Let’s peek at some exciting recent TBR additions!

March 3, 2020

I’ve been missing the TBR Lows & Highs meme lately, so I thought it might be nice to go back through the last couple of months of titles I’ve added to my Goodreads TBR and highlight a few of the most exciting ones!

And by a few, I mean… 30? We’ll make it quick, don’t worry.

(This was only maybe 20% of my TBR additions since my last Lows & Highs post.)

Benedict Cumberbatch laughing while saying "oops!"

A Dark and Hollow Star

Sadly this doesn’t come out until next year, but it’s a YA fae book with an f/f main couple and an m/m side couple and loads of mental illness rep and I AM EXCITED ?


The Wolf of Oren-Yaro

Honestly, I was sold on this adult fantasy as soon as I heard the MC’s nickname is “Bitch Queen” because, for whatever reason, that sort of thing just… really appeals to me. ? It sounds very stabby and fun and dark and I pre-ordered it, so hopefully I’ll get to it very soon!

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A Taste of Her Own Medicine

A romance with own-voices Black rep featuring a 40-year-old heroine and her brand new (and much younger) instructor? I’m super here for this.

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The Flatshare

Do you mean to tell me… there’s an entire book revolving around the “only one bed” trope?!?! (I might have ordered a copy of this immediately after writing this post…)



Apparently this is a weird contemporary/horror crossover about absolutely awful characters, and I haven’t seen almost anyone besides Kayla from BooksAndLala like it… but she made it sound so intriguing?!

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The Year of the Witching

Horror, witchcraft, feminism, and Seanan McGuire raved about it, so how could I not want to read it as soon as humanly possible?

48429902. sy475

Star Daughter

This cover… celestial courts… Hindu mythology… *swoon*

48393479. sy475


I love creepy camera stories ?

51061846. sx318 sy475


All I know about this is that it has queer girls and that’s enough for me sometimes


Something to Talk About

f/f rom-coms! Please!!!

49223060. sy475

Darling Rose Gold

I’ve always been fascinated by the real-life story that inspired this book, so even though it’s about to release and I know it was a dumb idea… I miiight have requested this from Edelweiss today ?


The Sun Down Motel

I haven’t read anything by this author, but SO MANY people have messaged me to tell me to read this! I have the ebook on hold, but it’s got a 16-week wait, so it’ll be a while. ?


Final Cuts: New Tales of Hollywood Horror and Other Spectacles

Retellings of horror movies!!! My brand!!

51277288. sx318 sy475

The Girl and the Stars

This is set in the same world as Red Sister, but Mark Lawrence said you don’t have to read that before this, I think.

44046860. sy475

The Bromance Book Club

I wasn’t sure I wanted to read this, but now I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE, so I caved and put a copy on hold at the library. It’s about a group of guys who read romance novels to learn how to make their marriages better. ?

44654745. sy475


Dark romance about a woman who sells herself to a “master”. Sometimes you just need something sleazy. ?‍♀️


What Kind of Girl

Revenge stories against abusers!!! Yes!!!

50196204. sx318 sy475


A thriller about a hotel manager who creeps on his guests via hidden cameras until one of his guests is murdered. *gasp*

42185079. sy475

The Sound of Stars

I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on this lately so I’m not rushing to buy it, but I know it involves a dystopian society, queer rep, aliens, and a secret library, all of which sound pretty cool.

48693975. sy475


Gimme aaaaaall the dark fairytale retellings~

46001100. sy475

These Vengeful Hearts

I think this is a thriller about a girl who wants to get back at the popular kids at school after they hurt her sister? I really just want more dark YA contemporary revenge stories in my life.





49398057. sy475

Who I Was with Her

Oh, man. YA contemporary stories with bi girl rep and grief… that’s my shit right there.

50496045. sy475

Junk Boy

A queer novel in verse with poverty rep. I never see good poverty rep in YA and it’s something that means a LOT to me on a very personal level, so that alone made me want to read this.

50622362. sy475

Among the Beasts & Briars

I’ve had mixed experiences with Poston’s writing, but honestly, I couldn’t NOT add this with how gorgeous it is, and I always love the theme of mysterious animal companions that might not just be animals.

48716653. sy475

This is Not a Ghost Story

YA horror, this cover is BEAUTIFUL, and I love haunted house stories where the house is the threat.

51189370. sy475

Fury Unleashed

I’m still such a sucker for fallen angel stories ?

51475505. sy475

The Fourth Whore

A woman accidentally releases the demon Lilith, who goes on a homicidal rampage against men. I think. It sounds pretty awesome.


Night of the Mannequins

A Tor.com novella by SGJ? Featuring mannequins and teen pranks gone wrong? GIMME

25128811. sx318

Ice Planet Barbarians

… I’m finally caving and adding the alien smut book.


Have you read any of these new additions? Let me know what you thought of them! (And let me know if you missed the TBR addition posts, too!)


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    1. I read The Flatshare, and it really didn’t work for me. It’s clunky and choppy writing and the characters were just boring.

    1. I’m really interested in reading the flatshare as well!


    1. The Flatshare is on my TBR for this month! I see a lot of new things I need to add, so thanks for that.?? I need to become an immortal so I have time to read everything I want to!

    1. i have darling rose gold and bromance book club on my tbr too! they are recent additions as well as i can’t help myself even though my goodreads tbr is already overflowing with books xD

    1. You added so many great looking books to your TBR recently. I have quite a few of these on my TBR. I’ve been seeing The Bromance Book Club around so much and have always been on the fence about reading it, but I found it at a used bookstore last month and couldn’t pass it up. I read Darling Rose Gold and it was pretty good. I’ve always been interested in the real story that inspired the book as well and this was a nice little twist on the real story.

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