T10T: Books I’ve DNFed in 2018

May 29, 2018


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s prompt was actually to list 10 bookish worlds you would (or would not) want to live in, but that was a theme not too long ago and my answers haven’t changed much from the last one. Instead of tweaking the theme this week a little bit, I decided to tweak it a lot and give you guys an update on the books I’ve DNFed (Did Not Finish) this year!


1. Everless — DNFed @ 20%
This book just bored me so much, sadly. I was so excited for it, but it was a really big letdown for me! 🙁

2. Between the Blade and the Heart — DNFed @ pg90
I had an ARC of this one and actually tried reading it twice, but both times, I couldn’t connect with the characters, plot, or writing in any way.

3. The Tombs — DNFed @ 10%
Right from the beginning, this has very heavy-handed usage of a common slur, and it isn’t challenged in-text. The author’s note actually explicitly states thatshe knows it’s wrong to use the term, but she chose to do it anyways for “historical accuracy”. Plenty of hist-fic is accurate without using slurs. Not only that, but it was also boring and terribly written.

Side note: this is the only Goodreads review I have ever written that receives comments harassing me (on a weekly basis). I have deleted & blocked them because I don’t engage with trolls, but many of them came from brand new accounts with no profile pictures, and their text was often noticeably similar… ?☕️ I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but it’s weird that this particular book (which has almost no hype on GR at all) gathers so many rude comments.


4. Furyborn — DNFed @ pg210
This is the one that seems to surprise people the most, but I loved the beginning of this book and nearly hated everything that came after. I have high hopes for some of Claire’s other upcoming work, but this did not work for me at all.

5. White Rabbit — DNFed @ pg150
I actually posted a regular blog review for this one, but in case you missed it: I wanted SO BADLY to love this queer little thriller, but the rep in it for the bi, black love interest was so. freaking. BAD. It literally nauseated me so many times while reading it, because as a bi woman, I’ve dealt with so much hatred from some members within the queer community, and some of the tropes and comments in this book reminded me of that and it was honestly too jarring to continue reading.

6. The Queen Underneath — DNFed @ pg50
I was sent an unsolicited ARC of this one, and part of why I put it down so soon was a mercy killing: if I had read this book long enough to meet my own standards for a star rating, it would have gotten 1 star. Period. The writing was awful, the plot made no sense in execution (though was great in theory), and the 50-ish page mark had this ridiculously bizarre, cringe-y, and fairly hurtful fake sex scene that was honestly the final straw.

The final 4 are different from the rest in that these books are ones I 100% plan on continuing ASAP – I just wasn’t in the right mood for them at the time I originally started reading them!


7. The Shadow of What Was Lost — put “on hold” @ pg185
This book is phenomenal, but I think my problem was that I was trying to only listen to the audiobook (my fiance has it in audio and physical formats), instead of mixing it with the physical format. I’m a stay-at-home mom, so I don’t have a ton of driving time, and I don’t listen to audiobooks at home often, which was making this such slow going that I put it down for a bit.

8. The Song of Achilles — put “on hold” @ 50%
This book is BEAUTIFUL and amazing, but also incredibly sad, and when I literally found myself in a depressed state for the rest of the day every time I tried reading it, I accepted that I had to set it aside until I was in a better place, mentally.

9. Ash Princess — put “on hold” @ 18%
This was during my terrible fantasy slump in April! I know I’ll enjoy this once I get back to it, but after being stuck for a couple of weeks, I put it on my “finish-me-soon” shelf.

10. Strange the Dreamer — put “on hold” @ pg110
I was actually ADORING this book, but I had to put it aside because I needed to knock out some ARCs really badly at the time. I’m picking this back up as soon as I get the chance, but it may have to wait until my summer class ends in July!

What was the last book you DNFed? 


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    1. I’ve been interested in “Ash Princess” and “Everless,” but haven’t read either one. Most likely because I’m not a fantasy genre devotee. Still… perhaps someday I’ll give one or both a chance. 🙂
      Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland!!

