State of the ARC #8—holy anticipated releases, Batman!

February 25, 2019

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My current State of the ARC…



February’s Progress…


Since my January State of the ARC, I have completed 22 review copies!

In Progress:

Right now, I have 3 review copies in progress.


I also acquired 36 new review copies (6 physical, 30 digital—oddly enough, the exact same numbers as last month!). I have completed 11 of the new additions.



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    1. The cover of Wilder Girls speaks to me! This is the first year I pay attention to new releases and it’s both exciting and overwhelming.

      1. Isn’t it an awesome cover?! Oh man, I feel you. 2017 was the first year for me and I still remember that mixed feeling of being so excited but also so overwhelmed by all the exciting new things coming out. It took me a while to find a balance and sometimes I think I’m still struggling with it lol, trying to juggle my backlist TBR with the newest titles. I hope you find your balance quickly! ♥

      1. Aww, thank you! And yeah, I am not even kidding when I say I literally started yelling and crying a little over Aurora Rising. ? I adored The Illuminae Files SO MUCH and it feels like I’ve been waiting so freaking long on this series. I’m trying to make myself read it slowly so I don’t just inhale it all in one go and then make myself miserable waiting for the sequel like I did with LIFEL1K3.

        1. I was literally the same. I didn’t expect to receive one AT ALL. Even when I received the package, I refused to believe it until I had opened it up and confirmed it to myself and then gasped/yelled, etc. I can’t wait to read it! I’m trying to save it a bit nearer to the deadline though to stagger all of my ARCs out haha

      1. Haha thank you for your vote of confidence!! I’m struggling right now so I needed that. ? I’ve been sick for days so I haven’t read ANYTHING and I feel like I’m just pitifully waving at the release dates as they pass me by… Okay, dramatic moment over. ? I can’t wait to read House of Salt and Sorrows, it sounds so cool!

        1. Uh oh get better soon! Taking of yourself matters more than deadlines lol. Yeah I hope you like house of salt and sorrows, it’s got a great atmosphere and writing

    1. I… I don’t even know where you begin. I’m looking forward to see which will be your favorites!! Also, awesome progress MTM!!

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