Sunshine Blogger Award #7-10

April 5, 2018

Yep, you read that right… this post is for my 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Sunshine Blogger Award nominations! I’ve done 6 in the past (1-2 are here, and 3-6 are here), but I haven’t caught up on these nominations since September (yikes). I actually have 3 more that I won’t be doing in today’s post, so expect another Sunshine Award post in a month or two!

I am just so genuinely honored and privileged and blessed and happy that so many of you guys have nominated me for this award. Thank you so much! <3 Today’s nominations come from Louise at Foxes & Fairytales, Lois from Lois Reads Books, Liz from Stellar Kitten Book Reviews, and Michaela from Journey Into Books!

  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.

 Louise’s Questions:

1. What was your last 5 star read?
At the time that I’m answering these questions, it was The Barrow Will Send What it May by Margaret Killjoy.
2. What was your last DNF?
Furyborn. 🙁
3. If you were to cosplay as a literary character, who would it be?
If you’d asked me a week or two ago, this would’ve been easy: Kady Grant. Now, though… I’m not sure! Maybe still Kady, tbh. I could get rid of the blue. 😛
4. Do you reread old favorites?
All the time!
5. Which book made you hungry?
I actually don’t know if a book has ever made me hungry, sorry.
6. Have you ever made any book-inspired foods?
I’ve helped my fiance cook some recipes out of a Game of Thrones cookbook, if that counts!
7. Which Game of Thrones or Hogwarts house would you choose?
I am a bona fide Gryffindor, and have been ever since I was a little kid. I don’t expect that to ever change. For GOT, though… I know I’ve taken quizzes that have placed me in Stark, Tully, and Baratheon, so I don’t have a clue. I’d honestly probably fit in best with the Starks, though.
8. What three people would you invite to a dinner party?
Am I choosing people I know, book characters, celebs, or whoever I like? I’m going to assume book characters, and say Lada Dracul, Mia Corvere, and Hanna Donnelly, just because I think it would be a damn good time.
9. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?
My username for a lot of things was a variation on the phrase “howling ghosts”, which comes from ‘King and Lionheart’ by Of Monsters and Men lyrics:

Howling ghosts, they reappear
In mountains that are stacked with fear

But you’re a king and I’m a lionheart

As soon as the idea of replacing “ghosts” with “libraries” popped into my head, I couldn’t let it go.
10. If you could learn any one skill instantly, what would it be?
Part of me wants to say the ability to do something useful, like being a master carpenter or something, but the other part of me wants to say a talent that could make me a lot of money quick and easy, like… I dunno, probably something vaguely illegal but not actually hurtful to other individuals. I’ll leave it at that, haha.
11. What would be your superhero or supervillain origin story?
Probably a Batman-esque origin, where someone hurt my loved ones and it just lit me right the hell up.

Lois’ Questions

1. Do you have any pets?
I do! I have two cats, named Lyric and Lotus.
2. What are you currently studying?
I’m in a Master of Library and Information Science program.
3. What is your favorite film?
Toss-up between Jurassic Park and the 90s Mummy film.
4. If you could cosplay as any character, who would it be?
^ see previous set of questions
5. Who is your role model?
I honestly don’t have one. I don’t believe in putting people on pedestals or anything. That said, there are a lot of people I find to be very inspiring, and one of them right now is Emma Gonzalez.
6. What is a skill you would like to learn and why?
^ see previous set of questions
7. What is your favorite book of 2017?
I can’t possibly pick just one, but ACOMAF and Gemina are really high up there.
8. What is your favorite drink?
Favorite alcoholic drink would be a mojito, favorite non-alcoholic drink is probably Mountain Dew Voltage. I know it’s terrible for you, but it’s so good. I also am a sucker for a good chai latte.
9. Winter holiday or summer holiday?
Eh… I kind of hate both. I prefer spring and fall, always! That said, Christmas is nice.
10. What is your favorite TV show at the minute?
Bob’s Burgers.
11. What is your most anticipated book of 2018?

Liz’s Questions

1. Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
I actually don’t remember ever having one!
2. What book really got you into reading?
I’ve been a reader for as long as I can remember, but the first book I remember really loving was probably a Goosebumps book.
3. What was your favorite assigned reading?
Sadly, I’ve never enjoyed an assigned reading. 🙁
4. What book/series would you want to see turned into a movie/TV show?
Okay, so… I think the ACOTAR series could be okay in a TV show format, but only if it was done by, like, HBO or Showtime. I’m incredibly upset by the news that it’s being made into a movie by the Shadowhunters people. 🙁
5. What are some books you don’t talk about often that you really love?
Just to name a few off of the top of my head:
– They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera
– Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
– Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts
– Mud Vein by Tarryn Fisher
6. If you could change the ending to any book, what book would it be, and what would happen in your new ending?
If I could rewrite the ending of ACOWAR, I wouldn’t bring Amren back. I love Amren so much, and it crushed me to see her die, but when she and Rhys both came back to life, it cheapened the entire thing, to me – and if I had to pick between the two of them, I’d save Rhys long before saving Amren.
7. Pick two characters from different books. Now throw them into a fairytale. How crazy would it get?
Let’s see… how about AIDAN and Ronan Lynch in a fairytale together? I feel like they would throw each other for a damn loop.
8. Coffee, tea, or smoothies?
Coffee or tea – I love both. I don’t drink many smoothies, though I don’t mind them.
9. About how many unread books do you own?
Oh, geez. Uh… 450-500?
10. What has been your favorite 2018 release so far?
Either To Kill a Kingdom or Obsidio.
11. What 2018 book are you looking forward to the most so far?

