Stacking the Shelves — May 4th, 2019

May 4, 2019

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks!

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This week, we’re adding kindle unlimited and library hauls to the lists!


Physical Review Copies:


  • Changeling — William Ritter
    • middle grade fantasy; a pair of twins are raised as humans, but one of them is a changeling, neither one knowing which of them it is.
      • I already had an eARC of this, but the publicist sent out a finished copy for bookstagram promo, too. Thank you, Algonquin! ♥


Digital Review Copies:

On one hand, this is a lot. On the other hand, most of these don’t release until October or later, and a lot of them were graphic novels or kids’ books that I read over the last few days, so I’ve already knocked out quite a big chunk of this list. ?

  • Full Throttle — Joe Hill
    • adult horror; a new short story collection from Joe Hill! *screams forever*
  • Into the Crooked Place — Alexandra Christo
    • YA fantasy; a crew of criminals must come together to save their home from dangerous dark magic
  • In the Shadow of Spindrift House — Mira Grant
    • adult horror; Harlowe and her friends decide to end their teen detective agency’s lifespan with a bang by exploring the mystery behind a terrifying abandoned house.
  • The Never Tilting World — Rin Chupeco
    • YA fantasy; “Frozen meets Mad Max”; the planet is half frozen and half scorching, with two twin goddesses each ruling a separate half until their daughters set out on a mission to heal the planet and bring the sides together.
  • Loki: Where Mischief Lies — Mackenzi Lee
    • YA fantasy; young Loki is sent on a mission to 19th-century London to investigate a murder.
  • Beyond the Black Door — A.M. Strickland
    • YA fantasy; Kamai is a soulwalker who can visit people’s souls. Each soulscape she visits has a black door that her mother has warned her never to open, but after a tragedy, she must finally see where it takes her. (own-voice ace rep & loads of queer characters!)

  • Going Off-Script — Jen Wilde
    • YA contemporary; when a TV intern’s boss steals her idea for a character and changes said character to be heterosexual, Bex sets out on a mission to win back her queer-written character and get the writing credit she deserves.
  • The Storm Crow — Kalyn Josephson
    • YA fantasy; the kingdom of Rhodaire was known for its magical crows, until they were killed off by an invading empire. Years later, Princess Anthia finds a hidden crow egg and devises a plan to hatch it and bring back the crows.
  • The Merciful Crow — Margaret Owen
    • YA fantasy; Fie and her team of undertakers and mercy-killers collect the royal dead, including the prince, who has faked his death in hopes of finding protection from the cruel queen.
  • The Infinite Noise — Lauren Shippen
    • YA fantasy; I was caught by Sionna’s rec and by this: “What if the X-Men, instead of becoming superheroes, decided to spend some time in therapy?”
  • Who Put This Song On? — Morgan Parker
    • YA contemporary; seemingly autobiographical story of a depressed teen black girl, struggling to find happiness and a place to feel at home.

  • Scars Like Wings — Erin Stewart
    • YA contemporary; after surviving a terrible fire, Ava is scarred and known as Burned Girl. She’s forced to return to public school, where she finds unexpected friendship and maybe even a new romance.
  • Gravemaidens — Kelly Coon
    • YA fantasy; in Alu, Nanaea is chosen (as an “honor”) to be sacrificed to join their dying leader in the afterlife, but her sister Kammani is determined to find a way to save her.
  • The Grace Year — Kim Liggett
    • YA dystopia; girls in this world are banished in their sixteenth year because they are told their bodies force men to commit infidelities if they come in contact during this time frame.
  • Sabbath — Nick Mamatas
    • adult horror; an infamous 11th-century warrior avoids Hell by claiming to be an angel, only to be dropped into modern Manhattan with no supplies and a mission to track down and kill living personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • The Voice in My Head — Dana L. Davis
    • YA contemporary; Indigo has always lived in the shadow of her sister Violet, until Violet is diagnosed with a terminal illness and begins to seek out euthanasia as an option.

  • 29 Seconds — T.M. Logan
    • adult thriller; after saving the daughter of a crime lord, she’s offered a repayment: he can make all of her problems disappear… including the sexually abusive professor at her workplace.
  • The Tenth Girl — Sara Faring
    • YA thriller; Patagonian myth retelling about an isolated boarding school in South America, where strange rumors and happenings abound.
  • The Town That Feared Dusk — Calvin Demmer
    • adult horror short story; a journalist goes to a creepy little town to investigate a bridge with a strange history.
  • Terminal — Michaelbrent Collings
    • adult horror; 6 people are trapped in a bus terminal, where they are forced to come to a unanimous vote on which single person among them will be allowed to walk out alive.
  • A Lush and Seething Hell — John Hornor Jacobs
    • adult horror; a collection of two horror novellas, one a Lovecraftian retelling set under a South American dictatorship, the other a short story about a librarian who finds a recording of the Devil’s music.

  • Reading Quirks — The Wild Detectives
    • all-ages nonfic/humor; a collection of comic strips about life as a reader!
  • Elfen Lied Omnibus, Vol. 1 — Lynn Okamoto
    • adult horror manga; a collection of vols 1-3 of the original Elfen Lied manga series. I’d never read this series before, but it sounded interesting as it’s about a world in which mutant girls wreak havoc on everything.
      • I’ll have a review up soon, but I read this last night and hated it as it very heavily over-sexualized young girls (12-15 years old).
  • Minecraft, Vol. 1 — Sfe R. Monster
    • middle grade sci-fi graphic novel; a graphic novel following a group of kids playing Minecraft.
  • Stage Dreams — Melanie Gillman
    • adult western graphic novel; during the Civil War, a young Native woman takes a southern belle captive, only to find that she is a trans woman running away from her father and the war.
  • Cassandra Steps Out — Isabelle Bottier
    • middle grade fantasy graphic novel; Cassandra is an animal psychic who’s learned to use her powers for good by helping animals in need.


