State of the ARC #15: Success will be mine!

September 30, 2019

Pretty surprising update on the whole ARC ban scenario I mentioned last month

My current State of the ARC…

September’s Progress…


Since my last State of the ARC post, I have completed 8 review copies! (Still not where I want that number to be, but it’s better than August!)

  • Ration
  • Work for It
  • Great Goddesses
  • Sorry I Ruined Your Childhood
  • 10-Minute Declutter
  • The Intuition Journal
  • Wonderland: An Anthology
  • The Ritual Yearbook

I also DNFed and/or set aside (for now!) 3 review copies:

  • DNF (permanently):
    • 10-Minute Tidy Home
  • Might pick up again later:
  • DEFINITELY picking up again later:
    • Imaginary Friend
    • Dahlia Black
      • both of these were great, I was just feeling a little slump-y and decided to switch up my reading for a bit!

In Progress:

Right now, I have 5 review copies in progress:

  • The Work of Art
  • Rules for Vanishing
  • Growing Things and Other Stories
  • Darkdawn
  • The Magick of Food

Acquired/ARC Ban Update:

As I mentioned in last month’s post, I went on a pretty strict ARC ban. I had some pending copies that I’d already requested or accepted, so I knew those would be coming in, but I did amazingly well at NOT requesting and accepting new titles in September! Yaaaaaaaay! *confetti*

I acquired 14 new review copies (10 physical, 4 digital), with 2 of them being unsolicited (meaning I didn’t request or accept it).

Given that I’ve been hauling 30-50 ARCs per month most of this year, I am AMAZED at how low this number is! I’d love to have it at 10 or less in October. ?

  • In Darkness, Delight: Creatures of the Night (accepted pre-September)
  • Together We Caught Fire
  • When the Stars Lead to You (requested pre-September)
  • Ghost Squad
  • Rules for Vanishing (requested pre-September)
  • The Magick of Food
  • Be Not Far From Me
  • Docile (requested pre-September)
  • The Apocalyptic Mannequin (unsolicited)
  • On the Night Border (unsolicited)
  • Hex Life (accepted pre-September)
  • Pet
  • The Library of the Unwritten (accepted pre-September)
  • Rosemary and Rue (accepted pre-September)


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    1. Congrats on keeping up with your ARC ban! I’m excited that we’re reading Growing Things at the same time and can’t wait to hear your thoughts. <3

      1. 1) thank you!! <3 2) it depends honestly! If it's something I'm SUPER into, I'll treat it like one I requested. If it's something I MIGHT be into, I'll post a thank-you on social media and then get to it as soon as I reasonably can. If I'm just not into it AT ALL, I usually won't even post about it and will just give it to someone who is more into that genre/theme/etc than I am ?‍♀️ But my general rule is I never fall all over myself to get to unsolicited ARCs because it isn't fair to force myself to prioritize them over things I actually asked for/accepted!

    1. congrats on catching up!! unsolicited arcs are always so hard to handle but your rate is going down so quickly. good on you!

      i’m reading rules for vanishing atm and it’s so creepy and atmospheric. hope you’re enjoying it too ?

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