T10T: Books I Want to Reread This Year

February 27, 2018


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt was actually to list Ten Books I Could Reread Forever, but I think you guys already know what a lot of my favorite titles are. Instead, I decided to focus on books I want to reread in 2018! For fun, I’m also adding a “priority level” to each book, based on which ones I’m most (or least) excited to reread.

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1. House of Leaves — Mark Z. Danielewski
I remember reading this bizarre horror novel as a teen, but I honestly have no clue what it was about. I know that I didn’t fully appreciate it at that age, but I want to give it another try this year.
Priority: LOW
2. Twilight — Stephenie Meyer
If you haven’t heard my Twilight spiel before, here it is: I was totally a Twihard hipster. I was introduced to the series literally within a month of the first book’s release, and pre-ordered books 2-4. This series was my life for years as a kid, and while I know it’s hailed as one of the most cringe-worthy series nowadays, I think it was really important to the YA genre in its time, and I’m curious to see how I would feel about it now.
Priority: HIGH
3. Eragon — Christopher Paolini
Eragon was another childhood favorite (as in, I read it so many times that my hardback is literally falling apart), but for some reason, I never finished the series. Even after the later books started releasing, I just kept rereading Eragon over and over again. Anyways, I want to reread it this year and finally move on with the series!
Priority: HIGH
4. Sabriel — Garth Nix
Okay, so, technically I’m cheating a little bit by adding this one, because I already reread it in January, but this was literally the very top item on my reread list for 2018, and I really enjoyed it! The writing wasn’t perfect for my taste, but it made me very interested in the rest of the series.
Priority: COMPLETE
5. Tithe — Holly Black
Like Sabriel, this is a book that I know I really liked as a kid, but I just don’t remember much of anything about it! I know I never continued the series, either, so it’s also on my list of series to reread/restart in 2018.
Priority: MEDIUM
6. Fruits Basket/Furuba series — Natsuki Takaya
This one’s a manga series, and I positively adored it as a kid. I think Fruits Basket was actually the first manga I ever got really invested in (and I liked the anime, too), but I never got to read the last couple of volumes when they released. I recently found the entire set of collector’s editions at my library, so I’m working my way through the series now and loving it so much!
Priority: ONGOING
7. The Hunger Games — Suzanne Collins
I think I’ve read this trilogy from start to finish at least six times, but if I were doing the regular “books I’ll always reread” prompt for this week’s T10T, this would be the #1 spot on that list. I never get tired of these books. I’d trade at least half of my soul for Suzanne Collins to write a few standalone prequels, like Haymitch’s and Finnick’s games, tbh.
Priority: HIGH
8. North American Lake Monsters — Nathan Ballingrud
I read this horror anthology a few years ago and really liked it, but I don’t remember it very well, and frankly, my reasoning for wanting to reread it has a side note: my tastes in horror have changed tremendously over the last few years. I recommend this anthology to people constantly, but it occurred to me recently that, with how much my tastes have changed, who knows if even still love it?
Priority: HIGH
9. Gemina — Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman
This is actually on my March TBR, in preparation for the Obsidio release, because… well, I never seem to get tired of this amazing series?
Priority: HIGH
10. Cress — Marissa Meyer
Cress was the last TLC installment I read, and I want to give it a reread before finishing the series later this year, because Cress and Thorne are adorable and I need more of them in my life.
Priority: MEDIUM

Do you like to reread books? If so, what’s the next book you plan on rereading?


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    1. I should reread Tithe too–I remember loving it (like all of Black’s books of course haha) but I barely remember the plot. And Cress is soooo awesome 😀 😀 (but maybe not as awesome as Winter!!!)

      1. Right?! OMG. I would die. I swear, Suzanne Collins has just gone into full-on hermit living, and I would just about sell my soul for her to start releasing more books in the THG universe. Or in any YA dystopian universe, frankly. I adored her writing.

    1. I love this one! I really need to read the manga for Fruits Basket, because the anime got a little confusing towards the ending. I would love to pick your brain on your favorite mangas some day ^_^

      1. I have heard that about the anime!! I never got to finish the anime as a kid and I was always sad until people started telling me it didn’t end quite right, lol. I’m loving the mangas so far but I feel so out of the loop in the anime/manga world. I was SO into it as a kid, but when I turned 16-ish, all of my friends started making fun of me for it a lot and I gave it up. I just got back into manga last year (and just barely), so I’m always looking for recs for manga. I have been wanting to get back into anime, too, and catch up on some of the awesome series I missed out on. My fiance is always bugging me to watch Bleach because it was his fave, but I’m always bugging him to watch Trigun because it was MY fave, lol!