      1. Understandable! Honestly, you might like Everless more if you’re NOT a big fantasy reader, because I think it falls prey to a lot of tropes that someone who doesn’t read much fantasy might not be bothered by! Thank you for stopping by, too! ♥

    1. I haven’t read any of these books. I will be getting Furyborn. I know that’s super mixed so I’m interested to see what I think of it. I have Strange the Dreamer but I haven’t read it yet. Hopefully soon.

      1. I can’t wait t hear your thoughts on Furyborn! So many people I know have loved it that I feel like I just wasn’t the right “audience” for it, y’know?

        1. Yeah I feel what you mean. I’m not sure I’ll be the right audience either. It’s not really my type of book but my friend had an extra copy so I was like why not. I’m not in a rush to read it right now.

    1. Loved your DNFed post, I was thinking about doing a monthly series of books I did not technically DNF, but kind of just put down and hadn’t really gotten back to.

    1. I liked Furyborn but to each their own, right? I can understand why it wouldn’t appeal to others. I was able to read it at the end of last year so I went in with pretty low expectations as there weren’t many reviews yet. That helped.
      I read the first two books of a previous series of Amanda Hocking and I just know she isn’t for me so while this new series sounds interesting I am not going to read it. (I say now haha)

      1. Yes, definitely! 😀 I am super glad that it worked for you, though! And yeah, I don’t think Amanda Hocking is going to be the author for me in general, either.

    1. I was disappointing in Everless too. I thought the concept sounded amazing but I found the book lacking. The Song of Achilles is so good! I actually put off finishing it because I knew what was going to happen but I totally understand you with that. Hope you enjoy the rest of it!

      1. Thank you, Cindy! Yeah, the ending of The Song of Achilles is one of the reasons I had to put it down – it was making me so sad, haha! But I definitely think I’ll love it once I finish it. 🙂

    1. I have only read The Song of Achilles. I really enjoyed it, so I’m pleased that it’s just on hold for now! 🙂

    1. I did read Everless because the concept intrigued me way too much, really. It didn’t blow me away though. I’m hoping the sequel will do just that and if it doesn’t.. It’ll take me a LOT of positive reviews before I continue the series [if it’s more than two books, that is :’) I don’t even know and I’m too lazy to check right now, haha.]

          1. It’s so frustrating sometimes, especially with YA books, how often we can’t tell if it will be a series, or how many books the series will have. I can’t count how many ARCs I read over the last year and a half where I was like, “Woo, standalone!” and then got to the end and realized it was going to be a series and Goodreads just hadn’t been updated yet. 😡

            1. I hate when that happens because sometimes you’re simply in the mood for a book that wraps up nicely without having you throwing it at a wall because “fucking cliffhanger” [hi Renegades]. :’)

    1. Wow, another list where I haven’t read any of the books! These worlds do sound interesting though. I’ll have to look into these more. Great covers! 🙂

    1. I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about Furyborn, but they are all said the same thing: the beginning was good, but as the story goes it went downhill and became too dense :/

    1. Sorry to hear about The Tombs. I was curious about that one, but not anymore! I own Strange the Dreamer and hope to read that soon. I also want to read The Song of Achilles.

      1. I think Furyborn was definitely just one of those “it’s me, not you” books, because it just didn’t seem to work for me! Hopefully it will for you if you check it out, though!

    1. Those mystery messages are strange indeed! And all cuz you didn’t like a book. ? People have too much time…

      1. MMMMHM… it’s a mess, isn’t it? Lol. I can’t imagine taking the time out of my day to insult and harass a stranger on the internet just because they didn’t like a book I liked!

