October Haul: my birthday month (including a huge video game haul)!

October 30, 2020

It’s the end of another month, which means it’s time to talk about my haul for the month!

October was my birthday month, which means I got some really delightful new hauls this month! 🥰

physical purchases and gifts

First, my amazing spouse caught me up on my Mercyverse collection with a stack of gorgeous hardcovers!

bone crossed, frost burned, night broken, storm cursed, & smoke bitten — patricia briggs (thanks, spouse ♥) 

There was a whole stack of birthday surprises besides those, too!

master of the moors & blanky — kealan patrick burke (thanks, Bex ♥) 
✨ radiance — grace draven (thanks, parents ♥) 
into the drowning deep — mira grant (also thanks, parents!)
✨ the house in the cerulean sea — t.j. klune (thanks, Cathy ♥)
✨ the turn of the key — ruth ware (thanks, Reg ♥)

And then I treated myself to a few exciting purchases this month and won a giveaway prize!

fear the drowning deepdread the harvest moon — sarah glenn marsh
✨ the invisible life of addie larue — v.e. schwab (I bought these 2 editions plus the OC exclusive edition, which I didn’t add a picture of because I don’t want to spoil anyone still waiting on their box!)
✨ kingdom of the wicked — kerri maniscalco
✨ cemetery boys — aiden thomas (publisher giveaway!)

digital purchases, freebies, and gifts

Quite a few kindle sales this month, and some of these were ones I’d been looking to buy for a while!

empire of wild — cherie dimaline
✨ flow, grip, & stillkennedy ryan (box set sale!)
✨ prince of air and darkness m.a. grant
✨ war — laura thalassa


I finally bought Among Us, and got some birthday gifts & a couple of freebies:

among usI finally got this and tried it, and yep, I get the hype
✨ story of seasons: friends of mineral townthank you to my parents for this birthday gift that I am now OBSESSED with!
✨ slime rancher thank you, Owl! I can’t wait to play this!
✨ phasmophobia and thank you again, Owl! do I have a new favorite spooky game? I think I do!
✨ layers of fear 2epic games freebie
blair witch — epic games freebie

And I also got the Humble Bundle Chills & Thrills pack!

✨ pacify
✨ distraint 2
✨ the letterThis has been on my wishlist FOREVER!
✨ darq
✨ desolate
✨ detention

And then… there was the Steam Halloween sale. 🎃

✨ the coma: recut
✨ detective grimoire
haunt the house: terrortown
✨ little nightmares
✨ murder by numbers
✨ hatoful boyfriend 
hatoful boyfriend: holiday star

What was your favorite thing you hauled this month — or if you didn’t haul anything, is there anything you hope to haul soon? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. Happy delated birthday, dear!! xx
      You got some awesome books! I have yet to get the turn of the key; although I went to the bookstore not too long ago.. I choosed upon not taking any Ruth Ware on this trip 😅

      Ohh among us is on steam! I have been wondering where in hell was that game on, as everybody was talking about it.. but I was kinda clueless xd ahaha — and also YES for friends of mineral town!

    1. Ooh you’ve gotten some really good books! I hope you will love them all!


    1. Happy birthday! Among Us is addicting as all hell. And I kinda love Hatoful Boyfriend? That game is so stupid haha. Hope you had an amazing week.

    1. This is like my fourth time visiting this entry so you’re welcome for the clicks. :*

      INTO THE DROWNING DEEP. You can chat with me about this one when you read it because it’s still fresh in my mind.

      I wonder what you’ll think of The Turn of.

      I have Among Us too, yay.

      My friends told me to get Stardew Valley and Story of Seasons. Stardew was cheap so I got it but I don’t like it! I’ll start saving up pennies for SoS.

      Do you review video games? Could you please? I only play romance or horror ones so I feel like I’d benefit from your takes.

      A pal told me to get the pigeon game today. I’d played it before but like way back before memes lmao. Idk if I’d get more out of it now? Anyway review games pls and ty like now pls.

      My fave haul in October: MONSTER PROM!!!!!!!

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