        1. It makes me so sad that you were made fun of enough to actually stop something that you enjoyed. But I am happy that you’re back at it though! Let me know if you need any suggestions ^_^

    1. I actually bought a copy of Sabriel finally this month as I have been wanting to read it for years now. Tithe and Eragon are both also on my list. And don’t worry, I loved Twilight when it came out too, and completely agree that it was very important and influential at the time.

      1. Awesome! 🙂 I hope you enjoy Sabriel! It wasn’t perfect but I did think it was a very fun read.
        Yes, thank you! I know people love to pick fun at Twilight, and that’s fine, but it was honestly REALLY consequential for its time. I think a lot of series today would not exist, if not for the Twilight era.

    1. I love Tithe so much! That series is so good! And of course I LOVE Twilight! was my first book I read and since then I could not stop reading! But… I am not a re-reader 🙁
      My TTT.

    1. Me and rereading books, hilarious. I want to, I do. But then my 150+ TBR is breathing down my neck, giving me mad eyes and are threatening to bury me in them. Buuuut I’m still planning on rereading AT LEAST all HP’s this year. And The Raven Cycle if I finally get in the mood to do so, which may or may not happen. Who knows. :’)

          1. No, dude, my ARC list for summer is so far, so GOOD! I was actually just talking to someone else about this – I’ve done so well lately with not requesting as many ARCs that I do have a ton for April (most of which I requested last year, before cracking down on limiting my requests), but then – as of right now, anyways – I have 0 for May, 2 for June, 1 for July, and 2 for August! (Are you shocked? I feel like you’re shocked.)

            1. WOW. NICE. I’m most definitely shocked. Shell-shocked! I currently have.. 1 left for March and then 2 for April, June and July. So 7 in total left to go, haha. I love it when they’re all spread out like that! It takes away the pressure.

            1. Same here. Although I still can’t help myself and tend to go on NG once in a while – oops. At least I’m taking the publication dates into account when I’m requesting things so that’s a plus, right? :’)

            1. Yes, for sure! That’s what I keep trying to do, too. If it releases in April, it’s an automatic “no”. If it releases in May or June, it’s a “maybe”, and if it releases in July or later, I give it some serious consideration, since I have almost no ARCs releasing this summer and will actually have time to get ahead a bit.

            1. Exactly! I don’t mind having a ton for September and such because I’m definitely participating in ARC August again, haha. :’)
              I’m still hoping to be out of ARC’s at some point though.. I’m never going to make my goal of reading 75 of my old TBR like this and I need to get there if I want to ever figure out the surprise I’d be getting from my boyfriend [even though he still doesn’t know what I’ll be getting himself but hey.. :’)]

            1. OMG, I feel you. I keep side-eyeing my “must read in 2018” list and shaking my head at myself, honestly. I’ve only read 2 of them so far, I think? Maybe 3. Sigh. I need to get to work. I’m trying really hard not to request summer ARCs right now because I really want to reread some old favorites and check out some “throwback” titles I missed the first time around this summer! (Plus, in June and July I have a class that’s going to require reading 16 MG and YA books in 7 weeks, so I’ll be busy with those, too!)

            1. I’ll probably be updating my list this weekend or next week so.. Yeah, I’ll probably be feeling pretty disappointed in myself as well. :’) We’ll see. God, we can only read and do so much.. Keeping up with all the new books and sequels while managing our own “old” TBR’s is SO HARD. We should get a freaking reward for juggling all that..
              That class honestly sounds like so much fun, haha. And reading 16 books in 7 weeks?! Come on! You could do that in 4 if you tried! 😛

            1. Right?! That’s the thing, like… if I stopped reading new releases, or if I stopped reading backlist titles, I’d be FINE, but juggling both? Oy vey. We really do deserve rewards lmao.
              The class was originally going to be a 3-week class and I was legit kinda scared lmao! But thank you. <3 I'm not too worried, I just know I have to write an essay/"book report" (I felt like 9 years old again saying that…) for each book, so I don't have a clue how time consuming it will all be. I think it'll be fun, though!

            1. We’re no freaking jugglers. We’re doomed to fail eventually and let it all fall to the ground. – Figuratively. We are NOT letting our books drop on the floor. NOPE.
              Honestly, I think you’ll do GREAT. You’re already great at writing reviews. Except for the format you’d probably have to adjust, you’ll be golden!

