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September 27, 2017

I saw this over on Kourtni Reads, and, well… you guys know me and my tag klepto self.

This tag is all about books that you don’t want to read! I’m always talking about how huge my TBR is, so let me give you guys some insight into my (far too small) “nope” shelf.

1. a really hyped book that you’re not interested in reading

I feel like I’m proooobably gonna get crucified for this… but I’ve gotta go with Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.


Among other reasons, the synopsis doesn’t interest me, the excerpts that I’ve read left me yawning, and I just… don’t want to. Life’s too short to read books that I’m pretty sure I won’t like.

2. a series you won’t start/won’t be finishing

I definitely have to go with Caraval for this one.


I didn’t think the first book was very good, and I hated the ending. Plus, I heard that book 2 is going to center on Scarlett’s sister, who I loathed, so… nah, I won’t be continuing this one.

3. a classic you’re just not interested in

… almost all of them? Sigh. Sorry, guys, but classics just don’t do it for me, besides the occasional classic horror read. If I have to be specific, though…


I don’t have any real interest in ever reading another novel by Jane Austen. I’ve read Pride & Prejudice three times, in hopes that I’ll finally see what everyone else loves, and honestly, it just gets less enjoyable every single time.

4. a genre you never read

I think the only genre I outright avoid is adult contemporary and/or romance. You know what I’m talking about, right? (ETA: I know My Sister’s Keeper isn’t a romance. I was grouping it in with the adult contemporary genre, but I worded it poorly.)


I’ve tried, so many times, and I just don’t like it. I’ve yet to find an adult contemporary author who didn’t bore the hell out of me. If it’s your thing, I totally respect that, but it’s not for me.

5. a book on your shelves you’ll probably never read

This one was easier than I expected it to be: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.


I bought this on a whim back at the beginning of the year, having not heard anything about it. Since purchasing it, I’ve heard almost exclusively scathing reviews. I mean, it has a 4.08 avg on Goodreads right now, so it’s probably not all that bad, but the horrible reviews I’ve heard on it from my friends and bloggers that I trust has pretty much pushed it into the “I don’t know if I am capable of enjoying this book” field. (Which is precisely why I try not to read too many reviews for the same book before I read it.)

my nominations

Everyone! I nominate everyone. This was a really fun tag and I would love to see all of your answers, so please let me know if you fill it out!

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    1. I was tagged in this and have it on my to-do list for tomorrow! Nice to read your answers. I’m so bummed to hear Caraval #2 (hopefully not real title lol) is about Scarlet’s sister. I didn’t like her at all in book 1. Boo hiss.

          1. I’m honestly not sure! The author said it’s going to start off from the sister’s perspective, but I’m wondering now, will it stay in her perspective or shift? I’m not sure if I’ll pick it up or not… the cover is so tempting, lol! What do you think?

            1. I’m super torn. This might be one of the ones I wait to see fellow bloggers thoughts on. I would be intrigued if it’s from Scarlett’s, Julian’s, or Legend’s point of view, but I really didn’t like or connect with the sister (honestly can’t even remember her name) at all in the first one.

    1. haha, you should never say never. when i was younger, which has been a long time ago, i was never interested in reading classics and now i love them. so who knows? 😉

      1. Very true! I’m always open to re-trying a genre I don’t care much for. The funny thing is, I enjoyed classics a lot as a kid! I just can’t get into them now. I figure life is too short to force myself. 🙂

    1. I also don’t think I’ll ever read Outlander 🙂 mom’s pretty much already told me everything I should know about it anyway xD (she’s an absolute fan.) My Sister’s Keeper was not a romance though, like at all? It was about dying and cancer, basically. Although I guess there was that sideplot…. but I wouldn’t call it a romance at all. I understand what you mean about the genre though 😀 I very rarely read romance at all.

      1. Ugh, yeah, I really should’ve clarified that I meant adult contemporary AND romance – not necessarily JUST romance, haha! I actually do enjoy romance in my stories, but I find that the typical “adult contemporary” reads just don’t do it for me.

          1. Very true! Lol contemporaries are tough for me. I’ve become very critical in my reviews of them over the last few months because I think I’m just kind of “over” most of them. 🙁

    1. I tried to read Outlander, because I love the show so much, but the dialect was so tedious. I was working too hard. Had to DNF. I think I burned out on classics in my youth. I have no desire to read any of them. I actually loved Red Queen, but the the second book was such a chore, I just abandoned the series.

      1. Yeah, I skimmed a copy of the first Outlander book in a used bookstore one day and was just like, nnnoooooope… not for me, lol. And yes, I hear a lot of people say they just kind of dumped the series. 🙁

    1. I definitely won’t be reading Outlander, mainly because the author has said some really terrible things. However, such great answers! I’ll definitely be giving this tag a go ?

      1. Haha that’s EXACTLY what my “among other reasons” bit meant. She is HORRIBLE to her fans and people in general from what I’ve seen and I just have no interest at all in supporting her.

        Yay, thank you! Can’t wait to read yours~ <3

        1. Ah, that makes more sense. I would still recommend giving MSK a try though, although I’m biased since Jodi Picoult is my favourite author.

    1. I don’t have much interest in Outlander, either. It doesn’t necessarily sound *bad* to me, but there are just so many books and they’re all really long and it doesn’t sound like an interesting enough story for me to dedicate that much time to it, haha.
      I’m one of the few bloggers who actually really loved Red Queen, but I completely understand why people don’t and/or aren’t interested in it. It’s not a super original story, but I think Aveyard is a good storyteller so it’s still a series that I’ve really enjoyed.
      Loved reading your answers for this!!

      1. Bahaha it has to have a VERY interesting synopsis for me to justify picking up a series/book that freaking ginormous, no lie. Life is short and my TBR is NOT! Chop chop! lmao

        Aw, I may check it out some time, honestly! I own a copy, so I guess I should at least try Red Queen. 🙂

        Thank you!

    1. I agree with Red Queen so much and also Outlander since the books are huge and I’ve already watched the tv show. And adult contemporary/romance is a genre I rarely reach for, definitely not Nicholas Sparks.

    1. agree with outlander, it’s on my never to read list basically. I just know that the romanization of an abusive relationship in it will make me raging mad and why would I do that to myself?

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