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August 11, 2022

It’s time for the Life’s a Beach book tag!

I’m slowly working through my backlist of tags I want to do, but I had to prioritize this one since it feels very “summer-y” and we’re already almost halfway through August! (Thank goodness, I hate summer 😭) Technically I’m in denial about August being summer because August 1st is “Halloween 1st” in our home, but I digress. This tag was created by Lefty (The Left-Handed Book Lover) and I grabbed it from Kristin @ Kristin Kraves Books!

A book that stuck with you long after you finished reading it:

I think I have to go with Circe for this one. There’s just something about it that really stuck with me — its portrayals of motherhood, being cast out, and surviving assault — and I think about it all the time, even though it’s been a few years since I read it.

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A book that burned you:

I’m snickering a little as I type this because it’s a fully unintentional play on words, but: Bright We Burn by Kiersten White.

I LOVED The Conquerers Saga so much until it reached the trilogy’s finale, which I was incredibly disappointed by. I felt like Lada’s character was essentially rewritten in the third book and I hated the changes I saw in her, plus there were a lot of issues with Radu that, in my opinion, were swept under the rug when they shouldn’t have been. It was one of those finales that disappointed me so badly, it left a slightly worse taste in my mouth for the whole series in hindsight.

A book that calms you down after a long day:

Probably nobody will be surprised, but I have to go with my #1 comfort read, which is A Court of Mist and Fury. Sometimes I just go through my favorite chapters and re-read some of the best scenes, and it honestly is so comforting and can really help settle me. ♥


A book with a pretty, summer-y cover:

I’ll go with one I haven’t read yet, but I really adore the UK cover of Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid! It’s so stunning, I love the color scheme and the seafoam.

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A book that is everywhere:

Not a specific book so much as a whole author, but it feels like EVERYONE is reading/re-reading CoHo books right now! CoHo is reeeally big on booktok right now, so I’m seeing a lot of people try her books for the first time. (I’m not immune to this: Verity has been on my TBR since before it released, but the recent hype has me considering picking it up VERY soon!) I enjoyed the 2 books I’ve read by her, so I don’t mind seeing her get some extra love.

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A book with wonderful characters:

Hello, there are so many? I mean, I am drawn to character-driven stories like Mothman to a streetlight… anyways, I’ll go with Gemina (or the whole Illuminae Files series), because I’m missing my sweet space babies right now (especially Ezra!).

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A book you absolutely gulped down:

Over & Over Again by Cole McCade. Even though it’s like 600+pages, I remember staying up super late to read it, finally falling asleep, and waking up just 3 or 4 hours later to immediately pick it back up and finish it. SO GOOD! If you haven’t heard me gush about it enough in the past, it’s a taboo age-gap m/m romance featuring a Romani love interest who is a goat farmer and he’s just the softest cinnamon roll you’ve ever seen.

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A book you can’t wait to return to:

I’ve been craving a Captive Prince trilogy re-read lately, SO much. I have the audiobooks and I’m really considering fitting some audiobook-and-gaming time into my week!

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    1. I really need to read Circe eventually, it sounds so good!! 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh I loved Illuminae so much! I wanted to read Gemina this month, but I don’t think I’m going to get to it unfortunately 🙁

    1. August 1st is also Halloween 1st in my house. I put my Spooky decor outside my front door already lolol

      I really need to get around to reading Circe one of these days… I just feel it in my bones that I am gonna love it!

      1. Haha I’m so glad I’m not alone! 😂 The further we got into August, the more my Halloween decor just gradually ramped up, and I’m STILL adding things lol. I probably will be right up until the end of next month!

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