May Haul: Too many library loans!

May 30, 2019

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For the last few months, I’ve been splitting my physical & digital hauls so I could give you more info on the books I’m hauling, but since I started doing Stacking the Shelves posts again (which offer lots of detail on everything I haul!), there’s not much need for that, so we’re bringing it back down to one short ‘n sweet post. If you’d like to view my Stacking the Shelves posts, they’re all right here!



  • Pre-Orders:
    Aurora Rising


  • Misc. Purchases:
    The House Witch


  • Review Copies:
    All My Colors | The Whisper Man | The Missing Season | Empire of Silence | The Ten Thousand Doors of January | The Girl in Red | A Reflection of Shadows

  • Library Loans:
    Space Battle Lunchtime, V.1 | Cucumber Quest, V.1 | Fresh Romance, V.1 | Heavy Vinyl, V.1 | Gideon Falls, V.1 | Goldie Vance, V.1 | Giant Days, V.8-9 | As the Crow Flies | Spinning | The Best We Could Do | Crossed, V.1 | Infidel | Misfit City, V.1 | Sea Prayer | Where the Crawdads Sing | All’s Faire in Middle School | Lucky Penny | 4 Kids Walk into a Bank | Afar | Winnebago Graveyard | Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home | My Favorite Thing is Monsters, V.1 | My Brother’s Husband, V.1-2 | Paperbacks From Hell | Brazen | Anonymous Noise, V.1 | Monstress, V.3 | Fish Girl | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, V.1 | It’s All Absolutely Fine | Ice Cream Man, V.1 | This One Summer | My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies | Rendez-Vous in Phoenix | Our Cats are More Famous Than Us | Fake Blood | And the Ocean Was Our Sky | 10-Minute Clutter Control



  • Kindle Purchases & Freebies:
    Regression, V.1 | The Slave | Mister Tender’s Girl | The Last Necromancer | Demons Strike Back | Immortal Hearts | Seven Slightly Sadistic Stories | Lost in Me

  • Review Copies (adult & NA):
    Angel Mage | Well Met | The Resurrectionists | Full Throttle | 29 Seconds | In the Shadow of Spindrift House | The Town That Feared Dusk | Terminal | A Lush and Seething Hell | Reading Quirks | Sabbath | Elfen Lied Omnibus, V.1 | Whisper Network | [Dis]Connected, V.2 | The Best Horror of the Year, V.11 | The Dead Girls Club | Imaginary Friend | The Water Dancer | Get a Life, Chloe Brown | Twice in a Blue Moon

  • Review Copies (YA & MG):
    Crown of Oblivion | The Survival List | Kingdom of Souls | The Never Tilting World | Beyond the Black Door | Minecraft, V.1 | Stage Dreams | The Voice in My Head | The Storm Crow | The Merciful Crow | The Infinite Noise | Who Put This Song On? | Scars Like Wings | Gravemaidens | The Tenth Girl | Loki: Where Mischief Lies | Going Off-Script | Cassandra Steps Out | The Grace Year | Into the Crooked Place | The Beautiful | Unpregnant | Guest: A Changeling Tale

  • Kindle Unlimited & Library Loans:
    Criminal Intentions, S1E2: Junk Shop Blues (KU) | Living Dead in Dallas (audio loan)


What was your favorite thing you hauled this month — or if you didn’t haul anything, is there anything you hope to haul soon? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. I also am starting to drown under my library graphic novel holds! Looks like you have some great titles here though!

        1. I just read Teen Titans Raven which was great! I also just read a Little Women retelling called Meg Jo Beth and Amy by Rey Terciero. SO good

    1. This haul is huge and amazing. I am in awe. I’m taking my library books back and starting fresh for June. I hope you love My Brother’s Husband. It’s so good.

    1. So many books! Good luck getting through everything! I’m super glad that I added on Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, because it’s about therapy written by a therapist (which is my jam) I haven’t read it yet, but I’m planning on starting it soon.

    1. Ahhhhh I’m so jealous of all of the amazing graphic novels you have! Sadly my library doesn’t have a great graphic novel selection which makes me so sad.

      1. That makes me sad for you. 🙁 My branch has almost none, but we’re part of a state-wide lending program where I can borrow them from other branches – it just takes a few weeks to arrive sometimes, or longer.

    1. ALLLLLLL THHHEEEEEE BOOOOOOOOKKKKSSSS!!!!!!! lol I honestly don’t know how you even keep track of all of these!

    1. That’s an impressive haul. Good luck with getting through them all especially the library books

    1. I’ve got a copy of The Girl in Red too, I’m so excited to read it! ?

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