Sunshine Blogger Award #13-15

June 27, 2019

It’s time for another round of Tag Thursday! I cleaned up my “tags and awards” bookmarks folder earlier this week, and wow, I had no idea I had THIS many unfulfilled tags and awards! I decided to knock out a few Sunshine Blogger Awards in one post this week. These came from Kayla, Esmé, and Laura Beth!



  • Thank the blogger who nominated them and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated them.
  • Nominate 11 other blogs and give them 11 new questions to answer.
  • Notify your nominees and display the Sunshine Blogger Award in your post.



how did you get into blogging and how long have you been doing it for?
I started reviewing them on GR for fun and it spiraled from there. I started regularly posting on this blog in January of 2017. I also had Myspace, Xanga, and LJ journals waaaay back in the day but they’ve all long since been deleted haha.
? do you have a playlist you listen to when writing blog posts?
I actually can’t usually listen to most music while reading or writing, but I do like the “Atmospheric Calm” playlist on Spotify.
? what do you do when you realize you don’t like the book you’re reading? power through or abandon it?
It depends. If I’m super bored, I’ll usually DNF it. If it’s making me mad, there’s a stronger chance I’ll finish it just so I can give it a thorough review.
? how do you feel about TV/movie adaptations?
I like them if they’re done well, but that happens so rarely that I’m typically VERY nervous whenever it’s announced that anything I love is being adapted!
? how do you enjoy your books? physical books, e-readers, audiobook? why?
All of the above! Mostly ebooks lately because I have to try to read a little here and there when I can, and that’s easiest for me to do with ebooks.
? favorite genre to read?
It totally depends on my mood, but my longest-running and most common favorite is fantasy.
? what are you currently reading?
At the time I’m writing this tag post, I have 23 current reads.
? what’s your go-to book recommendation?
It depends on who I’m talking to and what their reading tastes are like! I don’t have just one go-to rec. ?‍♀️
? how many books do you have on your TBR?
My “owned TBR” is about 800, while my GR TBR shelf is just shy of 1,500.
? do you have a favorite place to read?
Not really, honestly! Anywhere I can find enough peace and quiet to read for more than 10 minutes at a time is my current happy place. ?
? wild card. talk about whatever your heart desires ❤️
How about a fun fact: I’m coming up on my 1,000th post on this blog soon. 🙂


what book do you want to pass onto your kids?
I don’t know, I think rather than a specific book, I’d just love to see my son grow up to love books in general as much as I do.
what is an unpopular book opinion you have?
I think every trope — even the really widely hated ones, like insta-love — can have their time and place and can be utilized well in a story.
what literary name would you give a pet?
I’ve given lots of pets literary names. My favorite was probably a pair of male rats I had named Legolas and Haldir.
if you could travel to any destination free of charge, where would it be?
what is a piece of slang or phrase you wish more people used?
I wish more people knew it’s “I couldn’t care less” instead of “I could care less” when you DGAF about something. That’s the only thing I can think of.
if you could only read books from one author for the rest of your life, who would it be?
This is PAINFUL. And CRUEL. Umm… Part of me wants to pick someone with a huge backlog so I’d have a variety to read, but the other part of me is just thinking about stories I can’t imagine never getting the chance to reread again, like ACOMAF or the Captive Prince trilogy. ? I guess I’ll go with Sarah J. Maas.
what novel would you love to have a modern retelling?
I’d love a really good, gothic AF, queer, steamy, spooky modern retelling of The Picture of Dorian Gray.
what is the most disappointing book to film adaptation?
Hm… Eragon, maybe.
what film do you wish had been a book first?
The 2013 edition of Evil Dead. I want the gore, POV switches, the works.
what is your favourite flower?
Tiger lilies.
if you could take one object from a book and have it in the real world, what would it be?
Maybe a Time-Turner.


