March TBR: Monsters and Beasties!

March 1, 2019

The themes this month are…

  1. Monstrous March — March 1st→31st

That’s it! My only other “theme” this month is Girl, you better read some of these damn ARCs before these publishers block your ass.

You can view a Goodreads shelf of my entire month’s TBR here!

Now, on to my TBR!

? = ARC
? = POC rep
? = LGBTQ+ rep
? = Monstrous March


  • ? Limbs: A Love Story — Tim Meyer
    • This was the winner of my Try a Chapter Challenge for the month!
  • ? Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets & Prisoner of Azkaban — J. K. Rowling (rereads)
    • I was supposed to reread CoS in February, but didn’t get around to it. I want to read them both this month to get back on track!
  • ? Cry Wolf — Patricia Briggs
    • Since I’m reading the Mercyverse books in the author’s suggested order, it’s time to veer off from the Mercy Thompson series long enough to read a couple of Alpha & Omega books.
  • ? The Women in the Walls — Amy Lukavics
    • This is one of the March group reads in the Horror Aficionados group on GR! I’ve been wanting to read more by this author. I don’t own this one, so I’ll only be reading it if my library hold comes in on time.
  • The Evolution of Mara Dyer — Michelle Hodkin
    • Reg and I buddy read the first book last summer and both liked it, so we’re about to buddy read the second book, too!


UNHAUL Challenge TBR

New plan, because I failed in January haha. Instead of having you suggest books for the current month, you’ll have all month long to choose for the NEXT month! So your suggestions on this post’s comments will be in the running for March.
If you could please pop over to my owned-TBR goodreads shelf HERE and suggest a title for me to read next month, I’ll pick one winner, and I’ll have to either read it by March 31st or UNHAUL it!

I looked at your suggestions on my February TBR, and my March unhaul challenge book will be…


  • Fear the Drowning Deep — Sarah Glenn Marsh
    • thank you to Rachel for the suggestion!


Leftover from February


  • ?? Nevernight — Jay Kristoff (reread)
  • ?? Aurora Rising — Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff
  • ??? Red, White, & Royal Blue — Casey McQuiston
  • ? A Danger to Herself and Others — Alyssa B. Sheinmel



Like last month, I’ll use this section to show some of my upcoming ARC releases that I’m hoping to read ASAP:

  • Daisy Jones and the Six — Taylor Jenkins Reid
  • If You’re Out There — Katy Loutzenhiser
  • The Mystery of Black Hollow Lane — Julia Nobel
  • ? Opposite of Always — Justin A. Reynolds
  • Other Words for Smoke — Sarah Maria Griffin
  • ? Wolf Land — Jonathan Janz
  • ? Will Haunt You — Brian Kirk
  • ?? The Weight of the Stars — K. Ancrum
  • The Witch’s Kind — Louisa Morgan
  • Girls with Sharp Sticks — Suzanne Young
  • Never-Contented Things — Sarah Porter
  • In Another Life — C. C. Hunter
  • Perfunctory Affection — Kim Harrison


Monthly Goals

  1. As usual, I just want to finally start catching up on ARCs. January is hard on me every year because of seasonal depression, and I was incredibly sick for half of February, so obviously, those two months didn’t see much success here, but March is usually (*knocking on wood, crossing fingers, etc.*) a really good mental health month for me, and if that’s the case this month, I should get a lot of reading done!
  2. Kick this fantasy slump that’s been plaguing me for several months now! I miss my high fantasy reads, dangit!
  3. Play the new game I got in a Steam sale a couple of days ago, Rakuen. It’s a story-game about a sick little boy and his mother, and how they create their own little fantasy world to escape into. I’m sure it’ll be heartbreaking but it looks gorgeous.

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What books on your March TBR are you most excited to read? And PLEASE be sure to suggest an Unhaul Challenge title for me below!


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    1. I’m really curious to your thoughts about aurora rising!

    1. Good luck this month on catching up!! I somehow managed to finish HP2 last night — like how?!?! ? I vote A Prince on Paper to read by the end of the month (please don’t unhaul that gem!!)

      1. Thank you and congrats on staying on top of the HP reread!! I feel so annoyed with myself for falling behind lol! And I definitely will not be unhauling it but I do want to read it ASAP so thank you for suggesting it~ 😀

        1. I still don’t know how I managed to finish HP2 in the 11th hour of the last day of the month?! I really don’t want to have that happen again. I hope you’re able to catch up this month?! And yes, I’m super excited for that pub next month!! ?

      1. Oh no, I’m sorry Opposite of Always is/was too long! :/ I was worried about that when I saw the page count because I honestly kind of feel like most contemporary stories just… *don’t* need to be that long. ?

    1. Don’t know anything about Limbs, but that cover is seriously intriguing me! Curious to hear your thoughts after trying it!

      1. It really does look so good! I wanted to play it right away after grabbing it on sale last week, buuuut PMS decided to come kick the door in and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to see the screen through my tears, so maybe next week. ???

    1. Great post, and some really great books! I’m currently reading Daisy Jones & the Six and I can’t recommend it enough!

    1. I’m so excited for Monstrous March!! I feel like I haven’t read any solid horror in a bit.
      For your Unhaul Challenge, I’m gonna vote Bird Box this month. 🙂

    1. I hope you can kick that fantasy slump away. There is so much great fantasy to catch up on otherwise.
      For your unhaul I pick The Bear and the Nightingale.

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