawkill Girls is going to be much more enjoyable for me, so I was delighted to get an eARC! This was supposed to be a buddy read, but sadly fell through – that said, I’m still hoping to work my way through it some time this month!
3. In Other Lands — Sarah Rees Brennan ?
I’ve been dying to pick this up since I purchased it a couple of months ago, and since I hear it’s delightfully diverse and queer, I might as well pick it up in June!


4. How to Make a Wish — Ashley Herring Blake ??
I adored this book when I read it as an ARC last year, and now I get the chance to host a read-along for it in Life & Lit in June, so I’ll be rereading it for the discussion!
5. Autoboyography — Christina Lauren ?
This is a book that has been recommended so highly to me by so many of my friends, so when I learned that my amazing friend Taylor had it on her TBR, too, we decided to buddy read it in June!
6. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo — Taylor Jenkins Reid ?
This book is SO widely loved by my friends, so I’ve been hoarding it all year, waiting until June to pick it up! Plus, it’s another of the Life & Lit Pride reads!
7. Every Heart a Doorway — Seanan McGuire ??
I have read all of the books in this series that have been released so far, but I’ve been looking for a good excuse to reread this one, so I’ll be buddy reading it with my fiance (his first time reading anything of Seanan’s!) for another Life & Lit Pride read. ♥


7. at least one of the following: What if it’s Us — Adam Silvera & Becky Albertalli ??; Blanca & Roja — Anna-Marie McLemore ??; Summer Bird Blue — Akemi Dawn Bowman ??; Girls of Paper and Fire — Natasha Ngan ??
I’m trying not to make my June TBR too long since I have an incredibly time-consuming and reading-intensive class starting on the 6th, but I want to read at least one of my queer fall ARCs in June! Each of these books comes out between September and November, and I think whichever one(s) I pick up will just be based on my mood.

Leftover from May…

Of course, I can’t forget to mention the books I didn’t finish in May. This number is way too high, but… what can you do?

Crown of Midnight — 50%
A Different Mirror for Young People — 45%
History is All You Left Me — 32%
A Conjuring of Light — 31%
Gabi, a Girl in Pieces — 25%
Kitchen Table Tarot — 15%
Bright We Burn — 14%
Scream All Night — 13%
City of Glass — 9%
The Astonishing Color of After — 8%
Anger is a Gift — 3%

What books on your June TBR are you most excited to read – and which book in #7’s list do you think I should prioritize?


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    1. Just found your blog through my girl Becca from becandbones and I really like it! I think your should prioritize What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera because I am so excited for it!! Also I still got to read Throne of Glass and an Adam Silvera book but I’m going to start with They Both Die At The End. Also I absolutely loved City of Glass! It’s one of my favorites of the series (so far I’m still reading it with Becca and my other friend Regsly)!

      1. Awww, thank you! Becca is so sweet! ♥ I hope you enjoy They Both Die at the End, and I definitely think What if it’s Us is going to be a great release. Also glad to hear you loved City of Glass! I’m not far into it but am enjoying it a lot so far! 🙂

    1. I’m transgender so like you, June is very important for me. However, I have surgery this month so can’t do much..

    1. I love pride month (I’m bisexual too)! I should really read some of my LGBT+ books this month (well, more than normal…I tend to read them a lot anyway). I really want to read Autoboyography as I own that one. I’m so jealous you have What If It’s Us. I was denied for that one. LOL I’m curious about In Other Lands…need to look into that!

      1. Bi-five! Hehehe. 😀 I always tend to read a lot of queer reads, too, but it really is nice taking a month to focus on them so much. ♥ And I’m so sorry to hear that you were denied for WiiU! 🙁

    1. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo & Every Heart a Doorway are both really great reads, I hope you love them!
      I’m super excited for both What if it’s Us & Blanca & Roja so I hope you enjoy them too!
      Have a great pride month, Destiny!

    1. I haven’t read any of these books yet. But I do have my eye on How To Make A Wish and Autoboyography!

    1. May I suggest “Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe” it is one of my all-time favorite LGBTQ+ books

        1. Thanks 🙂 I think you’ll enjoy it. By the way, I think you should prioritize “Every Heart A Doorway” or even read it at the end of the month because it’s such a quick, fun, read and it doesn’t have a lot of pages but has such a diverse cast of LGBTQ+ characters; from asexual to transgender. Happy pride <3

    1. Your tbr for this month looks amazing! I hope you get through all of the books and enjoy them. I’ve read and LOVED Evelyn Hugo and Autoboyography, and I hope you enjoy those as well. I haven’t read the C.S. Pacat books, but I’ve heard so many things about them that I may have to pick them up soon! Good luck with your reading.

    1. Thank you for sharing this! I am bookmarking as I try to come up with my own TBR <3 My symptoms are making books difficult, so I am trying to figure out which Pride-themed titles might be best on audio.

      1. No problem! 😀 I hope it helps. I know that I have heard Aristotle & Dante is very good on audio, if you haven’t read that one yet. I also hear great things about the narrators for Adam Silvera’s books! I hope things look up for you soon. ♥

    1. I’m totally voting for What If It’s Us. TOTALLY.
      I would snatch it from you if I could because I want to read it myself but I’ll have to wait.. Until.. my book buying ban is over.. Whenever that is. *cries*

        1. The moment you get your hands on an ARC I’m dying to read, I’m going to bribe you with everything I’ve got to send it over – I’m not even kidding on this one. xD

          1. Bahaha it’s a deal! If it’s one I REALLY love, I just might ask you to send it back when you’re done. Complete with annotations or something. That’d be fun. ?

            1. I’d ALWAYS send it back; even if you don’t like it. Seriously. :’)
              Oh! I have Throne of Glass which I annotated, HAHA. :’)

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