    1. lmao i hated furyborn too :<<<<
      omg im reading white rabbit right now and like generally it's rly good, like i love the writing tbh???? but yeah i already came across one lowkey biphobic comment so im rly not looking forward to seeing more of that :///

      1. Bahaha I’m glad I’m not the only one, on Furyborn.
        Aw man… White Rabbit was rough for me. I went into it expecting to give it 4+ stars and ended up seeing red. I hope it worked out better for you than it did for me. 🙁

        1. i just dont get where all this hype came from for furyborn tbh….
          oh man honestly i just putit on hold as im reading sth else now & don’t rly feel the push to pick it up again……… especially since i spoiled myself for who’s the murderer so like……… what’s even the point

          1. Omg. SAME. All I can guess is that it’s a combo of the cover (which I admittedly do like the look of – it reminds me of traditional style tattoos), and the fact that it was a Fairyloot ARC last year (which is where I got mine). But other than that… I have no clue?
            Oof, yeah, that’s like, the biggest drawback for me about thrillers – if I’ve been spoiled for the ending, I automatically just stop caring. 🙁

            1. that’s a solid theory tbh! and the cover IS prett great! i just wish the book was even half as good as the cover……..
              idk how to make myself finish this now yikes :<<<

    1. I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK WHEN YOU SAID ST…STRANGE THE DREAMER (gosh the acronym for that book is awkward. really, who ever titled this book…REALLY?!) but besides the point, i’m so relieved you will be picking it back up, whenever you do because it REALLY is fabulous and the ending will BREAK you. everyone is hating furyborn and now i’m just holding my copy like “why did such a good cover go to waste”…perhaps there IS a chance I’ll enjoy it tho!? *hopes for the best*
      I was kinda gutted @ first when I found out u DNF-ed Everless but now that i think about it, you are really not missing out on much lmao.

      1. LMAO, that acronym, though. I laugh every time. But yessss, I will 100% be picking it back up! I’m so excited about it! I just have to work through this ridiculous reading list for my summer class first. *cries forever* I do hope you like Furyborn, though! ♥

    1. I did not know that about The Tombs. I’m sorry you’ve been harassed because of the review. Some people are just awful and it’s hard not to wonder if whomever is doing it doesn’t have some ulterior motive other than “defending” a favorite book. Will be skipping that one for sure.

      1. Thank you, Alicia! That’s what I keep wondering, too. :/ I’ve seen firsthand MANY instances in which an author or an author’s friend or family member sent people to go off on a negative review, but I really hate to jump to that assumption. It’s just weird!

    1. I read Ash Princess! It was fairly decent read and I think it has great potential as a series. And omg getting in a fantasy slump would be my worst nightmare.
      I think the last book I DNF-ed was called St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves. It was composed of literally fiction short stories. I picked it up in hopes of reading it before the author visited my college but I only got through 2.5 stories and after the author visited I had no motivation to pick it back up again, lol.

      1. I think I want to give Ash Princess another try, but I don’t see myself LOVING it, you know? I just don’t picture it being a 5-star read for me! I definitely could see the potential, though.
        Haha, oh noooo! I’m bad about losing all of my steam for a read if I miss the “deadline” for it like that.

        1. I totally get that! But definitely give Ash Princess another try (unless you’re really not feeling it)! It brings a darker edge to YA and has some nice worldbuilding, especially when it comes to the kingdom’s religions.

    1. I always find it interesting when it is blatantly obvious that the author and/or his or her friends are out en force to ‘attack’ the reviews of others. It is usually pretty easy to spot, sorry that happened to you!

    1. I tried so hard to get into Furyborn and Ash Princess but I just couldn’t do it. Super interesting list!

    1. I just picked up The Song of Achilles as part of a read a thon I’m doing. I used to really love mythology when I was younger. I’m trying to get back more into it.
      I don’t think I’ve ever really did not finish a book. lol. There were a couple I put on a dnf shelf but I plan to go back to them when I get the time.
      Good post! <3

            1. Thank you! I am already loving it and wish I had read it when I was younger. Baby Lacy would have looooooved this series.

    1. I never DNF’ed a book. Ever. I just feel so bad DNF books so I can’t do it. I hope you can get back to Strange the Dreamer!

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