T10T: My Top Queer TBR Picks [#PRIDE]

June 11, 2019


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is “unpopular bookish opinions”, but in the theme of Pride Month, I thought I’d keep the queer lists coming and talk about some books high on my TBR with LGBTQ+ rep!

If you’d like to see last week’s Pride list, check out my favorite queer reads!



1. Call Down the Hawk
november 5th, 2019 

Sweet, gay baby Ronan. ♥ So help me, if some of this book isn’t precious, happy, peaceful, domestic Pynch… ?


2. Black Tattoo
june ?, 2019

More taboo m/m romance from my fave? Yes, please! Cole’s starting a brand new series and I’m so excited. It was meant to release on the 1st, but he’s been a bit under the weather, so it’s been delayed for now. Crossing my fingers he feels better soon! ♥


3. Docile
march 3rd, 2020

“There is no consent under capitalism.” Sorry, I’m never going to stop sharing that tagline everywhere because it gives me CHILLS ON CHILLS. Augh. ♥ Brb, getting it tattooed on my forehead. But anyways, this is an upcoming queer sci-fi story from a trans author, it’s about sex and wealth, and I AM SO HERE FOR IT.


4. Rolling in the Deep

How have I not read this spooky sapphic mermaid story yet? Nobody knows! It’s so perfectly on brand for me that I think I’m low key scared. What if it disappoints me?!!? (Spoiler alert: it’s Mira Grant, it won’t.)


5. Wolfsong

An own-voice m/m werewolf romance? Yep, need that in my life for sure. Sneak peek at my summer TBR for you all: this one’s definitely on the list!


6. The Monster of Elendhaven
september 24th, 2019

The world needs more spooky gays, and Jennifer Giesbrecht is here to deliver. I read the first chapter of this for the latest Try a Chapter Challenge, and it just about tied with the winner (Gideon the Ninth). It’s super bloody and dark and I can’t wait.


7. The Priory of the Orange Tree

Queer women in power and dragons! Please! Very strongly considering putting myself on an ARC ban just so I can get to this ASAP because it’s slowly killing me inside that I haven’t read it yet.


8. Silver in the Wood
june 18th, 2019

Sometimes you just need soft gays in the forest. ♥ 


9. Beyond the Black Door
october 29th, 2019

Own-voice ace dark fantasy! I feel like all of my favorite authors have been raving about this one, too, so I’m doubly excited! And this cover ??


10. The Miseducation of Cameron Post

I honestly don’t know how I haven’t read this story about a queer girl being sent to conversion camp yet. It’s been on my radar for SO LONG, and I want to see the movie so badly! I definitely have to get to this one ASAP.

What’s a queer story you’re looking forward to reading?


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    1. Great list. These are all new to me. Hope you enjoy the ones you haven’t gotten to yet.

    1. I’m dying to read Cameron Post! I usually read a lot of queer stories anyway, but I’m trying to squeeze in extra this month. Next up for me is Let’s Talk About Love by Claire Kann!

    1. I just finished reading Priory! And I still have to read one of the Maggie Stiefvater books. Hopefully soon.

    1. Thanks for putting these books on my radar–the only one I’ve heard of is Priory! But Docile sounds so good ?

    1. I agree so much about the tagline of Docile. I’m not sure it’s going to work for me, but I can’t not try it after that? (Also, I’ve read some of K.M. Szpara’s short fiction and thought it was amazing, so.)
      And I hope you like Silver in the Wood! I really liked it, and yes, sometimes soft gays in magical forests is exactly what one needs
      Great list!

    1. The Miseducation of Cameron Post was the FIRST book I ever reviewed as a book blogger, waaay back in December 2013. ? It was on an old blog that I now longer have up and running and I wish I would’ve saved that review. I’m sure it would be amusing compared to where I am now with reviewing books lol.

    1. Great list! The Priory of the Orange Tree and The Miseducation of Cameron Post are both on my TBR and Beyond the Black Door sounds like one I need to pick up. 🙂

    1. I see several here I’d like to read. I have actually read Rolling in the Deep and LOVED it. In fact, I’ve said I’d read anything written by this author because I love all her stuff, under both names, so much! I was able to grab Priory for $1.99 for my Kindle a few weeks back – I’d been wanting it since it came out and felt so lucky!

    1. Well, now I have to read all of these books. 🙂 Seriously, though, thank you for this list. It’s super timely for Pride Month. (And Happy Pride!)
      My TTT.

    1. I was only able to read the first 25 pages of PRIORY during #WyrdAndWonder and I’ve ached to read it ever since — I wanted to see if I could attach myself into that world but after 5x migraines I threw in the towel! My next goal is to read it in the Autumn and most likely I’ll be discussing it next Wyrd And Wonder as I’m focusing on *dragons!* rather exclusively then! Ha!! Still though… it has this looming world that makes me hope I will love it as much as everyone else does as I have been seeking Fantasy I can sink my teeth into for awhile…
      Here’s what I said about it thus far along if your curious

    1. Call Down the Hawk is one of my most anticipated reads! I’m waiting until I have enough time to sit down and read before picking up Priory of the Orange Tree, but I’m very excited to read it once I do!

      1. Same on Call Down the Hawk! It’s gonna be so good (and probably painful, knowing Maggie, lol). And yes, same on Priory. I had it on my seasonal TBR but I haven’t even attempted it because I just knew I didn’t have the time lately.

    1. Oh I so cannot wait for call down the hawk! Also i love priory soo much!

    1. Yesss, Call Down The Hawk! I’m so excited for this new trilogy! I have such high hopes!
      Also, I’m roughly halfway through Priory and it’s definitely a slow read, so maybe cut your currently reading shelf in two before you start it???

    1. I cannot wait for Docile, ahh! The tagline definitely gave me chills the first time I read it.

    1. yes, yes, & yes to all of these picks! i hadn’t heard of docile before but i just looked it up and screamed. it sounds phenomeal… and umm, i still haven’t read the raven boys yet (i know, i know, i must finish it!!) but pretty much everything else is on my priority tbr too.

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