May’s ridiculously long list of “hopefuls”

May 2, 2022

Another month, another TBR batch of unrealistic goals ~

Whew… April was ROUGH. If you’ve been following me on social media, you probably already know why, and I’ll go into some of it in my wrap-up later this week, but April was a doozy and I read very little during most of the month. 

April goal check-in: 

  1. Read everyday ❌ — Nope, I missed about half the month.
  2. Catch up on all of my buddy reads ❌ — Also nope!
  3. Three blog posts per week ❌ — And again, NOPE.

My goals for May are: 

I’m just going to re-use my April goals, because I really liked these goals when I set them and would like to try again!

  1. Read everyday
  2. Catch up on all of my buddy reads
  3. Post at least three blog posts per week

current reads (leftovers):

The Shadow of the Gods // John Gwynne
Vespertine // Margaret Rogerson
A Court of Silver Flames // Sarah J. Maas
In Darkness, Delight: Fear the Future // Andrew Lennon & Evans Light

Delilah Green Doesn’t Care // Ashley Herring Blake
☔ Queen of Teeth // Hailey Piper

may’s picks:

Much like last month, I’m feeling a little too overwhelmed by all the things I want to read, so I’m just doing another batch of “hopefuls” that I hope to read this month. This is a mix of review copies, buddy/group reads, and books from my seasonal/annual TBR lists. I know it’s a MASSIVE list, but I reeeeally want to read all of these, so I’m going to make my very best effort to get through as much of this list as possible! 😅

🌻 Book of Night // Holly Black (Spring TBR + review copy)
I really wanted to read this in April, but it just didn’t happen yet. I think this might be the first new read I pick up in May!

🌻 A Dowry of Blood // S.T. Gibson (2022 TBR + 12 in 12 recs TBR)
I know, this has been on multiple TBRs already, but I really think I’m going to read it this month. Hopefully. 😂

🌻 Riot Baby // Tochi Onyebuchi (2022 TBR)
Repeat A Dowry of Blood’s note, lol.

🌻 This is How You Lose the Time War // Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone (Spring TBR)
I’m really in the mood for short reads right now, if this list so far is any indication.

🌻 Finlay Donovan is Killing It // Elle Cosimano (buddy read with Leslie)
I’ve been seeing this series EVERYWHERE and it sounds so fun, so I’m super excited to buddy read this (and I think the second book, too!) with Leslie this month!

🌻 My Best Friend’s Exorcism // Grady Hendrix (12 in 12 recs TBR)
I’m kind of nervous to read this after seeing so much hype for it all these years (it’s been on my TBR since 2016!), but I’m also really excited!

🌻 Dustborn // Erin Bowman (TBR jar)
This was actually one of my TBR jar picks for April, but I decided to switch it for something else, so it’s going on this month’s list instead!

🌻 Book Lovers // Emily Henry (Spring TBR + Hoemance Book Club + review copy)
I’m SO excited to read this, plus I’ve been in the mood for a romance audiobook lately and managed to get an audio review copy of it yesterday!

🌻 Hide // Kiersten White (buddy read with Bex + review copy)
I have a hit-and-miss history with KW’s books, but I am VERY intrigued by this synopsis and also I get to buddy read it with Bex!

🌻 The Ruins // Scott Smith (TBR & Beyond group read)
I’ve been considering reading this for a VERY long time, and my mom gave me her old paperback of it ages ago, so I’m hoping to join the TBR & Beyond horror group read for it! I haven’t seen the movie, either, so I’d like to read this and then watch the film right afterward.

🌻 Summer’s Edge // Dana Mele (review copy)
I don’t usually request YA thriller ARCs much anymore, but I heard “I Know What You Did Last Summer meets The Haunting of Hill House” and, well, how could I NOT?

🌻 Fangirl, Vol. 2 // Rainbow Rowell (review copy)
I’m not a huge RR fan in general, buuuut I have a soft spot for the Fangirl story and loved vol 1 of this manga adaptation.

