October Birthday Haul!

October 27, 2018

Another month has passed, and it’s time for another haul post! My birthday was on the 16th of the month, plus I visited a new used bookstore in Atlanta, so I’ve got quite the haul this month (but spent very little)!


Total Hauled This Month: 62


(Click the titles for Goodreads links!)


Used Bookstores:


Eclipse* // Breaking Dawn* // Silver Borne // Across the Wall // Murder of Crows // A Great and Terrible Beauty // The Walls Around Us // The Seeing Stone // The Wrath of Mulgarath // The Field Guide // Serafina and the Black Cloak // The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall // Closed for the Season // In the Forest of the Night** // Wicked Lovely

* I was going to wait to re-purchase these until I got ready to continue my reread, but they were in like new condition for FIFTEEN. FREAKING. CENTS. EACH.
** I read this book over and over as a preteen and flipped my shit when I saw it



Damsel // The Boneless Mercies // Muse of Nightmares // Kingdom of Ash
// Six of Crows Collector’s Edition

ARCs & Review Copies:


Darkest Hours // Bones // Watch Us Rise // The Sea Was a Fair Master // Night Shift

Misc. Purchases:


Through the Woods // Devils Unto Dust // The Halloween Tree

Gifts (thank you so much to everyone who sent these!):


From Owl: Blood Bound // Iron Kissed // Moonstruck, Vol. 1
From Kathy: Check, Please! Vol. 1 // Wildcard // Smoke in the Sun
From Cathy: Grey Sister // Malice
From Taylor: The Simple Wild
From Terry (my partner): Nimona // Give the Dark My Love // Locke & Key, vol. 3-6
From my parents: Locke & Key, vol. 1-2 // The Witch Boy




Slothilda // Twin Lakes: The Autumn Fires // The Faithful // Parasite Life //
At the Cemetery Gates, vol. 2 // Book Love

Kindle Purchases:


The Falconer // The Book Thief // Shallow Graves // The Lost Sisters // Cleaner of Bones // Mara // Shades of Magic #1: The Steel Prince // The Grip of It // A Monstrous Love, vol. 2 // Daughters of the Lake (Amazon freebie)

How was your October haul?


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      1. Yeah, I’m hoping November’s will look like nothing compared to this. ? I’m basically out of shelf space, and I just got a new Kindle, so I have the perfect motivation to start picking more stuff up in ebook format instead of physical copies!
        Through the Woods is phenomenal. ♥ I had borrowed it from the library some time back and loved it but never purchased my own copy, so that was my little birthday gift to myself!

    1. OMG it was my birthday on the 23rd! I had quite the haul too! Lots of physical copies and a couple of giftcards. I have my grandparents coming today and I’m getting together with a friend for my birthday. My grandparents asked for a list of books as well, so it looks like my haul is not over yet!!
      I’m so psyched for you too! I should do a post like this as well!! So many good ones. I also love the special edition of Six of Crows!!!
      I got a review copy of The Wicked King as a gift among other great titles.
      Happy belated birthday to you!! I love having my birthday in the fall!!

      1. Happy belated birthday to you too!! That’s awesome, I hope you got everything you wished for! <3 You should totally do a birthday haul post! And congrats on getting The Wicked King, that is so awesome! I've given up on getting an ARC of that one and have decided to just be content with waiting for my pre-order, but I still get so excited whenever I see someone post a new 5-star review for it! 🙂

        1. I’m going to! I have to wait for some more books to come in the mail and then I will take photos of them all. Not counting whatever I get with the giftcards. I love haul posts, but have never done one. I always forget when I got books. But for my birthday it’s pretty easy to do a haul post, so I will share it. Plus I will be looking for suggestions on what to buy with my MANY gift cards for books!

    1. I haven’t encountered The Spiderwick Chronicles in ages! I loved those in middle school (also happy belated birthday!)

        1. Oh okay! There are so many popular books on my tbr as well, so I totally understand! To this day, I’ve still never read any Cassandra Clare novels! Haha

    1. That’s a great haul and happy belated birthday! I don’t know what I got this month, I’m scared to look as it was meant to be nothing….but I had pre ordered Kingdom of Ash a while ago..?

