Stacking the Shelves — July 27th, 2019

July 27, 2019

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I did fairly well on my ARC limits all month, and then now, in the final quarter, I had a really crummy week and blew it. ???


Physical Review Copies:

* doesn’t count against ARC ban (due to having been requested/accepted before ban, in a previous week, being unsolicited, or being a graphic novel, poetry collection, or otherwise “one-sitting” read)

  • The Widow of Pale Harbor — Hester Fox [adult historical/mystery]
    • Set in 1846 Maine, a recent widower moves into a sleepy town where strange things have been happening (all oddly reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe’s story themes), and finds himself mixed up with a woman who’s rumored to be the town witch.
  • Michigan vs. the Boys — Carrie S. Allen [YA contemporary]
    • A story of how girls in male-dominated sports have to put up with so much bullshit. I know this one will piss me off, but I’ve heard good things.
  • Real Queer America — Samantha Allen [adult nonfic]
    • A trans reporter decided to tour the queer communities in socially conservative areas and write a memoir about it! It sounded neat, as a queer woman in one of those “red” areas.
  • * A Violet Fire — Kelsey Quick [YA(?) fantasy]
    • A vampire dystopian story! The author pitched this one to me a while back and it just arrived the other day, so I’m interested to see how it turns out!

  • The Map From Here to There — Emery Lord [YA contemporary]
    • I do dumb things sometimes, like going on Vine and requesting copies of books that are actually sequels to other books I haven’t read yet. Whoops.
  • You Owe Me a Murder — Eileen Cook [YA thriller]
    • I didn’t love the last thing I read from this author, The Hanging Girl, but I’ve been wanting to give her another chance. Kim hates her ex and his new girl, but she didn’t dream that her strange new friend would act on Kim’s feelings and fix the problem with murder! (*dramatic music*)
  • The Sound of Drowning — Katherine Fleet [YA contemporary]
    • A basic “childhood sweetheart/bestie vs. new dream guy in town” beach-town romance.


Digital Review Copies:

* doesn’t count against ARC ban (due to having been requested/accepted before ban, in a previous week, being unsolicited, or being a graphic novel, poetry collection, or otherwise “one-sitting” read)

  • * The Deep — Rivers Solomon [adult fantasy/afro-futurism]
    • I can’t gush enough about this novella’s premise. It’s based on a song by clipping. called ‘The Deep’ and it offers an alternate reality where the pregnant African women who were thrown overboard from slaving ships all those years ago actually gave birth to a race of mer-people.
  • * Echoes — Ellen Datlow [adult horror anthology]
    • I feel like I’ve been waiting all year to get my hands on this (and I have, since I first requested it in… January, I think?!). It’s a collection of ghost stories and features some major faves of mine, like Seanan McGuire <3
  • Seven Deadly Shadows — Courtney Alameda & Valynne E. Maetani [YA fantasy]
    • Kira can see yokai, which is bad enough, but on top of that, she’s the only one who knows an ancient demon king is about to show up and destroy the world, so she has to get help from seven powerful death gods. YES. YES TO ALL OF THIS.

  • Salvaged — Madeleine Roux [adult horror/sci-fi]
    • I didn’t love the one Madeleine Roux book I’ve read, but I felt like she had MAJOR potential, so I was stoked to see this. Plus, I love horror/sci-fi crossovers. This one’s got parasitic aliens, my fave!
  • Foul is Fair — Hannah Capin [YA contemporary]
    • A revenge story of an assault survivor getting back at her attackers. This was pitched to me as being super dark and angry and I AM HERE FOR IT.


Kindle Purchases/Freebies:

  • Nothing this week!


Physical Purchases & Gifts:

  • Nothing this week!


Library & Kindle Unlimited Borrows:

  • Nothing this week!


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  • Reply Erin @ Cracker Crumb Life July 27, 2019 at 10:05 am

    The Widow of Pale Harbor sounds soo good!! I will have to add it to my TBR. And The Deep sounds really good too!!

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  • Reply Phantom Paper July 28, 2019 at 4:43 pm

    Parasitic aliens are also my fave!! Now I gotta check it out. You did pretty good, hope next month’s better! (I’m also refraining from getting new ARCs these days)

  • Reply Rachel @ thewasofshall August 14, 2019 at 9:26 am

    I would HIGHLY recommend Hester Fox’s first novel, The Witch of Willow Hall, too. Super spooky witch tale set in nineteenth century New England!

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