? what is your favorite season, and why?
Fall because it has the best weather, the best fashion, crunchy leaves, Halloween, and my birthday. ♎
? if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Somewhere with universal healthcare, free college, and better working conditions. And hopefully better weather than what we have here in my part of the US. Canada, maybe? Somewhere in Europe?
? you’re offered $100,000 a year to pick your dream job. what would you pick?
If we’re talking legit #1 dream job… probably running this blog? If I could get paid 100k to do that and stay home with my kid, that’d be dope. Otherwise, I guess hosting a haunted house.
? what is the first movie you remember watching?
One of the original Star Wars movies — not sure which one.
? what is your favorite color?
It’s a toss-up between purple, green, and black.
? who is your hero / heroine?
My favorite heroine might always be Katniss Everdeen. My favorite hero… that’s tough. Probably going to be cliche and say Harry Potter, but truly, I just always admired how he was able to keep fighting despite how much he lost and the things he went through. I know that’s actually not a very popular opinion (among a lot of my friends anyways), but I dunno, man… I love Harry a lot.
? why did you start blogging?
As a creative outlet and because I’d always loved recommending books to people!
? do you enjoy traveling?
I do! I wish I could afford to do it more often, as sadly I haven’t been anywhere in a while.
? aside from blogging, what are three of your favorite hobbies / interests?
Reading (obviously), gaming, and watching horror films.
? if you had the opportunity to meet someone famous, who would you want to meet?
Florence Welch. No question about it.
? what is your favorite non-American food?
Mm… I love Mexican, Chinese, Japanese… I could honestly eat Mexican food everyday, though.

T A G S :

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  2. Kaleena
  3. Bex
  4. Reg
  5. Sam
  6. Owl
  7. Kathy
  8. Amanda
  9. Sofii
  10. Ellyn
  11. Sarah


MY Q U E S T I O N S :

  1. What was the last book you strongly disliked?
  2. How does your star rating system work for your reviews (if you use one)?
  3. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
  4. Would you rather read a great plot with mediocre characters, or a boring plot with amazing characters?
  5. How many books are you currently reading, and which one is your favorite so far?
  6. What was the last book review you posted?
  7. Do you prefer MG, YA, NA, or adult books?
  8. Is there a popular author you’re NOT interested in reading anything by? (Elaborate if you’re comfortable doing so!)
  9. What marginalized rep would you most strongly like to see more of in books?
  10. Do you listen to music while reading?
  11. Do you prefer book twitter or bookstagram?



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    1. Ahhh, THANK YOU for nominating me! Loved reading your answers, these tag things are so freaking cool for getting to know more about people and it’s my JAM! Also, let’s please visit Iceland, that sounds amazing, haha. Fall is my favorite season, too! We have tons of random little stuff in common!

    1. I never even thought of a modern adaptation of Dorian Gray, but that would be super rad!!! Great choice!

    1. Honey, thank you SO much for tagging me!❤️
      LOVED your answers, it seems that you did so naturally, I’m like hours to think only one answer, the struggle! ?
      I love your questions, it will be fun to try to answer them, so I’ll do it soon ?

    1. My author of choice would also be Sarah J Maas, she kills it every time! I agree with the adaptation of Eragon – one of the worst films I have ever seen!
      Brilliant post! xo

    1. Loaded post here! Thanks for sharing.
      I too find it difficult to listen to most music while reading or writing. Words don’t help so something instrumental is best. Man, adaptations…I usually get excited at the prospect but I just saw the TV version of All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness and I am NOT happy. They ran off with a story line that doesn’t exist in the book and among other things I do no like their casting.
      You’re right, tropes have their time and place. I don’t enjoy it though when a trope is taken into super cliche world instead of made into that story’s version. I feel your pain having to pick a single author to read for life? Gosh…
      Oooo yeah Fall is awesome. Purple yeah go purple!
      Those are GREAT questions, now I want to read their answers.
      This was a nice read, thank you.

    1. Woooah, your TBR is frightening! ?? Also, I totally support powering through a book that makes you mad! I know it might sound spiteful, but sometimes I’m reading a book that everyone else loves and I can’t find even ONE bad review for it, so I feel like I have to finish it just to let people know that there might be something they won’t like in the book too ?

      1. Omg, YES! That was me with One of Us is Lying. ? I wasn’t enjoying it at all and considered DNFing it, but when I couldn’t find a single negative review at the time (I think it was a week or two after it had released so still very early on), I was like, “Nope, I gotta review this!” and just powered through. Lol!

    1. Lovely post, Destiny! These are all such fun questions, and I really liked reading your answers! I think it’s AMAZING how you named those pets Legolas and Haldir. And I fully agree that Katniss and Harry are two of the best protagonists ever! And oh my goodness, and early congrats for your 1,000th post! <3

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