May TBR: A little mood reading, a few TBR jars…

May 1, 2019

The themes this month are…

  1. Moody May — all month

That’s it! I’m not planning to sign up for any readathons or other reading challenges besides whatever we might host in the Unexpected Readathon Time group on GR.

You can view a Goodreads shelf of my entire month’s TBR here! (Not this month, because it’s MOODY MAY!)

Now, on to my TBR!

Moody May means no normally scheduled TBR!


Try a Chapter Winner:


  • The Death of Mrs. Westaway — Ruth Ware


Leftover from April:

(yikes, lol)

  • Sorcery of Thorns — Margaret Rogerson
  • Dead Until Dark — Charlaine Harris (reread) 
  • Godsgrave — Jay Kristoff
  • In Darkness, Delight — anthology
  • New Orleans Rush — Kelly Siskind
  • The Name of the Wind — Patrick Rothfuss
  • The Right Swipe — Alisha Rai
  • Decluttering at the Speed of Life — Dana K. White
  • The Foxhole Court — Nora Sakavic
  • A Girl Like Her — Talia Hibbert (reread)


Upcoming ARC Releases:

Normally, here is where I’d list any ARCs coming out in the next 4-5 weeks, but since it’s Moody May, I’m doing something a little bit different. I’ve made an ARC-specific TBR jar that only includes titles of ARCs for this month! I color coded them into the 5 paper colors I had handy:

  1. GREEN = important, high priority, very anticipated
  2. ORANGE = overdue
  3. PINK = quick reads (graphic novels, short romance, novellas, etc.)
  4. BLUE = misc. print titles
  5. YELLOW = misc. ebook titles

Since reading my ARCs based solely on their release dates clearly isn’t working well for me lately, I’m hoping using this little TBR jar will help!moonsdivider

Library Loans:

I went a little wild a week or two back and put a TON of graphic novels on hold through our statewide library system. ?? What hasn’t already come in, is already in transit and will arrive within a week or two, so I’m going ahead and listing everything here, with a genre emoji key for anyone curious:

? horror
? romance
?‍♂️ fantasy & scifi
? contemporary
?️‍♀️ mystery
? nonfiction


Monthly Goals

  • previous month’s goals:
    • read nothing but ARCs ❌
    • go on an ARC requesting ban ❌
    • post more reviews ?‍♀️ (it was the exact same number as the month before!)
  1. Focus on mood reading and using my TBR jar to hopefully kick my slump!
  2. Clear out my “RTC” (review to come) shelf on Goodreads!
  3. Read at least three (3) overdue ARCs and review them!


What books on your May TBR are you most excited to read?


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    1. Moody May TBR is my TBR for every month of the year XD I don’t know, TBRs just never work for me but sometimes they do and that’s the biggest surprise I give to myself! I love that idea of segregating ARCs instead of picking them up according to release dates. Release dates just never work 🙁 We’re always in the mood to read something else. Those LIBRARY PICKS! Haha, you’ve got some really good books! And can’t wait for another Unexpected Readathon, though I might not be as active since May is all about exams. Loved reading this post, Destiny and good luck with your goals for this month 😀

    1. How did you do on clearing your review shelf this month?? I finally needled mine down to just April books — just 19 now ?. I’m hoping to do better this month too. AND WOW ALL THOSE graphic novel requests! I just noticed Hoopla has Shades of Magic, vol. 1, so I’m grabbing that soon… perhaps more, since I’m kind of feeling like reading more graphic novels… might add more to my list thanks to your above list 😉
      Hope you have fun with your mood reading! (also totally hoping your mood reading leads you to reading The Foxhole Court)

    1. I’ve heard New Orleans Rush is good. I’ve read other books from that author. I think you’re in for some fun with that one.

    1. I love chill TBRs like this one! And to me graphic novels and short works are the absolute best for mood reading! I love having a short book to read while I figure out what book I’m in the mood for next!

    1. *crowd chanting* Sorcery! Sorcery! Sorcery! I can’t wait for you to finish it 😀 it’s so so awesome. Go crush that TBR girl! You can do it

    1. Holy shit that are many graphic novels haha! I hoe you will get to Goldie Vance, that one is amazing!

    1. Oooh, Moody May sounds like SUCH fun! As a mood reader, I fully support this idea. Haha! I also really like the color coated TBR jar! That’s truly a fantastic idea to get a little ARC reading done! I may have to try it! I hope your May is wonderful, Destiny! <3

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