Random Bookish Facts About Me! [#Project14Lists no. 6]

December 23, 2018

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This is my SIXTH post in the #Project14Lists series, hosted by Shealea at That Bookshelf Bitch! You can find more information here, as well as a thread of my posts for the event here.

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Today’s #Project14Lists post is…

Random Bookish Facts About Me!

I’ve been tagged a few times lately in posts that feature random facts about the blogger posting it, so I thought this would be a great time to tell you all some random facts about me—specifically, about myself as a reader, and my reading habits!

1. I can get a little bit type A.

I tend to get obsessive over my reading goals. The problem isn’t my type A issues—it’s the fact that I cut myself no slack, and end up putting way too much on my plate for me to even possibly juggle. (Hence my goals of self-care in my reading habits in 2019!)

2. It is almost impossible for me to decline review requests.

I’m the kind of person who can’t stand to upset anyone, so I accept some review requests for books I’m not super interested in reading, just because the authors reaching out are so nice that I can’t bring myself to say no. (Does anyone have any advice for how to stop being this way?)

3. I think ebooks get a bad rap for no reason.

I constantly see people saying that ebooks aren’t as good, or that they’ll “never live up to a physical book in your hands!”—and, frankly, I think that’s silly (not to mention potentially ableist, because what about people who can’t hold heavy books, or whose eyesight requires those HUGE text options e-readers and kindle apps offer now?).
In fact, if I might be so bold, sometimes I prefer ebooks. Yep, I said it! I have a reoccurring health issue with my right wrist, as well as chronic spinal problems and pain, which means that there are many days where the only way I can read is by propping up in bed with my lightweight, handy-dandy kindle. It’s a lifesaver (and if you can justify the cost, my spouse got me the Oasis for a wedding gift back in October, and I am OBSESSED).

4. I am terrible at completing series.

Ever since I was mercilessly destroyed by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows all the way back in 2007, I have been petrified of completing beloved series—mainly because most of my beloved series are fantasy, and fantasy authors love wrecking our lives in their finales. It’s really common for me to leave a series finale unread on my shelf for years.

5. I can’t read just one book at a time.

People always ask me how I juggle so many books at once, but the funny thing (to me) is when I see someone only ever read one book at a time, I’m the one who’s impressed! I can’t do that because my ADHD won’t tolerate binge reading an entire book before moving on to the next one. If I forced myself to only read one book at a time, I estimate that my monthly wraps would drop from 20 books per month to 5. That said, I genuinely think I would write better reviews if I read one book at a time. I have no idea if this is true, but it’s a nagging suspicion I have. 🙁

6. I keep stacks of books everywhere.

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through bookstagram, it looks like my friends have their libraries in perfect order and I get a little jealous, because sadly, that isn’t me—as I’m typing this, I have 5 bookcases in my bedroom full, a big box of potential “unhauls” on my bedroom floor, a bookcase beside my desk with my library loans and this month’s TBR books, a tiny bookshelf in my spare bedroom holding all of my mass market paperbacks, and a few piles of books in the spare bedroom floor awaiting their next photoshoot. It’s a problem sometimes, but luckily…

7. I can almost always tell you exactly where a specific book is in my home, at any given time.

I’m definitely one of those people whose home is in a constant disarray, but no matter how messy my shelves are or how spread out those afore-mentioned piles might be, I would estimate that at least 95% of the time, you could name literally any book I physically own and I could tell you EXACTLY where it is at that moment. I have no idea why I’m like this, but I always have been, and it comes in handy a LOT.

8. I’ve been reading longer than I can remember.

One of my oldest memories in my life is sitting at the table, eating breakfast while trying to sound out words on the cereal box to my mother. I was reading basically before I was talking, and I never stopped doing either of those things. ?

9. I’m great at remembering plots, awful at remembering names.

Pretty much any book I’ve read, I can tell you the entire synopsis and conjure up a million irrelevant details about the story’s unfolding, but ask me the main character’s name and there’s at least a 50% chance I’ll have to think about it for a second, with a solid 20% chance I won’t have a clue. (This makes reviewing books long after I’ve read them really annoying.)

10. I have to buy page tabs in bulk.

I tab everything. Quotes I want to use? Tab ’em. Sweet romantic moments? Tabs. Character development? Tab, please. Potential foreshadowing?! THE TABS, JEEVES! Seriously, though, it’s intense enough that I had to start buying several packs at a time and ordering them through AliExpress.com because I was simply spending too much on the nice name brand ones at the grocery store. ? (These are the ones I love, if anyone is curious!)

