T10T: Most Recent Library Loans

January 29, 2019


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic was supposed to be about the last 10 books we added to our TBRs, but since I do the TBR Lows & Highs post every Sunday (which covers that topic), it’d be redundant! Instead, I decided to show off the last 10 books I brought home from the library.



1. Front Desk — Kelly Yang
MG contemporary; immigration

2. Brick Shakespeare: The Tragedies — John D. McCann
Shakespeare plays…through LEGOs

 3. Sand Chronicles, Vol. 1 — Hinako Ashihara
YA romance/contemporary manga

4. The Secret Loves of Geek Girls — Hope Nicholson
nonfic graphic novel about famous female creators

5. Go Ask Alice — Anonymous
YA contemporary (from the 70s); drug addiction


6. Princess Princess Ever After — Katie O’Neill
MG fantasy graphic novel; cute AF; queer & QPOC rep

7. Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic — Scott Cunningham
adult nonfic; self-explanatory title

8. MPD Psycho, Vol. 2 — Eiji Otsuka
adult horror manga; more serial killers pls

9. Mercy Thompson: Homecoming — Patricia Briggs
adult paranormal fantasy graphic novel; Mercy Thompson prequel

10. Inside Out & Back Again — Thanhha Lai
MG hist-fic; novel in verse; Vietnam War refugees


What was the last book you borrowed from a library? (And which of these do you think I should read first?)


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    1. Oh, I love this twist on today’s topic! My current read, Beautiful Broken Things (by Sara Barnard), is a library book and I also recently borrowed The Name of the Wind. Brick Shakespeare sounds so cool!

    1. I don’t go to the library and I honestly don’t know any of these books 🙂

    1. Fun haul. I wish my library had more graphic novels I’m interested in. Yeay for Mercy Thompson even though I still have to start that series haha.

      1. Aw, I wish so, too! My library branch is part of this huge state-wide consortium, so I’m lucky in that I get to choose from catalogs all over the state—it just takes a few weeks for them to arrive sometimes.

    1. This reminds me I still didn’t check out our new library. Oopsies.
      On the other hand, it might not be the best idea to do that right now since lord knows I won’t be able to bring back my books on time, haha.

      1. I was about to be like, OMG DO IT, and then I read the second part of your comment, and was like, ‘Oh, right…’ ? But I do hope you get to check it out soon (and fingers crossed that it’s awesome!).

        1. Hahaha! Honestly, the BF had the same reaction at first, until I mentioned how HE would be the one having to drag the books back and forth eventually. Quickly changed his mind. :’)

    1. Ooh, this is such a fun twist on the topic! The last book I borrowed from the library was The Golden Tower by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, but I’m just waiting for their copy of Evermore to arrive so that I can go and get that out.

        1. Oh, really? I’ll need to make sure I’m in the right headspace for it if I pick it up then! Also… I think you’d like Speedwell?! It’s Victorian era mystery with a sassy protag and a smokin’ hot counterpart! ?

    1. I’ve read Go Ask Alice a few times but I seem to have some kind of mental block for it. I can never remember a single thing about it (aside from the very basic premise).

        1. I have no idea! I’ve read it at least three times, and couldn’t tell you a thing about it. Really weird. And it’s not even about the content because I’ve read other books on the same kinds of topics, and have no problem remembering those.

      1. Libraries are amazing! I feel so privileged to be in an area where, even though the branch I work at is a little small and still being updated, we have some really awesome collections and I can borrow from our partner branches, too!

    1. I haven’t borrowed anything from the library for a bit now, mostly because I’m trying to focus on my physical TBR and also because I have an EXTREMELY overdue book (eep!) and I’m not sure they’ll lend me anything at this point! The winter weather makes going out of my way to go to the library feel extra exhausting, but I put it in my purse this morning and am determined to return it today! Anyway, all this to say my library use is very quiet right now but will probably expand a lot in a couple months when I’ve chipped away at the books in my apartment, haha.

      1. Oh nooo! Good that you still have the book, though — hopefully that will make your fines lower (or is your branch a fine-free location?). I swore a few months ago that I’d stop borrowing books until I worked on books I own, and then I got the job, so you can see how well that resolution is working out for me ?

        1. Luckily they cap the fines at $5, so that’s all I’ll have to pay! I tried to do it at the counter, but they don’t take cards there and I didn’t have cash so she told me not to worry about it. She said it doesn’t really matter if it’s under $10 and that I could just pay next time ?

    1. I just got City of Brass from the library. I love my library, but sometimes I feel guilty for reading library books when my TBR keeps growing, so I might read some of the books I own before getting to it.

      1. Aw, I know what you mean! I either neglect my owned TBR and ARCs, and feel guilty for that, or I neglect my library loans, and feel guilty for that instead! ? I hope you like City of Brass, that one’s high on my TBR!

      1. I hadn’t seen the Brick Bible, that’s too funny! Brick Shakespeare looks hilarious, with the little LEGOs acting it out, so I’m looking forward to sitting down and reading it. 🙂

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