November ’17 TBR

November 2, 2017

It’s time for yet another monthly TBR! I didn’t do very well with my October TBR, but I’m hoping to get ahead on a handful of ARCs this month, so this won’t be a small list, either. That said, a few of these are poetry collections that I know I’ll breeze through, so it doesn’t feel nearly as ambitious as last month’s did.

I don’t have any challenges or read-alongs going on in November, and the Life & Lit BOTM is Stalking Jack the Ripper, which I’ve already read, so this month’s focus is 99% on ARCs and review copies sent to me by authors!


Milk and Honey
The Princess Saves Herself in This One
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (buddy read)


Rosemarked (ARC, releases 11.07.17)
Feel Me Fall (review copy sent by author)
The Devils You Know (ARC, released 10.03.17)


The Glass Spare (ARC, released 10.24.17)
Retribution Rails (ARC, releases 11.07.17)
Girl Made of Stars (ARC, releases 05.15.18)


The Hollow Girl (ARC, released 10.10.17)
Alone (ARC, releases 11.07.17)
Devil in Ohio (ARC, releases 11.07.17)


Fortitude Smashed (ARC, released 09.21.17)
The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding
Miles Away From You (ARC, releases 03.20.18)


Gray Wolf Island (ARC, released 10.10.17)
Goldeline (ARC, releases 11.14.17)
Here We Are Now (ARC, releases 11.07.17)


What We See in the Stars (review copy sent by Blogging For Books)
Magnetic (review copy sent by author)
Now is Everything (ARC, releases 11.07.17)

How many books are on your November TBR? What’s your most anticipated read?

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    1. I have some Arcs I want to get to this month but I don’t stick to TBRs sooooo lol but Alone was really good! I’d like to get to now is everything and girls made of stars at some point this month.

    1. I hope you love milk & honey as much as I did! Take my advice and don’t read it all in one sitting — doing that put me into a depressive episode. Her work is so intense, and some of it hit really hard for me.

        1. Yes, it was a veeery intense experience for me. Definitely a great read, but a good one to take breaks while reading. 🙂

    1. I really want to check out Milk & Honey. I’m going to finally read all of the Chronicles of Narnia books this month, because they’ve been sitting on my bookshelf since I was a kid. ?

      1. Yaaay! That makes me even more excited to read all of them! I feel AWFUL because the author literally sent me Feel Me Fall in APRIL and I’m just now getting to it. I had somehow forgotten to add it to my ARC spreadsheet (yep lol) and so I kind of… forgot… that it was a review copy… lmao.

    1. Ooooh, good luck with all these! I wasn’t the hugest fan of Rupi Kaur’s first poetry collection, but I loved her second one, and I liked Lovelace’s a lot. Goldeline was really lovely and a super quick read if you’re looking for one! And oh boy, I still need to read Gray Wolf Island and Rosemarked – planning on doing both this month 🙂

      1. Thank you! I’ve read snippets of Rupi’s writing and really enjoyed it, so I have high hopes. As far as Lovelace goes, I enjoy her writing but was really frustrated with how she handled that whole Twitter fiasco (*coughcohocough*) so right now I’m having to “separate artist from art” before I read it.

        On a happier and less dramatic note (lmao) I’m about a quarter into Rosemarked and enjoying it so far. It hasn’t been anything ground-breaking, but the characters are likable and so is the writing, IMO!

    1. Nice selection! 🙂
      I don’t do TBR’s because I never stick to them, but I have few books lined up which I am excited to read. Only one new release in there for me though, The Renegades by Meyer.

    1. Looks like you’ve got a good selection of books to read this month! I desperately want to read Blue Lily Lily Blue but it’ll have to wait until my December TBR because I’ve already filled up my November TBR, which is entirely sci-fi 🙂

    1. Is it terrible of me to feel relieved that I’m not the only one who hasn’t read their ARC of The Devils You Know? I hope not! I still need to read mine and get a review up. I feel like I’m always cramming Arcs but I keep doing it to myself!!! Same with Gray Wolf Island, I think we are reading habit twinsies, haha!

      Curious to see what you think of a bunch of these but ESPECIALLY The Hollow Girl! You will love it! I cannot contain how excited I am for you to read that one! But ya know….no pressure, haha! ?

      1. Bahaha no, thank you for commiserating with me over our mutual lateness on that ARC! I feel so bad because they sent me the physical copy and everything and I’ve just totally neglected it. I always feel soooo much worse when I post late reviews for physical ones, for some reason. But yes, I feel like I’m always cramming ARCs, too! But hey, at least we never run out of amazing books to read. 😉

        So, funny story about The Hollow Girl: I got approved for the eARC back in… September? August? Something like that. And I almost read it the DAY I got approved, because I was so stinking excited, but since it didn’t release until October anyways, I told myself, “Nooo, save it for your spooky October TBR!” So I saved it, constantly wanting to read it, and then October came and went, and… well. I haven’t read it. I AM THE ACTUAL WORST, HEATHER.

        1. I agree! I feel worse if it’s a physical copy as well! Maybe because they’re a little harder to get and it’s more of a privilege? Ah, guilt!

          I do the same thing though with all of my ARCs like “noooo I have SO much time to read these” then the release dates come and go and I’m left like “Well, shit.” Haha

          But hey at least we both have each other to be awful with, hahahaha! 🙂

    1. Oohhh, love the choices! Alone was really good.
      I rarely stick to a TBR shortlist. Too many ‘ooh, shiny’ moments to sidetrack me. Or my obligations shift.

      1. I’m seriously considering giving up on these lengthy TBRs! I feel like they don’t work well for me and sometimes they just stress me out, lol. I’m strongly considering kicking off 2018 with only picking maybe 5-10 “TBR” picks per month, and letting the rest just go up to mood reading. 🙂

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