Can you relate to any of these bookish facts? Let me know in the comments, and tell me a random bookish fact about you, too!


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    1. I’m also bad at saying no. One thing that has helped me is to craft a really kind, generic email that states the reasons why you can’t do something, then apologises, and just have that sitting there ready to go. Since one of your goals this year is self-care, I’d start with something like:
      Dear XX
      Unfortunately this year I want to focus on my mental health and wellbeing, and so I won’t be taking on as many review copies as I have previously. I would like to thank you for contacting me; however, I am unable to review your book at this time.
      I wish you all the best with your book, and look forward to hearing from you in future.
      Kind regards,
      You can add in more words and/or soften the language, but having a “no” response ready to go is something that helps me! x

      1. Wow, I LOVE this more than I can even express right now. Thank you so much for this. It never occurred to me to have a reply like this already ready to go, but it would honestly make it so much easier for me to say no if I had one handy, and I really really really love your example of mentioning it’s due to my mental health and self-care. THANK YOU so so so much for this ♥♥♥ I am implementing this IMMEDIATELY!

    1. As far as review requests. It’s nicer to say you have no time at the moment or that you are not interested in that genre than to agree to read it and either not read it or not liking it because it’s not your thing! You can turn them down kindly. In my experience they appreciate your honesty 😉
      I am the same with plot vs names by the way. Can never remember names!

    1. I have a hard time accepting books for review. I’m in the middle of writing my dissertation and find that when I have the opportunity to read for leisure, I need to do so without a deadline looming.

      1. That’s totally understandable! I feel sometimes like I’m so used to ARCs that I have forgotten how peaceful it is to just read for pleasure without knowing I need to post a review by a certain timeframe.

    1. I’m pretty similar to you!! I’m an extremely Type A person, so I can get very hard on myself too. I’m also a huge proponent of Ebooks too, so I hate when they get some much unnecessary bad rep!

      1. I’m glad it’s not just me! Another blogger commented making a point that it’s better for us to say no than to read it and give it a poor review because we weren’t really into it, and that really resonated with me, so I think I’m going to keep that in the back of my mind when I receive requests in the future!

        1. If it’s a book that I KNOW I won’t enjoy I just tell them that it’s not in my genre and I’d hate to give them a low review because of my inexperience with it. Like I had an erotica novel presented to me and I don’t even read romance. But if you hit me up with Fantasy or SciFi, I can’t refuse?

    1. I… may have written a response essay.
      1. I feel that. One thing I’ve found to help is telling friends what my goals are and when they start feeling wrong so they can help me modify or change goals as needed. <3
      2. I’m not sure if it would help to have a saved/canned response? Something super polite saying I’d love to potentially work with you in the future, but at the moment I have grad school and work and a toddler and I’m not taking many review copies. I can also help draft these responses! I’m very happy to figure out how to say no on your behalf. ^_^
      3. You know how I feel about ebooks. ^_^ They’re easier to move and phones/e-readers much easier to carry with you, which is really really nice.
      4. I love you a lot and am giggling a little about this one. I’m half tempted to just read the whole ToG series to see if I can get to KoA before you’ve finished it so I can pester you into a buddy read.
      5. Unless I am in a hardcore binge mood and have access to a visual and audio version of one book, I’ve usually got at least one visual and one audio read at a time (usually more).
      6. I also do this. Bear is trying to break me of the habit. ?
      7. Partially because I’m not as good at this.
      8. I am visualizing baby you and awwwwing.
      9. I feel this. So. Much. Names are really hard.
      10. I want to tab more (especially quotes I want to put on a bookmark)! Which is another reason ebooks are the bomb.
      11. You are the best and so is this list. <3

      1. I love this. ♥
        1. Yes! That’s honestly a big part of why I’m so transparent about things on my blog lately – I find that it helps when my friends know what’s going on with me.
        2. Thank you! Another comment also recommended a canned rejection letter, and I loved it so much I went ahead and wrote one up that I’m really happy with!
        3. Yes yes yes. Digital book love forever.
        4. LMAO. I do technically have KoA on my “must read” list for January, but that doesn’t mean I’ll finish it before you could finish the series. ???
        5. Word. I used to keep one physical and one ebook going at the same time, and that was it. Even going back to that would be better than my current method, I think.
        6. Poor Bear. ?
        7. Aww <3
        8. Hahaha I was a cute munchkin, I'll admit. ?
        9. Yo it is SUCH A PAIN.
        10. I love how effortless highlighting bits in an ebook is! Except when authors send PDFs or ACSMs for reviewing. Then, it's a pain. 🙁 But I understand why they do it.
        11. I love you!

