Someone to Share My Nightmares: Stories — Sonora Taylor

October 12, 2021

50327004. sy475 TITLE: Someone to Share My Nightmares: Stories
AUTHOR: Sonora Taylor
GENRE: Horror
PAGES: 110pg

A band of bloodthirsty sea creatures terrorize a scientist and a journalist trapped in a Carolina cove. The seduction of a plumber making a house call becomes a nightmarish haunting for both parties. A woman transformed for her lover has second thoughts about just how good “together forever” can be. And the one man a woman wants for Christmas is the holiday demon sent to punish the wicked.

“Someone to Share My Nightmares” is a tapestry of horrors interwoven with sensuality. Can our deepest fears be vanquished when they’re shared with someone else? Or is the danger doubled when two people come together?

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This was such a fun collection of stories and I couldn’t be happier that this was my introduction to Sonora Taylor’s writing! I’m a huge fan of the intersection of horror and romance in stories, but it’s so rare that I get the opportunity to actually see an author commit to the theme this wholeheartedly, and I loved it.

Some of the stories feature romances gone wrong, while others let us watch relationships form despite harrowing, terrifying scenarios unfolding around the couple — such as one of my favorites in the collection, ‘The Sharps’, which combines an absolutely horrifying eco-horror plot with a very sweet new pairing. Of course, I can’t pass up the opportunity to mention the very fun, festive ”Tis Better to Want’, where Sonora wraps up the collection with a very unique look at Krampus.

I love the fact that Sonora Taylor is over here, brave enough to tackle consensual sex in horror when many horror authors won’t go there. I could rant for days about the problems I have with much of the horror fandom’s general treatment of the romance genre despite their shockingly long list of similarities, so this collection absolutely warmed my heart. This was my first time reading Sonora’s work but definitely won’t be my last, and even if she someday decided to craft her entire brand around stories like the gems in Someone to Share My Nightmares, sign me the hell up.

Thank you so much to the author for providing me with this review copy in exchange for an honest review!

content warnings →

violence, murder, skinning/flaying, abuse (physical, mental, emotional), BDSM & whipping (consensual)

representation →

‘Bump in the Night’ features a sapphic romance; multiple BIPOC characters; Krampus is pansexual


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    1. This hasn’t been on my tbr, but I’m going to add it to it now – I love horror and romance both, so this seems perfect for me. I like that you mentioned that the stories are a combination of good romances and romances gone wrong. Great review, Destiny! 🙂

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