May 2019 Haul/TBR Checkpoint

July 13, 2020

From last week’s announcement:

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (at least since last April), you may remember my haul & TBR “roundup” posts, where once every 3-6 months, I’d take a look back at old TBR and haul posts and figure up the stats for how many of those books I had read since the original posts. I had a lot of fun doing these, so I’m not sure why I stopped, but I was recently inspired by Misty to pick up the series again — and this time, I’m changing each post to focus on just one month’s haul and TBR at a time!

I think I’d like each checkpoint post (previously named “roundup”, but I like this idea of a progress check-in term better) to tackle the posts from exactly a year prior, so I’ll be doing these once a week or so until I get caught up, and then they’ll just come once monthly. I hope you all like seeing these updates as much as I like writing them! ?

Side note: I will not be counting library loans or Kindle freebies in these stats.

TBR checkpoint

My May 2019 TBR was actually a Moody May announcement, so I didn’t have much of a TBR — just one “try a chapter” challenge winner and my leftover reads from April. Hey, the percentage breakdown on this one is pretty decent!

chart depicting 80% read, 20% still on TBR

✅ read, DNFed, or in progress
? still on TBR
? removed from TBR without reading

? The Death of Mrs. Westaway
✅ Sorcery of Thorns 
✅ Dead Until Dark
✅ Godsgrave
✅ In Darkness, Delight
✅ New Orleans Rush (DNF)
? The Name of the Wind
✅ The Right Swipe
✅ Decluttering at the Speed of Life
✅ The Foxhole Court (DNF)

haul checkpoint

chart depicting 3.5% removed from TBR, 26.3% read, 70.2% still on TBR

Another huge haul in May 2019, though thankfully, most of it was from the library, and those don’t count. ?? That said, I’m a little taken aback by just how low that “read” percentage is. ?

✅ read, DNFed, or in progress
? still on TBR
? removed from TBR without reading

✅ Aurora Rising
? The House Witch
? All My Colors
? The Whisper Man
? The Missing Season
? Empire of Silence
? The Ten Thousand Doors of January
✅ The Girl in Red
? A Reflection of Shadows
✅ Regression, Vol. 1

? The Slave
? Mister Tender’s Girl
✅ Seven Slightly Sadistic Stories
? Lost in Me
? Angel Mage
? Well Met
✅ The Resurrectionists
? Full Throttle
? 29 Seconds
✅ In the Shadow of Spindrift House

The Town That Feared Dusk 
? Terminal
? A Lush and Seething Hell
✅ Reading Quirks
? Sabbath
✅ Elfen Lied Omnibus, Vol. 1
? The Whisper Network
✅ [Dis]Connected, Vol. 2 (DNF)
? The Best Horror of the Year, Vol. 11
? The Dead Girls Club

✅ Imaginary Friend (DNF)
? The Water Dancer
✅ Get a Life, Chloe Brown
? Twice in a Blue Moon
? Crown of Oblivion
? The Survival List
? Kingdom of Souls
? The Never Tilting World
? Beyond the Black Door
✅ Minecraft, Vol. 1

✅ Stage Dreams
? The Voice in My Head
? The Storm Crow
? The Merciful Crow
? The Infinite Noise
? Who Put This Song On?
? Scars Like Wings
? Gravemaidens
? The Tenth Girl
? Loki: Where Mischief Lies

? Going Off Script
✅ Cassandra Steps Out
? The Grace Year
? Into the Crooked Place
? The Beautiful
? Unpregnant
? Guest: A Changeling Tale

So, do you ever look back on your old TBRs and hauls to check your progress? Is it usually better or worse than mine? ? Mine isn’t great in this checkpoint, but I’m hoping these stats will get progressively better — partially because I haul less books than I used to in the average month, and partially because I’m trying to get better about actually reading things shortly after hauling them!


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    1. This is a really good idea! There are some really great books that you didnt read though. Specifically Name of the Wind, The Ten Thousand Doors of January, The Merciful Crow and The Grace Year. All of those books were 5 star reads for me!

      1. Thank you! All of those sound SO good – I especially want to pick up Name of the Wind and The Ten Thousand Doors of January ASAP, but really, all of them! I need more hours in a day. ? I’m glad you loved them!

        1. Name of the Wind and The Ten Thousand Doors of January were both freaking incredible and became all time favorites of mine! Hope you enjoy!!

    1. Love these posts! Still so many amazing books one your TBR 🙂


    1. i’m suuuper excited for when you finally get around to Full Throttle — i think it was one of my favorite books last year! 🙂

      1. I think I’m going to have to put that one on my fall TBR because I genuinely can NOT believe I haven’t read it yet, especially after hearing you rave about it!!

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