March TBR: breakin’ some rules~

March 1, 2022

Another month, another TBR ~

I know I say this every month, but seriously… HOW is it already time for a new month?! Time is a figment of our imaginations at this point and I can’t keep up with it. Whatever. ONWARD, WE MARCH! (pun intended)

February goal check-in: 

  1. Read everyday ❌ — I came SO CLOSE to fulfilling this goal! I only missed 4 days in February.
  2. Finish my entire February TBR by the end of the month ❌ — NOPE lol
  3. Finish setting up my reading journal ✅ — I did this! I added some new spreads such as a full year-long reading tracker (just for the basics). Maybe soon, I’ll show off some of my spreads!

My goals for March are: 

  1. Read everyday
  2. Finish my entire Winter TBR by March 20th
  3. Post a blog post every weekday in March (this is not a super “committed” goal, but I would love to get back to daily posting if I can and I have quite a few tags I’d like to catch up on!)

current reads (leftovers):

This is what I have leftover from my February reads! (I know I have a 4-book current read limit. Shhh. I’ll fix this very soon!)

💖The Shadow of the Gods // John Gwynne
💖 Dead Silence // S.A. Barnes
💖 Vespertine // Margaret Rogerson
💖 Gallant // V.E. Schwab
💖 A Court of Silver Flames // Sarah J. Maas

march’s picks:

You might notice a familiar book in this TBR. 😂 Yes, I was reading For the Wolf before, but it had been so long since I had picked it up that I decided to put it aside until a later date! I also have a bigger TBR than normal for this month, but 6 of these should be quick reads, so I’ll allow it.

🌸 For the Wolf // Hannah F. Whitten (review copy + overdue buddy read)
I can’t wait to restart this and finally finish it!

🌸 Waif // Samantha Kolesnik (winter TBR)
I’ve loved the little bit of Samantha’s writing I’ve read so far and I’ve been dying to read this ever since my pre-order arrived!

🌸 A Dowry of Blood // S.T. Gibson (2022 TBR + “12 in 12” TBR)
I am soooo excited to finally read this, and seeing that it’s being re-published by Orbit has me feeling the need to read it ASAP so I can determine whether I need the fancy new hardcover or not. 😅

🌸 A Girl Like Her // Talia Hibbert (buddy re-read)
I’ve been missing the Ravenswood team, so when I saw this on Caro’s TBR for the month, we decided we would buddy read it! It will be my 4th time reading it, and I can’t wait. ♥

🌸 Riot Baby // Tochi Onyebuchi (2022 TBR)
No clue how I haven’t read this yet, seeing as it’s been at the top of my TBR for ages now, but it’s high time I pick it up.

🌸 Her Soul to Take // Harley Laroux (winter TBR + buddy read)
I’ve heard so much hype for this and can’t wait to finally check out this author’s writing, plus I’m buddy reading it with Malliumpkin!

🌸 Delilah Green Doesn’t Care // Ashley Herring Blake (review copy + group read)
I love AHB’s YA and MG books, so I can’t wait to read her adult debut! I had planned on reading this before it released last week, but decided to save it since it’s the March pick for the Hoemance Book Club.

What are you reading this month?


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    1. I’m so excited for our buddy read and and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on For The Wolf! Also, how are you liking Gallant? Curious minds would love to know! *brow waggles*

        1. Again, just going to do one giant haul of every book you tell me you love or recommend. Haha 😂 I know a lot of people were saying Gallant is different to V.E.’s past work. Mixed media, I think? Is Gallant mixed media?

          1. It’s a little bit of mixed media, yeah! It has journal entries and art that is super lovely. I recommend a print copy if at all possible just so you can enjoy the art to the fullest! It is also VERY different from their previous works IMO!

            1. I find books that are mixed media are really good for my brain though. I don’t know about you, but any time I get a book with mix media, it doesn’t feel as rough on the mind.

    1. I hope you have a great reading month! I willread Gallant as soon as my copy arrives!

    1. I cannot wait to read Gallant! VE Schwab is one of my favourite authors ever 🤩 I also have for the wolf and dowry of blood on my TBR! I can’t wait to read both

    1. I’m so tempted to buy this edition of A Dowry of Blood too. Not sure I can wait for the Orbit release!

    1. I can’t wait to hear what you think of A Dowry of Blood! I listened to it as an audiobook and as soon as I heard theres a hardcover being published I ran over to Amazon to buy the paperback before its out of print, since I love that cover. It was such a fun read and I think you’ll enjoy it!

      1. Yessss, I love that you grabbed a copy! I feel like those will disappear quickly if they haven’t already haha! I got it as a Christmas gift from my spouse and now I’m so glad I got it because I love the original cover so much, too. I’m so glad you loved it and I can’t wait to read it! <3

    1. It seems my copy of Gallant that I ordered from Forbidden Planet has gone missing because it’s still not been shipped yet despite me pre-ordering it. I’m so annoyed 😭

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