    1. 62 books?! Wow 😀 I used to download a lot of free books from Amazon and newsletters and stuff, so my TBR grew immensely for free or very little money, but then it became too big and I stopped doing that…
      The used bookstore books are so cheap!! O_O I’d love to try that, but I usually read in English, and English YA is non-existent in Hungarian used bookstores…
      My haul… well, my pre-order of Akata Warrior arrived 😀 also I went through my computer and the ebooks I forgotten and never even added on Goodreads, but those don’t really count because I already had them, I just… forgot.

      1. I know what you mean about those Kindle freebies! I used to download so many of them and I had to basically force myself to start just quickly skimming the emails and only picking up ones that were already on my TBR because otherwise it was getting out of hand. ?
        Most of our used bookstores around here are so awful, but this one was cool! It’s like two hours away but we found so much that my husband and I decided we might start making a special trip out there once every few months or so! That really stinks that it’s so hard to find English YA in the used bookstores there, I’m sorry! 🙁

        1. They are especially bad because I haven’t figured out how to delete stuff from my Kindle (I can delete the download from the device but the book stays in my library) so if I don’t read or maybe DNF them then they are stuck there forever… brrr. It also makes it harder to delete them from my TBR without reading them 🙁

    1. I love this post and I think I might do something similar! Haul posts are among my favorite to read ? Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. What a haul! I see a lot of stuff there I’m curious about! Still deciding whether or not to read Kingdom of Ash, but I guess I should since it’s the last one! Happy belated birthday! 😀

      1. Thank you! 🙂 Hey, if you’ve come this far, I’d say you should totally read KoA just to see how it all ends, but then again, I am the world’s worst about DNFing series right before the finale, so I won’t judge if you don’t continue. ?

    1. I’m reading the boneless mercies soon and I’m so looking forward to it! Interested to see how you find it 🙂 great haul!

      1. Awesome, I hope you enjoy it! 😀 I don’t know when I’ll get to it but I found it suuuuper cheap on amazon right before it released so I couldn’t pass it up lol. Thank you!

    1. Your hauls are always the best! You give me so many new titles to research and add to my TBR lists. My haul is so small in comparison, think I got four physical books (one’s a library book that I’m going to buy from them but they don’t know that yet haha) and four ARCs this month so not too bad. Hope you enjoy all your books!

    1. Such beautiful, gorgeous books in your haul. Also, happy belated birthday to you, Destiny! HAVE YOU READ KINGDOM OF ASH YET?

      1. Thank you so much! No, not yet – I keep putting it off because I’m scared, lol! but I am starting it this weekend FOR SURE (and, knowing me, probably binge reading it lol!). What about you?

    1. Oh that is one epic birthday haul! Locke & Key is great. I was able to borrow it from a friend and it was a lot of fun. As is Nimona!
      I had a bit of a birthday haul too. 🙂

    1. Whiiii – a very late you’re welcome! <3 Thought I'd go with sequels since we both love procrastinating on those. *Insert evil laughter* 😛
      My haul is so.. AWESOMELY TINY this time! And it hopefully will be again this month. We'll see. :')

      1. Lmaooo yes! And good luck. :’) I planned on my November haul being itty-bitty, and so far, I think the physical aspect will be small, buuuut I’ve bought a LOT of $1 kindle books already in November. Whoops…

        1. I’ll need the luck.. With my behaving on book buying, it seems I’m getting the real urge to splurge.. [My god, rhymes..] I actually feel like I MISS having a box of books arrive? [Or, in Amazon-style, five different packages each containing one book because they hate nature.]
          And THAT is why I refuse to buy ebooks. [Unless it’s KoA and my physical copy arrives to weeks late and I couldn’t wait anymore. Finally arrived yesterday btw. :’)]

            1. GIVE ME YOUR BOOKS.
              If I stack mine right, I have like.. one entire bookCASE [which is five or six shelves] without books. I CAN TOTALLY KEEP THEM SAFE FOR YOU. ??

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