September Haul: a new style of haul posting (and lots of library loans!)

September 30, 2020

It’s the end of another month, which means it’s time to talk about my haul for the month!

I’m starting something new with this month’s haul post! Since I do an ARC update every month that includes my ARC haul, there’s no need in repeating it in two posts — so from now on, my regular haul post will only include purchases, freebies, library loans, and gifts (and video games!) with all of my ARC hauls being saved for my monthly ARC Apocalypse update.

physical purchases and gifts

A very exciting gift, a couple of used book purchases, and FINALLY, the new Allie Brosh release! 😍

✨ girl, serpent, thorn, melissa bashardoust (READ) — thank you so much, Melanie! I love this gorgeous Fairyloot edition of GST! ♥
✨ the rest of the storysarah dessen
✨ dead heatpatricia briggs — I heard rumors this was going out of print and bought a used hardback in case the prices go up later like some of the other books in the Mercy Thompson universe 😬
✨ solutions and other problemsallie brosh — SHE’S FINALLY HERE!

digital purchases, freebies, and gifts

Quite a few kindle sales this month, and some of these were ones I’d been looking to buy for a while!

✨ the rage of dragonsevan winter
✨ maria the wanted and the legacy of the keepersv. castro
✨ it came from the multiplex: 80s midnight chillerskevin j. anderson
✨ the sun down motelsimone st. james
✨ white is for witchinghelen oyeyemi
✨ rags & bones: new twists on timeless tales, marissa marr

And a few freebies: 

✨ when he’s darksuzanne wright
✨ silver lightj.r. rain
✨ dithered heartschace verity
✨ love bitesann-katrin byrde
✨ love bleeds, ann-katrin byrde
✨ love heals, ann-katrin byrde


I might have gone overboard on e-copies of graphic novels for next month’s Graphics-a-thon… 😬

✨ farmhand, vol. 1: reap what was sown, rob guillory (READ) — graphics-a-thon re-read
✨ farmhand, vol. 2: thorne in the flesh, rob guillory
✨ farmhand, vol. 3: roots of all evil, rob guillory
✨ mooncakessuzanne walker (READ) — graphics-a-thon re-read
✨ diana: princess of the amazonsshannon hale
✨ i hate fairyland, vol. 3: good girl, skottie young
✨ i hate fairyland, vol. 4: sadly never after, skottie young
✨ giant days, vol. 13john allison (READ)
✨ bunny, mona awad (RETURNED UNREAD)
✨ crystal cadets, vol. 1, anne toole

✨ the way of the househusband, vol. 2, kosuke ono (READ)
✨ the way of the househusband, vol. 3kosuke ono
✨ the ancient magus’ bride, vol. 2kore yamazaki
✨ the demon prince of momochi house, vol. 2aya shouoto
✨ the bride was a boychii
✨ nailbiter, vol. 2: bloody hands, joshua williamson
✨ nailbiter, vol. 3: blood in the water, joshua williamson
✨ nailbiter, vol. 4: blood lust, joshua williamson
✨ nailbiter, vol. 5: bound by blood, joshua williamson
✨ nailbiter, vol. 6: the bloody truth, joshua williamson

✨ the graveyard book graphic novel: volume 1neil gaiman
✨ the graveyard book graphic novel: volume 2, neil gaiman
✨ batman, vol. 1: the court of owlsscott snyder
✨ batman, vol. 2: the city of owls, scott snyder
✨ batman, vol. 3: death of the family, scott snyder
✨ the woods, vol. 1: the arrowjames tynion iv (READ) — graphics-a-thon re-read
✨ death vigil, vol. 1stjepan sejic
monstress, vol. 4: the chosenmarjorie liu
✨ the wicked + the divine, vol. 2: fandemoniumkieron gillen (READ) — graphics-a-thon re-read
✨ the wake, scott snyder


Just a couple of Steam sales this month! It’s hard to feel motivated to buy too many games when I mostly just play Animal Crossing and Sea of Thieves every day. 🤷‍♀️

✨ monster prom — steam sale!
✨ left 4 dead 2 — this was one of my faves as a teen, and it was on sale, so I finally have the PC version!

What was your favorite thing you hauled this month — or if you didn’t haul anything, is there anything you hope to haul soon? Let me know in the comments!


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    1. So many haha, I hope you will enjoy all of them!


    1. AH! White is for Witching!! 😲 Only my all time favourite book (well, tied with one or two others…). I don’t know many readers who have enjoyed that one, so I don’t like to talk about it much (keep it wonderful and precious for myself, haha). But I will cross my fingers that you love it!

    1. If you want to slide your secrets to all your awesome sounding freebies that’d be great for me, not my kindle, but for me.

    1. I did end up taking out a couple of graphic novels out from the library. So I can’t wait to figure out which ones fit in with the prompts for graphics-a-thon. I am very excited for that. I also am very curious about Monster Prom. I am going to have to look that up later.

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