March 2024’s TBR & Journal Spreads: I need to play catch-up!

March 1, 2024

Another month, another stack of reading goals

I completed 2 out of 3 of my February goals, which I’m really proud of, AND I got back into a blog hopping rhythm over the past two weeks, so that one’s almost a success too! I’m really surprised because February was a weird month for my reading. I read a lot, but it was mostly novellas and short stories. I fell pretty far behind in several buddy/group reads, which I’m bummed about, but historically speaking, February is usually the worst month of the year for me as far as mental health goes, so I’m hoping March will be a big improvement! 🤞

February goal check-in: 

  • read a book per day ✅
    • I DID IT! I finished my 29th book right before midnight last night! 🥳
  • blog 3+ times per week ❌
    • Nope, I failed at this one for the first few weeks of the month (but I did succeed last week and this week!)
  • start blog hopping weekly again ✅
    • I didn’t start this one until mid-February, but yes!

My goals for March are: 

  • blog 3+ times per week
  • post to bookstagram 4+ times per week
  • make significant progress on my 2024 reading goals

monthly checklist:

Every month I’m going to try to make progress on my seasonal TBR, 2024 TBR, 2024 series goals, and TBR jar goal! Since I didn’t finish all of my January OR February goals, they’re being rolled over to this month’s list. I don’t expect to complete ALL of these in March, but this is helping me keep track of what I’m “overdue” on!

  • 2 books from 2024 TBR (+2  leftover)
    • leftover: Cabin at the End of the World (January), What Feasts at Night (February)
    • new: Ghost Station, An Education in Malice
  • 2 books from seasonal TBR (+2 leftover)
    • leftover: That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon, Cinema Viscera
    • new: Bride, A Feather So Black
  • 2 titles from TBR jar (+4 leftover)
    • leftover: Darkest Unsolved Mysteries (Jan), Cinema Viscera (Jan), Snuff (Feb), Let’s Go Play at the Adams’ (Feb)
    • new: One Elderly Lady is Up to No Good, If You Tell
  • 2 prompts from TBR jar
    • prompt picks: Terry’s choice, sci-fi
  • 2 books from 2024 series goals (+4 leftover)
    • leftover: City of Heavenly Fire (Jan), Caraval (Jan), Legendary (Feb), Finale (Feb)
    • new: Thirteens, Brackenbeast
  • 1 book from 35 by 35 TBR (+1 leftover)
    • leftover: The Shadow of What Was Lost (currently reading)
    • new: Exquisite Corpse

March’s picks:

March’s reading journal spreads:

My sweet friend Ashley sent me some fun stickers and washi tape for Valentine’s Day and I thought they were so cute that it inspired my spreads for this month! I wanted to go with a vintage-meets-cottagecore vibe with the main colors being this soft green and light tan, and I really love how these turned out — they’re easily some of my favorite spreads I’ve made yet. I got a ton of new stamps recently and this was my first time playing around with most of them, and I was really surprised at how much I felt like they added!

What are you reading this month?



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    1. I love your March spreads! Also, I see you have the first book of The Bonds That Tie series! ♥ I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it! If you want to buddy… *wink wink nudge nudge* 👀

    1. Oh my gosh congratulations on read 29 books!! That’s so crazy and cool!! You’re reading journal spreads look super cute too. Hope you have a great March!

    1. I absolutely adored Empire of the Vampire! I’m so hyped for the sequel to arrive this month, and cannot wait to dig into it immediately. I hope you enjoy!

      1. I’m so glad you loved EOTV so much! I hope EOTD is just as good, if not even better for you 😀 and thank you, I have no doubt I’m going to love it as I’ve LOVED everything else of Jay’s I’ve read!

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