NEW SERIES: Seasonal TBR Jar — Autumn Creepies!

September 15, 2018

Autumn is almost upon us! Fall is my favorite time of year, and it always makes me crave books that are spooky, thrillers, or paranormal (even more so than usual, anyways)!

I have so many unread horror/thriller/paranormal books on my shelves that I knew I wanted to try and work on my backlist as much as possible for the rest of the year, which gave me an idea: why not make a fall-themed TBR jar, just for the next few months?

Then, I had an even better idea… why not make it a seasonal series?

At the end of each season, I’ll be making a TBR jar specifically catered to the following season! I think this will just be such a fun way to help myself work on my backlist, and you guys will get to see what I’ve pulled from the jar at the end of each month.

If you’re interested in watching this all unfold, please follow me on Twitter (@howlinglibrary, or click here), where I’ll be sure to post updates each time I pull a title from the jar throughout the season!


As you can see, I felt it was necessary to procure an appropriately seasonal vessel… (who are we kidding, I’m just going to use this year ’round anyways)

What’s in the Jar?!

Image result for what's in the box gif

I don’t plan for each TBR jar to be nearly this full, but I’m really excited about fall reads, so this first list is pretty hefty!

title color-coding key:
red = horror (including “scary sci-fi”)
blue = thriller
purple = paranormal

  1. Adams, John Joseph — By Blood We Live
  2. Adams, John Joseph — The Living Dead
  3. Adams, John Joseph — Wastelands
  4. Adams, John Joseph — What the @#&% is That?
  5. Aguirre, Ann — Enclave
  6. Ahlborn, Ania — Apart in the Dark
  7. Ahlborn, Ania — The Bird Eater
  8. Alameda, Courtney — Shutter
  9. Balog, Cyn — Alone
  10. Barker, Clive — Books of Blood, vol. 1
  11. Bishop, Anne — Written in Red
  12. Black, Holly — The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
  13. Blake, Kendare — Anna Dressed in Blood
  14. Bracken, Alexandra — The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding
  15. Brhel, John — Corpse Cold
  16. Brockmeyer, Matthew V. — Kind Nepenthe
  17. Burke, Kealan Patrick — Kin
  18. Burke, Kealan Patrick — Sour Candy
  19. Chupeco, Rin — The Bone Witch
  20. Coates, Darcy — Craven Manor
  21. Coates, Darcy — Dead Lake
  22. Coates, Darcy — The Carrow Haunt
  23. Coates, Darcy — The Folcroft Ghosts
  24. Coates, Darcy — The House Next Door
  25. Cubed, Magen — I Felt Their Teeth in My Bones
  26. Cutter, Nick — Little Heaven
  27. Cutter, Nick — The Deep
  28. Cutter, Nick — The Troop
  29. Darnielle, John — Universal Harvester
  30. Datlow, Ellen — The Doll Collection
  31. Ernshaw, Shea — The Wicked Deep
  32. Flynn, Gillian — Dark Places
  33. Flynn, Gillian — Sharp Objects
  34. Gaiman, Neil — The Graveyard Book
  35. Garcia, Kami — Beautiful Creatures
  36. Grant, Mira — Kingdom of Needle and Bone
  37. Grant, Mira — Rolling in the Deep
  38. Griffin, Bethany — The Fall
  39. Guilin, Peadar O — The Call
  40. Hendricks, Greer — An Anonymous Girl
  41. Hendrix, Grady — Horrorstor
  42. Hendrix, Grady — My Best Friend’s Exorcism
  43. Henry, Christina — Alice
  44. Henry, Christina — Lost Boy
  45. Heuvelt, Thomas Olde — Hex
  46. Hill, Joe — NOS4A2
  47. Hill, Joe — The Fireman
  48. Hill, Joe — Throttle
  49. Janz, Jonathan — Children of the Dark
  50. Jones, Stephen — Best New Horror, vol. 25
  51. Jones, Stephen Graham — Mapping the Interior
  52. Kagawa, Julie — The Immortal Rules
  53. Khaw, Cassandra — Hammers on Bone
  54. King, Stephen — Everything’s Eventual
  55. King, Stephen — The Bazaar of Bad Dreams
  56. Koontz, Dean — Intensity
  57. Krueger, Paul — Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge
  58. Kurtagich, Dawn — And the Trees Crept In
  59. Laymon, Richard — The Woods are Dark
  60. Little, Bentley — The Haunted
  61. Little, Bentley — The House
  62. Lo, Malinda — A Line in the Dark
  63. Lukavics, Amy — Daughters Unto Devils
  64. MacLeod, Bracken — Stranded
  65. Malerman, Josh — Bird Box
  66. Matheson, Richard — Hell House
  67. Mead, Richelle — Vampire Academy
  68. Monahan, Hillary — The Hollow Girl
  69. Moning, Karen Marie — Darkfever
  70. Nevill, Adam — Some Will Not Sleep
  71. Nevill, Adam — The House of Small Shadows
  72. Oakes, Stephanie — The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly
  73. Palahniuk, Chuck — Haunted
  74. Pessl, Marisha — Neverworld Wake
  75. Pessl, Marisha — Night Film
  76. Plum, Amy — Dreamfall
  77. Rio, M. L. — If We Were Villains
  78. Roux, Madeleine — Asylum
  79. Roux, Madeleine — House of Furies
  80. Ryan, Carrie — The Forest of Hands and Teeth
  81. Schaeffer, Rebecca — Not Even Bones
  82. Schwab, Victoria — The Archived
  83. Seltzer, David — The Omen
  84. Sirowy, Alexandra — The Creeping
  85. Slaughter, Karin — Pretty Girls
  86. Smith, Ronald L. — The Owls Have Come to Take Us Away
  87. Stine, R. L. — Don’t Stay Up Late
  88. Stine, R. L. — The Betrayal
  89. Stine, R. L. — You May Now Kill the Bride
  90. Straub, Peter — Ghost Story
  91. Stroud, Jonathan — The Screaming Staircase
  92. Thalassa, Laura — Pestilence
  93. Tremblay, Paul — The Cabin at the End of the World
  94. Verano, M. — The Diary of a Haunting
  95. Wallenfels, Stephen — Bad Call
  96. Ward, J. R. — Dark Lover
  97. Ware, Ruth — The Death of Mrs. Westaway
  98. Ware, Ruth — The Woman in Cabin 10
  99. Wesolowski, Matt — Six Stories
  100. Witherow, Elias — The Black Farm

