March TBR: please let this reading momentum keep going!

March 1, 2023

Another month, another TBR ~

February was WILD, friends. The chaotic renovations continued and didn’t let up until just a few days ago, but we’re finally in the home stretch with just a few small jobs left, and between the newfound relaxation time and my new AirPods*, I’m reading like a fiend right now. 😂 I really hope this reading mood continues throughout March because, while I still kept my TBR small, I’d really like to catch up on a lot of my current reads and my Winter TBR before the end of the month!

* for anyone curious, my spouse convinced me to splurge on the AirPods Pro 2nd Gen as a “surviving home renovations” gift to myself, and I am OBSESSED. I swore for years that I would never get AirPods because of the price, but holy shit, they’ve been worth every penny and I am listening to audiobooks basically nonstop right now! 😂

February goal check-in: 

  1. Read every day ✅
  2. Clear my RTC shelf ❌
  3. Finish all of my “2022 leftovers” ❌

My goals for March are: 

I’ve been struggling with some of my monthly goals lately so I’m switching them up a little this month!

  1. Post to bookstagram at least 3x per week
  2. Get down to 8 or less current reads (working towards my 2023 goal of 6 or less at a time)
  3. Finish at least 4/6 of my Winter TBR picks (currently at 1/6 completed)

march’s picks:

Another short TBR: three buddy reads and a mood read!

🌺 Crown of Midnight & Heir of Fire // Sarah J. Maas → re-read, buddy read with Misty
🌺 The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches // Sangu Mandanna → Books Out of the Blue discord BOTM
🌺 Black Cranes: Tales of Unquiet Women // edited by Lee Murray & Geneve Flynn → mood read

What are you reading this month?


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    1. Black Cranes looks interesting! Let me know how you like it! Also, so excited for you about the air pods. You already know about my excited happy dance for you! ♥

    1. I don’t think I have ever been able to keep my TBRs short. No matter what I do I always end up with 10+ books on my TBR each month.

      1. It’s so hard!! I always end up with a separate list of “maybe” books that I swear aren’t my official TBR but I practically treat it like one. Is that cheating? 😂

    1. Good luck with your TBR 💕 Glad to hear that you can listen to audiobooks comfortably all the time now! I’m so very excited to read The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches 🥰

      1. Thank you!! The new earbuds have made such a huge difference in my audiobook reading and it’s incredible! 🥺 It’s so nice to finally be able to get a solid chunk of reading in even on my busy days!

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