Shelf Tour Time! #2 — murder-y shelves!

May 27, 2019

Time for another shelf tour installment! Last time, we explored my TBR cart; this week, we’ll start on the first of my “main” bookshelves in my library room!

If you have grouchy things to say about large book collections, please refer back to the disclaimer in the first post of this series, and be kind. ♥

In my home, I have shelves in a few places. There’s the TBR cart, which you’ve already seen — it lives right beside my desk! — and there’s a single bookcase in my bedroom, but most of my shelves are in my “library” room (which is actually just an odd, tiny little side room that we can’t use for anything else, so in the shelves went! ?). Those are the shelves we’re starting on today, but they are a-plenty, so we’ll be splitting them into a few posts, too.
The leftmost bookcase — the one we’re looking at today — houses:

  1. horror
  2. thrillers
  3. mysteries
  4. paranormal fantasy
  5. a liiiittle bit of sci-fi
  6. some of my spouse’s books!


first/top shelf:

This top shelf is half-filled with my spouse’s books; they have a bookshelf in their office, too, but it got full so I graciously gave up some of my shelf space. ?? Everything from the Hitchhiker’s books on the far left to the Warcraft manga near the middle belongs to them, minus the Funkos/decorations.


second shelf:

My babies! This is one of my favorite shelves in my entire collection, as it houses my Joe Hill, Jonathan Janz, and Grady Hendrix collections (plus that single Darcy Coates paperback — I love her, but mostly have ebooks of her writing!). Plus, a few of my favorite funko pops. Bonus points if you know who the little goat is, or the guitarist at the far right!
This shelf also differs from most of the other ones in today’s post because I’ve actually read almost everything on this shelf. ?


third shelf:

This is where things start to lose their rhyme and reason a bit. ? I’ve sadly yet to figure out a layout for this shelf that avoids the Briggs mass markets covering up those pretty hardback spines! Oh, and if you were wondering, those label-less spines are Kealan Patrick Burke novellas.
This shelf also is home to my #1 favorite funko pop, and the first funko pop I ever collected: Sam from Trick ‘r Treat!


fourth shelf:

Sorry for the poor lighting from here on out. ? Not much special to see about this shelf, besides my little collection of random novellas it holds!


fifth shelf:

Here’s a sad confession: I’ve read almost none of the books on this shelf. ?


sixth/bottom shelf:

Not much to say about this one… just a random assemblage of read and unread titles, including a few that are VERY high on my TBR (*peeks at Dreamfall*).



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    1. I LOVE YOUR SHELVES AND ALSO THIS SERIES! Also, have you read The Diviners because if you haven’t you should. The audiobooks are really good if you’re short on time because the books are pretty big.

    1. Ooookay, this makes me want to rearrange all my shelves, hahaha. I love this & want to do something similar soon!! You have so many amazing books!

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