    1. #3 means the world to me! I basically have to have my eyes gloss over and my ears covered whenever I see/hear “e-book” because 99% of the time that person 1) has nothing nice to say and 2) is so far off the ableism chart they think they’re educating me on what it means to be a reader and book lover

      1. Ughhh, I’m sorry, love. 🙁 People can be the worst! I honestly do not understand why so many readers are so ableist – isn’t there supposed to be some study proving book lovers are supposed to be more empathetic?!

        1. Readers that support readers of all formats are gems! I didn’t know there was such strong opinions against groups of readers until I got online because my library is so welcoming. And yes I’ve seen a ton of those studies! ?

    1. I totally understand you on #1. I take on too much and overwhelm myself. I have a bad habit of forcing myself to read sometimes because I feel bad if I am not reading. I really have to learn how to be easier on myself in 2019. I agree with ebooks! Quite honestly 90% of the time I am reading off my phone or kindle. Having a physical book is great, but sometimes an ebook is just easier and more convenient! (Besides the fact I can lay on the couch or in bed at awkward angles and still be able to read haha)
      Amber ♥ The Book Bratz

    1. I AM THE SAME WITH TABS. whenever someone sees me adding tabs to my book, they always ask why i do that. this reminds me that i have to buy more tabs. I used to be able to read one book at a time, but it seems like i’ve developed a habit to read more than one now.

    1. LMAO I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I’m the same on some of the things – my books are a mess, I don’t understand how people who bookstagram have such nice book shelves, mine are HORRIBLE for phototaking especially, it takes me almost forever to complete series’, ebooks are a lifesaver for a lot of people, etc – so I love that you took the time to make this list!

    1. Love this post SO MUCH! And I wholeheartedly agree with ebooks and ereaders! I honestly don’t understand how they have such a bad rep. I love my kindle! And I’m fantastic at remembering plots as well. Names on the other hand? Ha! Can’t recall them for the life of me. Lol

      1. Thank youuuu! Oh my gosh, same – where does all this anti-ebook negativity even COME from?! Reading is reading! And I’m so glad it’s not just me when it comes to remember plots but never names ??

    1. This is a lovely list, Destiny! <3 I, too, can't even recall when I started reading, I've been reading for as long as I can remember as well haha 🙂

    1. I also don’t get the hate some people display toward ebooks. What’s it to them? 😀
      I prefer reading on my kindle.
      I do decline review requests. Especially since i put a note on my page that i don’t accept reviews for the time being, but they still ask. I don’t even feel bad about those.
      Other times i just simply don’t have the time, so i tell them that.

      1. I don’t get it, either! Honestly, I don’t get the hate people have for other people’s reading habits, PERIOD. If you wanna read ebooks, or audiobooks, or dog-ear your pages, or write in your books, or whatever… as long as you aren’t damaging someone else’s property, who CARES?!

    1. I really have been wanting to start annotating my physical books so those page flags are perfect! Also, I love ebooks and my Kindle ? As someone who also deals with chronic pain, a lot of the time I can’t hold a physical book so my Kindle has been super helpful!

      1. Yay! I love page tabbing so much, as well as ebooks – I love how easy it is to highlight in kindles! I feel you on the chronic pain, but I’m sorry to hear you can relate. ♥ sending well wishes!

    1. I used to be really bad at saying no when I was younger, but nowadays, I have no trouble at all saying no anymore. It’s actually very liberating – and most of the time, the people I say no to still like me 😉
      I’m terrible at completing series, too… Not necessarily for the same reason as you, but I just don’t want my favorite (they’re ALL my favorite!) series to end, and so I refuse to read the last book. Voilà, the series isn’t over… for me.
      I love these lists where I get to know bloggers better 🙂
      Happy holidays, Destiny!

      1. That’s honestly really comforting to hear, so thank you, Lexxie! That gives me hope that I, too, can learn how to feel better about saying no. <3 And that's funny about the series finales, I can definitely see how you would fee that way! 😀 It never ends if you don't let it end, haha! Happy holidays! ♥

    1. I am the same way about remembering plots but not names! I have actually taken to making a list of names when I’m going to review a book, but not really taking notes about the plot because I will remember everything that happens, just not the names of who it happened to!

