November Physical Haul, AKA the Haul I Honestly THOUGHT Would Be Small

November 29, 2018

I swear I thought this month’s haul was going to be tiny… 

If you haven’t seen my digital haul already, I explained there that a twitter poll I posted resulted in a large majority choosing for me to start splitting my hauls so that I’d have room to give you all some information on my review copies (in case you want to request them yourself or add them to your TBR!).

For this month, I won’t be adding much info on the books I purchased, but if you all would like more info on those in next month’s haul posts, let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

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Misc. Purchases:


  • NOS4R2 (UK ed.) — Joe Hill
    • I already had the US edition, but I’ve been wanting this super Christmas-y UK paperback and it’s hard to find. I got lucky and grabbed a copy on AbeBooks for a steal!
  • A Very Large Expanse of Sea — Tahereh Mafi
    • I loved the eARC of this so much, I had to have a print copy.
  • Discount Armageddon — Seanan McGuire
  • Starry Eyes — Jenn Bennett
  • Shadow of the Fox — Julie Kagawa
    • I had such a hard time choosing between the US and UK covers! ? They’re both so pretty!




ARCs & Review Copies:


  • Twin Lakes: The Autumn Fires — Melissa Lason & Michelle Garza — already released; sinister grin press
    • unsolicited; adult horror
      • After being attacked by a stranger, Liz’s escape brings her to a campfire—and the scene of a murder. As if her night wasn’t bad enough already, the killer has set his sights on her, too.
  • Kingdom of Ash and Briars — Hannah West — already released; holiday house
    • unsolicited; ya fantasy
      • When a lowly maid named Bristal discovers she is one of three remaining shapeshifters in the world, she must determine if she will use her powers for good and serve mortals, or branch out on her own path and save herself.
  • Realm of Ruins — Hannah West — december 04, 2018; holiday house
    • unsolicited; ya fantasy
      • spin-off of Kingdom of Ash and Briars
        • Valory attends a training school for shapeshifters, but her powers seem impossible to keep under control. She faces imprisonment until an evil awakens, and the authorities realize Valory is the only one who can conquer it.
  • Under the Bronze Moon — Richard J. O’Brien — already released; sinister grin press
    • unsolicited; adult fantasy
      • When Professor Harold Miller sets out on a task to locate a lost novel by an infamous novelist, he must work with the novelist’s estate’s heir—who will lead Miller directly to the late novelist’s famed fantasy world if he promises to assist her in her own death.
  • A Soundless Dawn — Dustin LaValley — already released; sinister grin press
    • unsolicited; adult horror
      • A collection of short horror stories focusing on challenging societal norms.


  • The Beast’s Heart — Leife Shallcross — february 12, 2019; berkley
    • from publisher; ya/na fantasy
      • A retelling of Beauty and the Beast from the Beast’s perspective, set in 17th-century France.
  • Your Favorite Band Cannot Save You — Scotto Moore — february 05, 2019; tordotcom
    • from publisher; adult horror (??? readers seem divided on this)
      • A new band on the scene is releasing music that has a puzzling yet powerful effect on their fans, so a music blogger decides to follow them on tour, but finds out the vocalist is hiding a special secret.
  • Middlegame — Seanan McGuire — may 07, 2019; tordotcom
    • from publisher; adult fantasy
      • Roger and Dodger are twins; Roger has an uncanny knack for words, while Dodger understands numbers and math at an unusual depth. They aren’t humans, but they aren’t gods, either—at least, not until their father makes them so.
  • Snow in Love — Melissa de la Cruz, Nic Stone, Aimee Friedman, & Kasie West — already released; point
    • ya contemporary
      • A small collection of cozy, swoon-worthy holiday romance stories.
  • The Sorrows — Jonathan Janz — december 01, 2018; flame tree press
    • from publisher; adult horror
      • All Ben wants to do is have a quiet getaway in a secluded haunted castle, hoping to find a muse for his failing musical talents as a horror film composer. Instead, he finds an island with a gruesome past and some very strange occurrences therein.


  • Enchantee — Gita Trelease — february 05, 2019; flatiron books
    • unsolicited; ya historical fiction/fantasy
      • When Camille suddenly finds herself responsible for the lives of her younger siblings, she must use her magic to transform herself into ‘the Baroness de la Fontaine’ and sneak into the Palace of Versailles to find protection and a suitor.
  • The Faithful — Matt Hayward — already released; sinister grin press
    • unsolicited; adult horror
      • When retiring Leo Cartwright is drawn to visit a quiet town in the south after a cryptic warning from one of his fans, he finds a secluded little world of people worshiping an Otherworldly god—and they’re determined to make as many human sacrifices as they can before the god takes them.
  • The Five Senses of Horror — edited by Eric J. Guignard — already released; dark moon books
    • unsolicited; adult horror
      • A collection of stories from newbies and world-renowned authors alike, spanning the five senses of the human body.
  • A World of Horror — edited by Eric J. Guignard — already released; dark moon books
    • unsolicited; adult horror
      • Horror short stories collected from authors all over the world, including South Africa, Singapore, Japan, Nigeria, Ukraine, and more.
  • That Which Grows Wild — Eric J. Guignard — already released; harper day books
    • unsolicited; adult horror
      • A collection of 16 short horror and dark fantasy stories ranging from whimsical to weird, terrifying to tragic.


  • Nightmare Detective: The Skeleton Key — Monk Inyang — already released; suntext publishing
    • unsolicited; mg mystery
      • A young black boy from Newark, Uko Hill, has been having the same nightmares every night about an army of skeletons. One night, he meets a detective named Toni, who’s part of a group of middle schoolers that break into other kids’ nightmares to help stop their bad dreams, and she wants Uko to join her squad if he can pass her tests.
  • Sorcery of Thorns* — Margaret Rogerson — june 04, 2019; margaret k. mcelderry books
    • from author; ya fantasy
      • Elisabeth is a librarian in a world where common fact is that all sorcerers are evil and to be avoided. Her greatest goal is to become a warden and to protect the world from the evils of these sorcerers, but when a grimoire is set loose from the library’s imprisoning shelves, she must team up with a sorcerer and his demonic servant to save the Great Libraries and the world.

How was your November haul? What did you think of my new haul layout?


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    1. So many awesome books! I enjoy this new layout very much–very organized and well done.

    1. Destiny, I highly insist you read Shadow of the Fox. At this very moment. There isn’t a second to lose. Hahahaha! 😀

        1. You’re so right about that. Even more so since ARC’s are well.. ARC’s. :’)
          [I am totally feeling guilty with December’s haul already because I ordered books online.. a LOT of books. Like. A year’s worth of books.]

            1. I told the BF right before leaving for work earlier and he was like “ARE YOU SERIOUSLY..” then stalked off and just sent me a message saying “I better not buy any books next year” and I’m like.. I didn’t even tell him the amount of books I ordered.. :’)

    1. Okay I’m jealous you got the Hannah West books haha. They look so good. 😀
      And yes Julie Kagawa always seems to get the best covers. Seriously.

      1. Haha aww, I’m sorry! <3 They do sound neat, I'm looking forward to them. The publicist who offered them to me was sooo nice and even said I'm not expected to review them if I don't feel like it, so that put me in an even better mood towards them haha!

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