🌻 The Bone Orchard // Sara A. Mueller (review copy)
I’m feeling bad that I haven’t gotten to this yet since it came out back in March, I think?, so I REALLY want to pick it up ASAP!

🌻 A Taste of Gold and Iron // Alexandra Rowland (review copy)
This doesn’t come out for another two months almost, but I keep staring at it with big heart-shaped eyes every time I see it on my shelf, so… 😂

🌻 Her Soul for Revenge // Harley Laroux (buddy read with Malli)
We’re continuing our series buddy read and I AM SO READY! I miss these characters!

🌻 Sundial // Catriona Ward (buddy read with Ashley + Ladies of Horror Fiction + review copy)
Another overdue review copy I’m feeling bad I missed the release date for, but it works out because not only do I get to buddy read it with Ashley, but it’s also been chosen for the LOHF May group read!

🌻 Screams from the Dark // Ellen Datlow (Spring TBR + review copy)
I’m really hooked on short stories again lately, and excited about this upcoming anthology!

🌻 Grown // Tiffany D. Jackson (Spring TBR + TBR jar)
This was one of the 3 TBR jar picks I added to my Spring TBR, and I think I’m ready to get my heart broken, from what everyone tells me. 😂

🌻 Ten Count, Vol. 2 // Rihito Takarai (TBR jar)
While writing this post, I realized I didn’t have my 3rd TBR jar pick for the month, so I grabbed my jar and pulled out this one! I definitely need to re-read Vol. 1 first.

What are you reading this month?


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    1. I’m sorry April was so rough😬 But I know what you mean about May. My reading list is a mile long and I know I probably won’t make more than a small dent in it, lol. Here’s hoping May is better for you!

    1. TBR’s somehow just keep growing larger and larger, I don’t know how it happens but its happening to me too LOL! If only there was endless time to read! Good luck with your reading this month, hope you can get through some of these 🙂

      1. Lol I’m glad I’m not alone!! It’s like there is just too much good stuff coming out right now and I want to read all of it. 😂 Good luck to you as well!

    1. Oh girl, you got some fantastic books on your TBR for this month. I cannot recommend A Taste of Gold and Iron enough, seriously that book is phenomenal.

    1. Yaaaassssss! I’m very excited about our buddy read and you’re reading Ten Count this month too! Ugh, my heart is just so full right now! 💗

    1. Seriously, my MAY is insane too! Like… I’m so overwhelmed but I’m slowly going to chip away at it and see how it goes. I’m SOO excited for our buddy read. It’s going to be a really fast read and it’s been enjoyable so far! Yes, would love to just jump into book two so it doesn’t sit on my bookshelf for years. haha!! Great TBR though… so many awesome books! I wish you all the best of luck!! <3

      1. I’m glad I’m not alone but sorry you’re also feeling overwhelmed! I have faith in you and I hope you can get loads of reading done. 😀 I’m enjoying our buddy read SO much and I’m so glad I had already put book 2 on hold lol!

        1. Haha! We got this!! Also- YES! Our buddy read is so much fun and I definitely want to jump into book two as soon as we can! It is so good so far. 🙂

    1. I don’t generally read horrors but I was going through a slump a few years back and I picked up The Ruins and was thoroughly creeped out! 🤣 I hope you enjoy it! Looks like you’ve got some great hopefuls on the list. I can’t wait to read a few of these too. I hope you enjoy whichever books you pick up!

      1. Ooooh, good to hear! I’m so excited to read it. I feel like I’ve heard so much about it but at the same time, I don’t know what it’s about for the most part? 😂 Which is honestly what I prefer when it comes to hyped books – going in with high expectations for enjoyment, but NO expectations for plot lol! Thank you friend, I hope you have a wonderful reading month ahead of you too!

    1. Wishing you the best of luck with your May Goals! 🥰 I hope you like Hide, I have been highly anticipating it 👀 Finlay Donovan Is Killing It also sounds so interesting, I have been seeing it more often recently 😄

    1. I’ve been in such a contemporary mood recently, I’ve been trying to keep up with the recent releases & backlist reads I’d planned to get to! Happy May to you & good luck on your reading plans <3

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