Summer Flings Reading Challenge!

June 28, 2017

Hello, everyone! I decided to take a break from my usual tags, memes, and review posts today to invite you all to join me and a few of my friends in the summer reading challenge we’re hosting! It’s called the Summer Flings Reading Challenge, and it’s going to be multi-platform!

The main event is in our Facebook Life & Lit group and will be going on from July 1st to 15th, so if you’d like to join, feel free to send an invite and then comment here with your first name so I can make sure I get you added to the event!

If you aren’t up for the full-scale event and discussions, we’ll also be hosting the challenge on Instagram and Litsy from July 5th to 11th, under the hashtag #summerflingreads. Here’s the image for the challenge:


Obviously, since I’m one of the co-creators of the challenge, I’m going to be participating in all three aspects, but you guys are more than welcome to commit to just one, two, or all three! Or you can just cheer us on from the sidelines as we work to knock out those TBRs, haha.

I’m personally aiming to fill all seven challenges during the 2-week period, but I doubt I’ll be able to do all of them, if we’re being honest – and that’s okay! We welcome anyone who wants to commit to even just one of the challenges. You can also use the same book for multiple challenges if you want. 🙂

Here is the stack of books I’m hoping to knock out for it:


LGBTQ+ Romance: Keeping You a Secret

Online Romance: Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda

OTP: Just Listen (reread)

Star-Crossed Lovers: Everything, Everything (reread)

Friendship Goals: Sharing Sam (reread)

Beach Read: Once and For All

Decade Old: The Only Alien on the Planet (reread)

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    1. Hehe I like how half of your challenge reads will be re-reads. 🙂 Must be a big fan of Sarah Dessen! I won’t be taking part since it’s the dead of winter here *bleh*.. Good luck!

      1. Bahaha yes, I have a stack of books I’ve been dying to reread for a while and I decided, screw it, I’m gonna pick a few of them for this challenge! I grew up loving Dessen and haven’t read anything of hers since before Saint Anything came out, so I’m very eager to check out her new book AND to see how my old fave of hers has held up over the years. 🙂 Oh no! Normally we are better about remembering that none of us are in the southern hemi, but we forgot this time – I’m so sorry! 🙁 The next challenge won’t be season-themed and you are so more than welcome to join in if you want to! <3

    1. Jeez July is gonna be such a busy month for me so I won’t have the time to participate, but I truly hope you guys will have an amazing time! 🙂

    1. Keeping You a Secret was one of my favorite books in middle school!! It was one of the first lgbtqia+ books I was exposed to. I loved it, but I think it had some meh stereotypes, but I also can’t remember very well. I hope you enjoy it!

      1. Thank you! My Goodreads says I read it and rated it years ago, but I have literally NO memory of it whatsoever. I actually ended up receiving a finished copy of The Art of Starving from HarperTeen yesterday, and since that comes out in a couple of weeks, I’m considering swapping KYAS for TAOS, so it might be a little longer than expected before my thoughts on KYAS go up haha!

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