In case you didn’t know, over on my main “owned TBR” list, I mark off books as I finish them. I’ll be doing that with this list, too, so that at the end, I can look back and see how many I managed to read in that season’s TBR jar!


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    1. I am so excited for the fall and all the spooky reads. I love this idea so much and have several creepy reads on my shelf that I still haven’t picked up. But all the new releases like Sadie and Not Even Bones are calling to me. I hope whatever you pick up is deliciously creepy.

      1. Thank you! 🙂 I hope you have lots of phenomenal spooky reads this fall. Sadie was fantastic! Not Even Bones is one I’m hoping to get to ASAP. I was supposed to read it by the 16th for this TBR Lottery game I joined in one of my Goodreads groups, but seeing as tomorrow is the 16th and I haven’t even started it yet, I don’t think that will happen, lol.

      1. Me too! October is my favorite month, and I have so many exciting things happening this October (seeing Florence + the Machine, my birthday, Halloween, and getting married) that it feels like it just can’t get here soon enough. And thank you! I got it from Amazon, I just about died when I saw it haha.

    1. I think I have only really read one horror book but since following you I have been heavily delibarating whether I should pick some up for October because you have piqued my curiosity!

      1. I can’t wait comments on my phone so edition:
        * one book other than goosebumps as a child! Haha
        * Madeline Roux is one author whose books I would be very interested to read. I fell in love with her contribution to Star Wars: From a Certain POV and was very surprised to find out the type of books she normally reads!

    1. boy oh boy this is so fun it’s almost criminal. can’t wait for updates on this!!

    1. I have a couple from this list on mine too! I have Prosper Redding, The Archived, Coldest Girl in Coldtown, House of Furies, Neverworld Wake and Night Film on mine. I should probably add Bone Witch too since I do have a copy but didn’t realise it was paranormal or had some aspect of it!

    1. This is such a cool idea, I can’t wait to see how this turns out for you since it’s such a nifty idea!

      1. Thank you, love! I had so much fun making it. I’m honestly already brainstorming on titles I’ll put on the winter edition. 😛 Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but I think the winter TBR jar will be high fantasy-themed.

    1. Wow, amazing selection of books!
      I just finished Six Stories this morning. It is a great choice for Autumn <3
      P.S. absolutely love the "seasonal" vessel 😀

      1. Bahaha I don’t know, it’s oddly cathartic to sit there and write everything down on the little slips and all. 😛 Plus I love making lists. Between you and me, I actually redid my entire TBR jar when I did this one. In my main jar, I originally made a separate slip for each installment of each series, and my jar was literally unable to close. I realized I could go through and just make slips that said, for example, “TOG (series)”, and if I pulled that slip, I’d have to read the next book in the series and put the paper back in the jar until I finished the series! I redid my jar to do that and it actually closes and has a tiny bit of room for shaking now. 🙂

        1. I wouldn’t be able to keep it up, haha. Then again, I also like it way too much to just pick my next read myself instead of using a jar for it. It’s plenty to do it for one month a year already, let alone keep it up during the entire year. :’)
          I can definitely see how that works better! Although I probably would’ve gone with a slip per unread book in a series so there’s more chance of picking it up, haha.

          1. I don’t blame you. ? I only pull from the jar when I don’t have anything from my monthly TBR that I want to pick up at that time, which never happens lately because my TBRs have been way too big. ? I actually think that in October, I’m going to try to limit my official TBR to, like… 5 things, maybe? 10 at the most?

            1. Hahaha. The disadvantage of huge TBR’s! I’m planning on going back to my “I’m reading my own books and here’s the list. OH. And these are the ARC’s I should read.” And maybe pick a few I’d reallyreally like to pick up soon but who knows. ? Owntober is like.. pretty much my mood-reading month?

    1. I love this idea! But I may love that Skull jar more!
      Also I’m currently trying to catch up on my faves’ blog posts that I’ve missed while I’ve been away so be prepared for A LOT of notifications from me!

      1. Thank you! Isn’t it amazing? I’m obsessed ?
        Omg, I feel you!! I’ve barely been able to check my WP reader lately and I have so much to catch up on this week! Haha comment away, lovely! <3

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