Rosemarked – Livia Blackburne

December 4, 2017

DNF @ 63%

I really, really, hate to do this, but I have to put this book down. I’ve been working on it since November 1st (so, just over a month), and I’m only at 63%, despite many other books having come and gone in the last month. I just can’t seem to get attached enough to the story or the characters to finish it.
The book alternates perspectives between Zivah, a young healer, and Dineas, a rebel soldier, both of whom have been cursed with the rose plague. The illness leaves its victims in one of two states: rosemarked – which leaves the individual with red scars, a dormant and contagious illness, and inescapable death within a few years – or umbermarked – which leaves them with brown scars, fully healed, non-contagious, and free to live out the rest of their happy little lives. Zivah is the former, Dineas is the latter, and together, they set out on a task to spy on the army that has invaded and conquered their homes.
There’s nothing wrong with the book – the writing is easy to read and finely done, the characters are decent, and the story is fairly interesting – but with all the YA fantasy that I read, occasionally I meet one that, while not a bad book, just isn’t bringing anything new to the table, and that is certainly the case for Rosemarked.
I only give star ratings to books that I’ve DNFed if I make it pretty far into them, and I feel like 63% is far enough. I don’t think I’ve ever given 3+ stars to a DNF title before – usually, it’s 2 stars or less – but I genuinely believe this book could be incredible for many people. I’m just probably not one of them! I am totally open to the idea of trying this author’s future endeavors, for what it’s worth.

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    1. I’ve seen this book pop up on several blogs I follow and none of them are overly enthusiastic about it. I was intrigued when I first read the blurb but if certain people – you included – of whom I really do value, and often share, the opinion on books – DNF one, I’m trusting them and throwing it off my TBR.
      Aaaand, unfortunately this is one of those books. :’)

        2. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen a single review for it that was over 3 stars, honestly? So… it doesn’t feel good, lol. But that knowledge did make me feel a little better about DNFing it. I feel so special that you value my opinion :’3 *sniffle* I value yours, too! <3

        1. 1. Apparently you are! I’m going to feel ignored and unimportant right now! [okay, no. I’m going through my comments now as well since I’ve been ignoring all things bloggish all week, oops.]
          2. I had to laugh when my FL arrived and there was a little book in there with the first chapters of this novel, haha. I think I might read THAT and then maybe decide otherwise but.. *naaah.*

          1. 1. SEE? You did it, too! I mean… for way less time than I did… but still. Lmao.
            2. Ohh, do that! Because, seriously, my feelings for the first few chapters were only about 5% more excited than my feelings by the time I DNFed it haha. So maybe you can make a snap judgment off of that!

            1. 1. This seriously was the first time I noticed how easy it can be to just go with a temporarily “Nope, not checking my comments” for days on end. I’m blaming my time off from work for that though. :’D
              2. Okay! I might do that tomorrow. If I don’t get too engrossed in The Cruel Prince – next on my TBR even though it isn’t diverse [I think?] because I reallyreallyreally need to read that one like.. a month ago. :’)

            1. 1. It honestly is way too easy, and it just totally snowballs in the worst way. A day so easily turns into a week for me.
              2. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on TCP! I’m dying for my pre-order to get here. I originally was getting it from Amazon, and then a sub box, and now Barnes & Noble instead – so the good news is that it’ll be here a good month before the sub box would’ve been, but the bad news is it’ll probably be about a week later than Amazon would’ve been. 😛

            1. 1. So I’ve noticed! I think I might curse myself next time I let it get that far. The comments did NOT end at all..
              2. I’m liking it so far! Although I’m having a hard time connecting to the MC but that might just be me. Almost 70% in so I still have a bit to go.
              Haha! I know what sub box you’re talking about since I’m getting it myself. :p It’ll be so weird receiving a book physically that I already read!
              That’s a whole lot of switching though, haha. At least you’re not going with the “let’s just get myself three copies”-thing? I know you’d do it if you could. [Fingers crossed I didn’t give you any weird ideas here..]

            1. I’m literally 15 pages deep in comments that I needed to reply to. Apparently, I haven’t done this in 3 weeks. Please shoot me. I feel terrible but I’ve reached the point where I’m just hitting “like” on a lot of the ones that don’t involve questions or anything specific, because I seriously do not have the spoons to tackle all of them tonight. Am I the worst book blogger ever yet?

            1. You’re not! You’re simply feeling a bit of the pressure of having a growing blog and being way too awesome which makes people want to talk to you EVERYWHERE! You have to see the bright side of things! We like you! We need to talk to you!

    1. I think everyone has those books once in a while. They just aren’t our cup of tea. I’ve seen reviews on both sides of the fence with this one. I’ll still read it, but it’ll likely get pushed further down my TBR mountain.

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