Stacking the Shelves — July 13th, 2019

July 13, 2019

Stacking The Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks!

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Physical Review Copies:

* requested before my ARC ban went into effect
*** graphic novels & poetry are an exception to the ARC ban since they’re such quick reads and I don’t request many of them!
! amazon vine copies — these are sent for review but don’t require reviews

  • The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep — H.G. Parry
    • adult fantasy; This one doesn’t count against my ARC ban because it just showed up — I’d never heard of it and didn’t request it, but it sounds fun! It’s about a guy who can bring book characters into the real world, and the mayhem that ensues.
  • ! An Unconditional Freedom — Alyssa Cole
    • adult historical romance; a historical Civil War-era romance between a black man who was born free and kidnapped into slavery, and a Cuban daughter of a slave-owner and a former slave. I’m really interested to read this, though I didn’t realize until just now that it’s technically #3 in a series. Does anyone know if they can be read out of order?


Digital Review Copies:

* requested before my ARC ban went into effect
*** graphic novels & poetry are an exception to the ARC ban since they’re such quick reads and I don’t request many of them!

While nonfiction titles aren’t usually included in my exception-to-the-ARC-ban-rule list, I grabbed a few this week that struck me as really quick “reference”-type reads.

  • Unicorn Magic — Tess Whitehurst
    • adult nonfiction/spirituality; this sounded like a really cute, whimsical self-help book about finding your inner strength through spiritualism, connecting to nature, and so on.
  • Llewellyn’s Little Book of Empathy — Cyndi Dale
    • adult nonfiction/spirituality; long story short, I’ve recently come to realize that I think a lot of my “problems” stem from being an empath (which isn’t necessarily the same as simply having empathy, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, but they’re related), so I grabbed this book about being an empath and learning to take care of yourself along the way.
  • The Mindful Place of Calm — A. Paul Miller
    • adult nonfiction/spirituality; I suck at meditating and being mindful when emotions run high. I’m hoping this will help. 😛
  • Born Under a Good Sign — Kristy Robinett
    • adult nonfiction/astrology; this one’s supposed to be a really clear-cut guide to dealing with specifics in life related to a person’s astrological sign. I’m a big believer in astrology affecting our daily lives, so I’m interested to see what she has to say about us Libras. ♎

  • The Weaving Explorer — Deborah Jarchow
    • adult nonfiction/crafting; I loved weaving as a kid. ?‍♀️?
  • *** Rose, Vol. 1: Double Life — Denis Lapiere
    • adult mystery/paranormal graphic novel; a graphic novel about a girl who uses her magical powers to solve a mystery? I dunno, the cover was intriguing.
  • *** Mamma Mia! 1. Just the Girls — Lewis Trondheim
    • adult contemporary graphic novel; a family “dramedy”-type story.
  • Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy — Shelly Kim
    • adult nonfiction/crafting; I got a new iPad and Apple Pencil earlier this year and have been wanting to use them to take up digital calligraphy, so I figured this was a good starting point! It’s written by a popular IG calligraphy artist (@lettersbyshells).

  • * Red Hood — Elana K. Arnold
    • YA fantasy; YO. I loved Damsel soooo freaking much, which I know isn’t the most popular opinion, but I thought it was amazing and I am SO PUMPED for this! Plus it’s written in second person which intrigues me big time, as I usually really like second person POVs.
  • *** Let’s Be Weird Together — Brooke Barker
    • adult nonfiction/humor; a cutesy comic book about relationships.
  • Every Other Weekend — Abigail Johnson
    • YA contemporary; I thought Even if I Fall was pretty fun so I wanted to try another release from this author. This one’s about two teens with pretty rough lives who find solace in the fact that, every other weekend, they happen to be in the same apartment building together while visiting their parents.
  • *** Great Goddesses — Nikita Gill
    • adult poetry; a poetry collection of “life lessons” inspired by mythology and stories of gods and goddesses!


Kindle Purchases/Freebies:

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  • The Duality of Nature — C.E. Clayton (kindle freebie)
    • YA fantasy; I’ve been meaning to read this forever because I hear so much good about this series! I think it’s about a feral race of elves?! That immediately sold me, honestly. And it’s still free, so, uh… go get it.


Physical Purchases & Gifts:

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  • In the Shadow of Spindrift House — Mira Grant
    • adult horror novella; I’m still reading my overdue eARC of this one, but I am such a sucker for these limited-release Subterranean Press novellas she puts out and always end up pre-ordering them! They’re signed and numbered. ?


Library & Kindle Unlimited Borrows:

  • The Graveyard Apartment — Mariko Koike (physical library)
    • adult horror; originally published in Japan in the 80s, this was translated a while back and I hear it’s pretty spooky. It’s about a family who unwittingly moves into an apartment building by a graveyard and ends up regretting it, big time.
  • Dead to the World — Charlaine Harris (digital library)
    • adult paranormal; I really love this series. I’m already maybe a quarter into this one and it’s been so good so far, though a certain someone’s memory loss makes me sad.
  • How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind — Dana K. White (physical library)
    • adult nonfiction/self-help; I just finished White’s decluttering book and decided to try this one out, too, since that one had a lot of good tips!
  • Criminal Intentions S1E3: The Man With the Glass Eye — Cole McCade (kindle unlimited)
    • adult mystery/romance; honestly, would anyone fault me if I ditched my entire TBR, hid in my closet, and binge read this whole series?


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    1. I hope you enjoy reading them all!

        1. I never read Damsel, but Red Hood looks fabulous! I am a little nervous thought bc it’s written in second person, but I’ve heard it works for the story.

    1. Totally wouldn’t fault you if you binged Criminal Intentions. I’ve done it a little myself and am honestly considering it since I can’t seem to stick to my own TBRs anyhow. Soooooo good!!

      1. Ahhhh it’s always so tempting! Sometimes I consider taking a month off from ARCs just to binge the CI series and my unread Talia Hibbert books and the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I can never justify it though lol. Maybe this winter!

      1. LMAO it’s such a good series, I swear. I just love them but I’m trying to go slow and pace myself. At the same time, I kind of wanna finish the season before S2 starts…

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