Michaela’s Questions

1. If you could burn a book, which would you choose?
Hmm… Miles Away From You, maybe?
2. Who is your most hated book character?
Oh, god. How do I even pick? There are so many that I hate – some because they’re written horribly, some because they’re written so WELL… Can I “pass”?
3. Which book do you want turned into a movie?
^ see previous question about this
4. What song is your jam at the moment?
‘Agnes’ by Glass Animals. So, so much love for this song right now. It’s practically all I’ve listened to for two weeks.
5. What book to movie adaptation are you looking forward to?
The Hate U Give!
6. Which book character do you relate most to?
I honestly don’t know. I see this sort of question a lot, but I don’t remember the last time I was reading and just thought, “Man, I relate so hard to this character,” because every time I start to think that, then my subconscious steps in and is like, “Okay, but Destiny, you don’t have any magical powers, there are no thrones waiting for your return from your fake death, and the shadow in the corner is not a little demon in the shape of a cat.”
7. What is your favorite book genre?
8. If you could be a supernatural creature, which would you choose?
Dragon! The answer is always dragons.
9. Who is your favorite superhero?
Na na na na na na na… Batman!
10. Describe yourself in three words?
Protective. Amused. Ambivalent.
11. Who do you plan on dressing up as on Halloween?
I don’t know what I’m wearing tomorrow

My Questions For You!

1. What is your average rating on Goodreads? (It’s under your picture on your profile, if you didn’t know!)
2. What is the worst book-to-movie adaptation you’ve ever seen?
3. Do you have a “guilty pleasure” genre, or do you openly admit your likes and dislikes no matter what?
4. Have you ever bought clothing from a book series?
5. What was the most recent bookish quote you fell in love with?
6. Are you more likely to add books based on their cover and synopsis, or a friend’s review?
7. What blogging friend do you think your taste is most similar to? Give them a shout-out!
8. What is the most prominent spine color on your shelves?
9. Do you utilize libraries and/or used bookstores often?
10. Do you like book-themed coloring books? If so, which is your favorite? If not, why not?
11. If you could be transported into one fantasy novel, which one would it be, and why?


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2. Melanie @ Mel to the Any
3. Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall
4. Becca @ becandbones
5. Whitley @ mall3tg1rl
6. Beth @ Reading Every Night
7. Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek
8. Alex @ Alex Can Read
9. Sofia @ Bookish Wanderess
10. Alex @ Comets and Comments
11. Julia @ Owls Reads



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    1. AIDAN and Ronan Lynch?! Holy shit I need to see that. Seriously.
      “3. If you were to cosplay as a literary character, who would it be?
      If you’d asked me a week or two ago, this would’ve been easy: Kady Grant. Now, though… I’m not sure! Maybe still Kady, tbh. I could get rid of the blue. ?”
      *Why am I tagged. Like. I’m even the first one to be tagged and I’m hating blog prep right now and I don’t want to do a million tags and WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME.*
      I might be having a small existential tag-crisis over here.

      1. Right?! Lmao.
        BAHAHAHA I can’t promise it’ll stay for-EVER… But I’m sure I’ll keep it for quite a while. It actually already could use a little bit of touching up, and I’m thinking I may do a little bit more purple in between the pink and blue when I redo it.
        LMAO. Because I love you. 😛

        1. As long as the blue is still there, fine with meeeee!
          You have no idea how long I’ve been at it answering tag-questions last week. I simply answered the questions and have yet to do all the freaking formatting and editing and my lord I’m going to stop thinking about it. :’)

          1. That just reminded me, I don’t have any more tags scheduled… I have, like, six or seven sitting in my bookmarks, though. I need to learn how to do blog posts and listen to audiobooks at the same time, or something. 😛

            1. HALLELUJAH.
              I have tons. But I never feel like finishing them and scheduling them? The blog slump is real – but I’m slowly getting out of it. I just need to be able to actually do blog prep when I feel like it instead of my boyfriend distracting me at that exact time. [Like he’s done twice now..]

    1. Thanks so much for the nomination, also great post and great answers for these questions. 🙂
      I can’t wait for The Hate U Give movie, I’m sure it’ll be amazing, also I agree with you about the ending to ACOWAR, sometimes you need character death to make the ending more realistic you know?
      Great post, and again thanks for the nomination. 😀 <3

    1. Great answers! Looks like your dinner party would be a pretty stabby affair. 😉

    1. Love mojitos too <3
      Have you read the girl with the dragon tattoo? They eat in almost every chapter… i went on a scandi food rampage after finishing it 😀

    1. Don’t mind me while I silently fangirl because you are a book blogging idol and YOU are tagging ME ?
      I am still laughing at your Batman-esque origin story. But also, I just got accepted into the same Master’s program you are doing! How freaking awesome!

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