            1. Awww, thank you. <3 I hope you're right! I think the weirdest part might actually be writing my normal blog reviews after writing the "official" reports, because I'll have to disengage from fancy APA-approved formatting and all, haha!

            1. I think you’ll find out once you’ll have to do it. Maybe getting back to writing your blog reviews will be like getting on a bike again after riding a.. a.. scooter. I don’t know. *Insert brilliant comparison my brain cannot come up with since my coffee has not entered my body yet.*

    1. I’ve also read the Hunger Games a few times. Once when I was younger and a few more times as an adult. I liked it a lot more as an adult for some reason. I loved the Lunar Chronicles! I have to agree that Cress and Thorne were adorable. Great list!
      Here is my Top Ten Tuesday

    1. I feel the same way, I would love to re-read Twilight again now that I’m much older and have read many other books. You should definitely re-read Cress before reading Winter, they’re my two favourites in the series!

      1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I went through a super “anti Twilight” phase in my later teens because I hated the movies so much, but I feel like now, as an adult, I could look at the series much more objectively than I did when I loved it OR when I hated it.

    1. Haha, I’ve also featured Twilight on my list, because I managed to reread it a few times but haven’t worked my way through the rest of the series!
      I’m yet to read most of the books on your list, but still want to get to Sabriel, Tithe and Gemina: hopefully they’ll all be as good as I’m expecting. Great picks.

      1. I love it haha! I’m gonna try to reread the whole series this summer. I know the first 2 will be easy (because New Moon was always my fave), and the 3rd should be fine, but I really didn’t like the 4th book, so we’ll see, haha.
        Thank you, Alyce! <3

    1. I was a huge Twilight fan, and on one hand I am super interested in rereading, so I can see how I feel now, but I also don’t want to spoil all the nice memories attached to it, because I am pretty sure I’d hate it. And I would love to reread the Hunger Games this year as well!

      1. It’s really very good! I think it’s kind of a modern classic in the YA age range (not that it’s really “modern” now that it’s 2 decades old, but you know what I mean).

    1. I was totally into the Hunger Games <3 I almost didn't read it, cuz OMG so much hype, but then a colleague of mine who happened to be sitting next to me at the time kept telling me how good it is. Considering that he was over 30 back then, i figured it must be bloody damn good if even he liked it.

      1. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Gemina! I know a lot of people are very polarized on which of those 2 books they prefer. I like Gemina a little better but I’m really interested to see which one you prefer. 🙂

    1. I’ve actually read Twilight about 5 times (Although not the sequels). I’m right there with you. I don’t often admit that due to potential backlash, but I guess this is a safe Twilight space!

      1. Yes, it definitely is! No judgment here! <3 One thing I love about the bookish community is how much I've been pleasantly surprised to see that the Twilight hate has died down a bit. I still don't meet a ton of people who admit to enjoying the series, but at least I don't see as many people making fun of others for it as I used to a few years ago!

    1. Wow, I’m going to have to check out that horror anthology. I don’t like Twilight now, but admit I couldn’t read them fast enough back in the day. My reading habits have changed but that book did spark my love of reading. Although I think it ruined my love of vampires.

      1. I hope you like it if you do check it out, Barb! That’s totally understandable, haha. I can’t think of too many vampire books I’ve picked up since the Twilight series either, now that you mention it.

      1. Thanks, Kelly! <3 I hope you get the chance to check out Eragon. It's been a while, so obviously I'm not sure what I will think of it as an adult, but man did I love that book as a kid and teen! The dragon companion of the main character is just precious and she totally made me fall in love with the whole "main character has an animal best friend" trope in fantasy.

    1. Great list! I’ve also reread The Hunger Games so many times now, but haven’t done so for a few years now, so I definitely think these books are due another read soon. I’m also tempted to reread Illuminae and Gemina before Obsidio is released because I love this series and also really want to be able to go into Obsidio remembering what happened in the last two books.
      My TTT

      1. Thank you! <3 I honestly consider picking up THG all the time because it never gets old. It's been a few years for me so now I'm busting to go reread it, but I'm saving it for a reread with a friend this summer! And I would totally recommend rereading Illuminae and Gemina before Obsidio's release! I just finished rereading Illuminae and while I left Gemina off my TBR for this month just in case I change my mind, I'm pretty sure I'll reread it between now and the 13th. 🙂

    1. constantly living my life in the hopes that i will read the lunar chronicles someday

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