November 2023 Recap & Haul Time!

December 7, 2023

It’s time for a look at my NOVEMBER reading life!

It’s time for another wrap-up/haul post — and some fun stats!

November was a doozy, y’all. 😬 My mental health took a big nose dive and then we all got the flu at the end of the month, plus I had a lot of work stress… so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I read less in November than I typically read in a month, but at least I had a lot of 5-star reads!

The month at a glance:

  • books read: 13
  • books DNFed: 2
  • average rating: 4.5
  • best book: ACOMAF re-read
  • worst book: Breakable Things 😭

What I read:

(each title link will direct you to my review for more thoughts!)

emoji key:
✨ review copy → 💞 buddy/group read → 🔁 re-read → 🎧 audiobook → 🍰 graphic novel/manga
🤷‍♀️ TBR jar → 🗓️ 2023 TBR → 🌻 seasonal TBR

5 stars

4 & 4.5 stars
3 & 3.5 stars

  • Them // Mique Watson 💞
2 & 2.5 stars
  • nothing this month!
1 & 1.5 stars
  • nothing this month!

And now, for some of my favorite recent hauls:


I didn’t buy much at all this month! In fact, two of these were pre-orders from months ago. 😄 I’m proud of myself, especially since I’m officially going on a book ban (more on that later lol).

review copies:

On the other hand, I did haul a LOT of ARCs this month. 🤯 I got some really great publisher mail AND nabbed a few very exciting eARCs!

How was your month? What was your favorite book you read or hauled, or what was something nice that happened in your life?




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    1. I hope you are having a bit better month so far mental health wise and that the flu has gone out of the door. <3 At least there were 5 star reads!

    1. I hope you’re feeling better this month! The flu is horrible – I’ve spent most of December being ill so far and I’m really hoping I can shake it off soon. I’m glad you had plenty of good reads though!

      I’ve been meaning to read That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon for ages now, so I hope you enjoy it! November was when I finally managed to break out of my reading slump and get back to finishing books, and my highlight has to be binging through 6 books in the Ice Planet Barbarians series. It’s just such good fun.

      I hope you have a wonderful December! 💕

    1. Hopefully your December will end 2023 on a better note than November! I’ve seen buzz around a couple titles here – most notable NESTLINGS and FATHOMFOLK. Will look forward to your thoughts 🙂

    1. So sorry that November was a tough month, I hope things have been better in December ❤️🎄 Love that you reread a few books, I haven’t been rereading as much this year for some reason 🤔

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