    1. I loved this! I’m the opposite where I remember names a lot more than plots (my husband knows this too well lol :p) I also totally agree with Kindle! While I go back and forth between how I read a book, I think Kindle readers are amazing with them being portable, lots of space for your books and like you said, if you’re not feeling well, it can be a lifesaver 🙂

    1. I use book tabs too, but not as much as you do. I want to tab more in 2019 though 😀 I think both e-book and physical books have their pros and cons so I’m not really bothered with them, but I read more often in e-books because they are just much more convenient. I’m also terrible at finishing series. Especially if I know the author has tendency of killing beloved characters ?

      1. I loooove tabbing haha! Some books, I only use 2-3 tabs for quotes to utilize in my reviews, but you can always tell when I am OBSESSED with a book – especially if it’s fantasy – because I’ll use dozens. ? And yes, same on the authors who kill off my loves! 🙁 It makes it so hard!

    1. I have such a difficult time saying no, but I have gotten better about it lately! I keep telling myself that it is kinder to not accept a book that I don’t think I will love. I’ve found some books I accepted for review because I felt guilty and was like “well this could be interesting” are either unread still months later (oops) or I disliked them and should have gone with my gut. In my experience, authors and publicists have been very kind and thankful for my “thanks but I am too busy/this doesn’t seem to match my reading tastes/etc”. I get anxious about it, but the fact is most emails sent go into a void to not be replied to, so any response is usually appreciated.

      1. “I keep telling myself that it is kinder to not accept a book that I don’t think I will love”
        ^^ THIS is 100% what I need to get into the mindset of telling myself. I know, I have multiple ARCs from authors or ones that publishers offered me that I planned on reviewing MONTHS ago and haven’t yet, and that guilt weighs on me all the time, especially when I consider that I could have just said no thank you. It especially digs at me if they send a physical copy, because then I know they spent their money on the postage and maybe the book itself. (This is a big part of why I’ve started pretty much exclusively taking eARCs for books that are offered to me without me asking for them)

    1. As far as saying no goes, the way I do it is, if the book sounds mildly interesting but not enough to read – or if I’m simply too busy to read it – but the author is really nice, I offer to do an interview, guest post, spotlight, or something similar. That way they get a post and publicity, but I’m not adding to my towering TBR.
      I wish I had as great a memory as you do for the synopsis and irrelevant details about the story! My memory always sucks anymore. I think it’s why I don’t read series like I used to – It takes a year for a book to release and I forget EVERYTHING even with review notes. And I hate re-reading unless it’s a truly beloved book like HP. It makes me sad 🙁

    1. #2 – delete the e-mails before you can feel bad about them. ? That’s my strategy, but I don’t get many review requests and the ones I do get are often weird (most recently I got one for a how-to book for dads who want to get custody of their kids after a divorce?? ?)
      #10 – I have a couple tins of reusable ‘book darts’ (http://www.leevalley.com/us/garden/page.aspx?c=&p=44956&cat=2) that I use while reading, but I imagine I don’t use them as much as you use your tabs. The colours and patterns on those Ali Express ones are so cute! I can see how they would be helpful for someone who likes to keep track of different things.

      1. WTF ?? What a weird request! I think the oddest one I’ve gotten was a self help on immigration to the US – which, you know, I’m sure it has a very useful market, but I’m… not it. ?
        Ooooh, I love those! They’re really pretty. ?

    1. I wish I had your magic and knew where my books are all the time. Especially NOW. I want to start my reread of TMI and I have NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what box the entire series is in. I swear I wrote “TMI” on the box but I can’t find it? So.. either I didn’t write that down or I’m blind. Or it got lost? Please no. :’) [Although I guess your magic wouldn’t work should all your books be in boxes as well, haha.]
      I used to love tabbing quotes to use and events to comment on in my reviews but somehow stopped doing that. I have a suspicion I should start it again though, if only because.. I have no clue how fast I’ll be able to review a book I read once the little one’s born? Time to buy some tabs in bulk? [Although the ones you love apparently take 21 – 40 days to get to me and I’m here like “WHAT” :’) ]

      1. Oh nooooo! ? I hope you find them soon (or found them by now). Nope, my magic sadly does not see through boxes!
        Oh yeah, AliExpress takes forever! They’re so worth it, though, so I just always buy a few packs at a time and go ahead and place the next order once I’m down to my last pack. ?

        1. Haven’t found them so far. Did a double-check of the boxes this morning but there’s no box found with “TMI” on it so I’m guessing I’m a stupid fuck for not writing it down but THINKING I wrote it down. :’)
          Hm. I’m going to check it out someday. Maybe I’ll.. find useful things. Or.. not useful things at all but still splurge? Gaaaah. I miss buying books already so I’m subconsciously [yeahnotreally] trying to find ways to numb the pain :’)

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