Kindle Purchases/Freebies:

  • Regression, Vol. 1 — Cullen Bunn
    • adult horror graphic novel; after a hypno-therapy session goes wrong and awakens Adrian’s past lives, his ongoing hallucinations turn into acts of violence and terrifying visions.
      • I already read this, and really enjoyed it!
  • Bellamy — Darcy Coates
    • adult horror novelette; 30 years after her brother passed away in a children’s asylum, Leanne returns to the building to seek closure and finds something waiting for her there.
      • This was just a super short novelette that Darcy sent out to her newsletter subscribers for free last week. If you enjoy gothic horror and ghost stories, you should definitely sign up for her newsletter because she’s really talented and sends out free titles every so often!


Physical Purchases & Gifts:

  • Nothing this week!


Library & Kindle Unlimited Borrows:

All of this week’s borrows came from other branches in my library’s system! Everything besides P.S. I Miss You is a graphic novel!

  • P.S. I Miss You — Jen Petro-Roy
    • middle grade contemporary; Evie’s Catholic parents send away her pregnant sister and forbid Evie from speaking to her sister, all while Evie is coming to recognize her feelings for her best friend (another girl)
  • Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom — Terry Blas
    • young adult mystery; a group of teens band together to solve a murder mystery at their weight-loss camp (multiple own-voice reviewers have said the rep is really good here, and it’s a very inclusive cast of characters!)
  • Clean Room, Vol. 1: Immaculate Conception — Gail Simone
    • adult horror; Chloe must infiltrate a cult-like group to find the truth behind her fiancee’s “suicide”
  • Regression, Vol. 2: Disciples — Cullen Bunn
    • adult horror; continuation of Adrian’s attempt to escape the cult from his past lives
  • Victor LaValle’s Destroyer — Victor LaValle
    • adult horror/sci-fi; the original Frankenstein’s monster is in 2017 and is fed up with the racism, brutality, and environmental abuse in the world, so he teams up with a descendant of Dr. Frankenstein who wants to create a new monster of her son after he is killed by police (LaValle specializes in taking old horror stories and revamping them in ways that tackle modern-day issues, such as racism)

  • Heavy Vinyl, Vol. 1 — Carly Usdin
    • young adult contemporary; Chris starts working at her local record store and finds that the employees are members of a secret fight club that tackles crime and the patriarchy!
  • Gideon Falls, Vol. 1: The Black Barn — Jeff Lemire
    • adult horror; a town suffers from the legendary Black Barn, an otherwordly building that periodically appears and brings death and madness with it
  • Goldie Vance, Vol. 1 — Hope Larson
    • young adult mystery; Goldie’s boredom leads her to team up with a detective to solve mysteries
  • Giant Days, Vol. 8-9 — John Allison
    • new adult contemporary; more installments in the lives of Susan, Daisy, and Esther!
  • As the Crow Flies — Melanie Gillman
    • young adult contemporary; a queen black teen’s adventures in an all-white Christian youth camping trip

  • Spinning — Tillie Walden
    • memoir; Walden’s recounting of growing up a figure skater and coming into her own as a queer woman
  • The Best We Could Do — Thi Bui
    • memoir; Bui’s memories of immigrating from Vietnam as a kid in the 70s
  • Crossed, Vol. 1 — Garth Ennis
    • adult horror; a strange new infection makes previously innocent people become violent and evil
  • Infidel — Pornsak Pichetshote
    • adult horror; a Muslim woman moves into a haunted house that feeds off of racism and xenophobia
  • Misfit City, Vol. 1 — Kirsten Smith
    • YA mystery; Wilder and her friends find a pirate map and go on an adventure


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    1. The cover for The Merciful Crow is really cool! And the blurb really intriguing. I’m waiting for a review 🙂

    1. The Infinite Noise!! I hope you enjoy it ^_^
      I also found some of those books on Netgalley and added them yesterday haha. I think my newest downfall is I just noticed Hoopla has a TON of graphic novels… I’m a goner!

      1. I wish so badly that I had Hoopla! To get it, we would have to get an out-of-state card through the Chattanooga library system, which is $50 a year and it’s a limit of 5 items per month. We really thought about it, because that still breaks down to be hella cheap, but we haven’t bitten the bullet yet because we also have Kindle Unlimited, we pay $15/year for a different Tennessee library’s consortium (they’re part of “Tennessee R.E.A.D.S.” which has an awesome online catalog), Audible, Scribd… list goes on ? But we’re considering it. Do you think it’d be worth it?

        1. Oooooo hard one. Honestly, I don’t use Hoopla too much. It has the rare book I look for, but I mostly use it for graphic novels— no manga though. A good amount of audiobooks too I think. If you have audible though I think you’re good on audiobooks. I think you are okay skipping if you only get 5 check outs a month.

    1. Lovely post! I don’t read Middle Grade often but Changeling sounds INCREDIBLE! I am seriously obsessed with that premise. I’ve just added it to my tbr! Hehe. I hope it turns out to be a hit for you, Destiny! <3

    1. I saw Mackenzi Lee speak at an event on Sunday (she’s holidaying in Australia) and she spoke about Loki. I’m pretty keen to read it – but also hear what you think about it!!

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