Stacking the Shelves — June 1st, 2019

June 1, 2019

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks!

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Physical Review Copies:


  • Dahlia Black — Keith Thomas
    • adult sci-fi; the “history” of the Pulse, an alien code that hacked the DNA of all humans


Digital Review Copies:

  • The Phantom Forest — Liz Kerin
    • YA dark fantasy; after being chosen to become her village’s next human sacrifice, Seycia is sent to the Underworld, where she must team up with the demon she was sacrificed to in order to save her brother
  • The Hive — Barry Lyga & Morgan Baden
    • YA dystopia; in a dystopian world where people play judge, jury, and executioner through social media interactions, Cassie posts what she intends as a harmless joke and finds herself the target of the public’s fury
  • The Widow of Rose House — Diana Biller
    • adult hist-fic/romance; in 1875, widow Alva Webster wants a fresh start after her abusive husband’s death, but finds something haunting her in their mansion when she returns, as well as a handsome and odd professor she’s determined not to fall in love with

  • The Twisted Ones — T. Kingfisher
    • adult horror; while cleaning out her deceased grandmother’s house, Mouse finds a journal full of nonsense, until the woods around her reveal the terrors from the journal are real
  • Small Kingdoms and Other Stories — Charlaine Harris
    • adult mystery; a collection of short stories about Anne DeWitt, a school principal trying to hide a murder she committed in her past
  • The Starless Sea — Erin Morgenstern
    • adult fantasy; while studying, grad student Zachary finds a strange book that includes stories from his own childhood, as well as offering transportation to other realms and mysteries


Kindle Purchases/Freebies:

  • Nothing this week!


Physical Purchases & Gifts:

  • Chakra Healing — Margarita Alcantara
    • adult nonfic; a beginner’s guide to clearing your own chakras
      • Thank you, Cathy! ♥
  • Crystals for Healing — Karen Frazier
    • adult nonfic; a reference guide for healing with crystals
      • And again, thank you Cathy, love you!


Library & Kindle Unlimited Borrows:

  • The Turn of the Screw — Henry James (kindle unlimited)
    • adult horror; a new governess finds herself stuck in a terrifyingly evil estate with two bizarre children and a slew of ghostly figures
  • My Absolute Darling — Gabriel Tallent (libby)
    • adult thriller; 14-year-old Turtle doesn’t know why she doesn’t fit in, or why school is so difficult, or why her relationship with her father is so different from the other girls and their fathers
  • Club Dead — Charlaine Harris (libby)
    • adult paranormal; continuing the Sookie Stackhouse series! Sookie has to spend some time with Eric in this one, *pretend concerned voice* ohhh noooo…


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    1. I really want to read the twisted ones. Interesting to find out your thoughts ?

    1. Looks like some great additions! I’ve added Dahlia Black and the Starless Sea to my TBR. Will give you a shout out when I mention. Thank you!

    1. Ooh so cool that you got the starless sea!

    1. THE STARLESS SEA has such a gorgeous cover, it’s on my wishlist!! Can’t wait to hear what you think! I also have MY ABSOLUTE DARLING but have been hesitant to read it due to reviews/subject matter – soon though!!

      1. The Starless Sea really is so pretty! Did you read The Night Circus? I wasn’t a big fan of it but I want to try it again sometime, and I thought I would try her new book first, and if I like this one, I’ll definitely give TNC another go! <3 And yes, I'm hearing super mixed reviews on My Absolute Darling, too! It's wild. 😮 In the group that's group reading it, the ratings have been all over the place, and even most of the positive reviews have had people saying "I loved it but would never read it again" — that makes me so curious! I guess I have a morbid curiosity sometimes. ??

    1. My ‘not-yet-released’ shelf on Goodreads is packed because of you!
      Also, I personally did *not* enjoy My Absolute Darling. I don’t think I even got very far.

      1. Bahahaha that makes me so happy to hear! Though I am sorry you didn’t like My Absolute Darling — it definitely seems like a very polarizing read, judging by the reactions to it I’ve seen! My coworker even made a face when I told her I was gonna read it. ? I told her I was going into it with my mind already made up that I’ll allow myself to DNF it if I don’t like it!

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