Let’s boost those reading stats: SHORT-A-THON TBR!

December 19, 2019

It’s finally time for our second round of the Short-a-thon readathon! Kathy and I had so much fun hosting this last year, we couldn’t possibly not host it again this year. If you need more information or want to sign up, please check out my announcement post here!

Last year, I simply made a list of the shortest books on my TBR, but this year, I wanted to actually hand-pick some titles that I’m really excited about — and, of course, all of them are quick reads! I mostly focused on overdue ARCs, but threw in some fun and easy stuff like graphic novels, too. I mentioned in a previous post that my goal was to read at least 15 things for Short-a-thon, but since so many of these are literally gonna take me an hour or less to read, I upped my TBR for the readathon to 20 books: basically 2 per day!

So, here are the 20 books I’d really like to pick up during Short-a-thon:

  1. Offline — Kealan Patrick Burke — 42pg
  2. Better Watch Out — Willow Rose — 68pg
  3. The Visible Filth — Nathan Ballingrud — 68pg
  4. Bingo Love — Tee Franklin — 88pg (graphic novel)
  5. I Am Not Your Final Girl — Claire C. Holland — 92pg (poetry)
  6. Dead of Winter — Kealan Patrick Burke — 96pg (reread) ***
  7. Tales from the Darkside — Joe Hill — 104pg (graphic novel)
  8. The Apocalyptic Mannequin — Stephanie M. Wytovich — 114pg (poetry)
  9. The (Alien) Nanny for Christmas — Amanda Milo — 123pg
  10. The Empress of Salt and Fortune — Nghi Vo — 128pg
  11. The Fearing #2: Water and Wind — John F.D. Taff — 130pg
  12. Dead Meat: Day 3 — Nick Clausen — 130pg
  13. Nailbiter, Vol. 1 — Joshua Williamson — 144pg (graphic novel)
  14. Behind You — Brian Coldrick — 152pg (illustrated short stories)
  15. The Monster of Elendhaven — Jennifer Giesbrecht — 160pg
  16. Almost Midnight — Rainbow Rowell — 161pg
  17. Dine with Me — Layla Reyne — 205pg
  18. Come Tumbling Down — Seanan McGuire — 208pg
  19. Remains — Andrew Cull — 214pg
  20. Be Not Far From Me — Mindy McGinnis — 240pg

*** I know I said in my (re)read-along announcement that I’d be reading Dead of Winter from the 16th to the 18th, but it worked out better for the participants in the group chat to move it to next week, which coincides perfectly with this TBR!

Are you joining Short-a-thon? If so, what’s your TBR looking like?


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