State of the ARC #11: Moody May didn't treat my ARC progress well!

May 27, 2019

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My current State of the ARC…


May’s Progress…


Since my April State of the ARC, I have completed 11 review copies! Whomp, whomp, whomp…

I also DNFed 2 review copies:

In Progress:

Right now, I have 18(!!!!!) review copies in progress.


I also acquired 50 new review copies (7 physical, 43 digital). I have completed x of the new additions. *cries softly, muttering to self: why are we like this?*


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    1. Moody May was so good for doing some of my backlist books, not so great for ARCs though haha. Good luck with all of your reads, I continue to be astounded by your reading stamina!

    1. oh man I see so many books I want to read, especially on your in-progress list! I can barely imagine what reading 18 at once must feel like since I don’t like reading more than 4-5 at a time – but seriously more power to you and I hope you’re enjoying most (if not all) of them, and I hope that your June goes better ?

      1. Thank you, friend! Having such a high number of current reads was honestly a little bit terrible. I think it taught me a lesson because I never want to do that ever again! 🙁

    1. I am lowkey jealous to see The Beautiful in your acquired list, haha. I read an excerpt of it and am now trying to develop time travel to get to release date faster. Happy reading

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