Snow in Love [fluffy YA contemporary anthology]

December 15, 2018

Snow in Love by Melissa de la Cruz

TITLE: Snow in Love
AUTHORS: Kasie West, Aimee Friedman, Melissa de la Cruz, Nic Stone
RELEASED: October 30th, 2018; Point
GENRE: Contemporary


Like many of us in the fandom of YA contemporary reads, I love a good, fluffy Christmas story, but I find that “fluffy” contemporary works best for me in short formatting, so that I can just focus on a cutesy love story without needing much back story. Needless to say, I was excited when I heard about this collection coming out, because it’s exactly that: fluffy, cutesy contemporary romances set around Christmas!



Two of the four stories in this collection were really enjoyable to read:
→ Snow & Mistletoe — Kasie West ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
→ Grounded — Nic Stone ⭐⭐⭐

“I have a feeling I could ask you anything right now and you’d tell me the truth. This could be trouble.”
“I am about to be in a huge amount of trouble.”
— Kasie West

The first story, and my favorite, was Snow & Mistletoe by Kasie West. I’ve only ever read one thing by Kasie before and I enjoyed it, but didn’t get the “hype” around her romances until reading this. I laughed and “awwww”ed through the entire story. It’s literally one of the cutest things I’ve ever read in my life, and even though the ending felt super predictable to me, it was in a good way, like one of those stories where you knew who was going to be the happy couple at the end and you got to just sit back, get cozy, and watch it all unfold in the cutest and sweetest way ever.

“Might’ve had a little crush on you when we were fourteen…”
“It was definitely mutual.”
— Nic Stone

The other story that I enjoyed overall (though as you can tell from the star rating, still wasn’t perfect) was Grounded by Nic Stone. Unfortunately, as with everything else I’ve read by her, I was reminded that I simply don’t enjoy Nic’s writing style and I think her narrative voice is very cringe-y and cheesy. That said, two queer black girls falling for each other in an airport? Cute as heck.


Unfortunately, the other two stories in this collection? Awful.
→ Working in a Winter Wonderland — Aimee Friedman ⭐
→ The Magi’s Gifts — Melissa de la Cruz ⭐

“Wow. Are you always this cynical?”
— Aimee Friedman

I’ve never read anything by Friedman before Working in a Winter Wonderland and I definitely won’t be after this. The protagonist is so rude and childish to everyone she meets, the story is boring, and the romance at the end is a complete joke. She treats the guy like human garbage and then has the nerve to pick on him for not thinking he liked her. The only nice thing about this was the own-voice Jewish rep, but even that wasn’t enough for me to forgive how awful Maxine treats everyone around her.

But she was prettier than the whole lot of them put together, and after all, they couldn’t call themselves the Beautiful People if they didn’t count the most beautiful girl in school among them.
— Melissa de la Cruz

And then, there was the worst of the bunch: The Magi’s Gifts by Melissa de la Cruz. I’ve never had a problem with the original story—not my favorite, but not the worst—but this retelling is downright terrible. The characters feel straight out of the most cliché mid-2000s YA book you could possibly find, the girl-hate with the “rich kids” is so gross and overly simplified, and the main character frankly doesn’t deserve her boyfriend in the slightest with the way she treats him. The entire ordeal is just gross and I hated every single page of this story. I mean… did you see the quote I used above this paragraph? That’s the main character, talking about herself.


So, overall, a major mixed bag. If you could get Kasie’s and Nic’s stories on their own in the kindle store or something, I’d honestly tell you just to do that and not even bother with the two middle stories because they were so bad. Overall, the star ratings average out to 2.5, but I’m rounding up to a 3 just because Kasie West’s story was so good.


People who love cutesy, fluffy contemporary Christmas romances.


All quotes come from an advance copy and may not match the final release. Thank you so much to Point for providing me with this ARC in exchange for an honest review!


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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this collection, it sounds really cute and fluffy! Kasie West and Nic Stone are two fave authors of mine so I know I’d probably enjoy their pieces too 🙂

    1. Just put this on hold at my library, so I’m glad to see your review! I also prefer fluffy stories in shorter format. Glad to hear you liked Kasie West’s story; I haven’t read any of her work but have been curious.

    1. I read my first Kasie West book this summer, so maybe I’ll check it out just for her story. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lovely review! If you like Kasie West fluff, I would definitely recommend P.S. I Like You. It’s my favorite of hers! Although it’s pretty cliche at times, it’s so damn cute that I can’t help but love it. Haha.
      Great reviews! ❤️

      1. I think I have that one on my kindle! I’ll have to double check. I know I also have an eARC of her upcoming release that I’m excited about. 😀 Thank you for the recommendation, lovely! ♥

      anyhoo, I’ve actually been wanting to read more anthologies cause I think there’s an art to a well executed short story….which I have yet to master. Amiee Friedman….Ocean of Secrets was the book I DNFed by her. It just, I wasn’t engaged at all in the story. Melissa de la Cruz I read one of her books….first book in a series and enjoyed it so we’ll see if the short story falls short for me like it sadly did with you.
      Kasie West! I’ve read 2 of her books…maybe 3 I’m not sure either way I love them. They’re that kind of predictable that’s a nice kind, as you know roughly what’s going to happen. So it doesn’t stress you the hell out. I’ve never heard of Nic Stone though. Great review Destiny! (also in love with your star rating graphics <3)

      1. Awwww thank you Clo! ♥♥
        Oof, I’ve never read anything else by Friedman and honestly, I doubt I ever will, so I haven’t even read the book you DNFed and I’m already like “yep, don’t blame you” lmao. I hope Melissa de la Cruz works a bit better for you though, as I feel like she’s a super hit-and-miss author for a lot of people! And yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean about Kasie West being predictable in a good way. It can be so comforting. I was in a terrible mental state last winter (yaaaay seasonal depression on top of normal depression!) and binge read one of her books and it immediately made me feel 10x better, it was amazing.
        Thank you again!! <3

    1. bleh this is why i can’t with anthologies. how do they always end up such mixed bags!!! i wish there was more fluffy christmasy contemporary romance out there :/ alas. great review!

      1. Riiiiight :/ It’s so frustrating. The only fluffy Christmas anthologies I’ve read were this one, Snow in Love, and My True Love Gave to Me, and I think I gave all of them 3 stars each? Meh.

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