T10T: Upcoming Releases with Stunning Covers

August 6, 2019


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is “cover redesigns you loved or hated”, but I’ll be honest: I don’t pay a ton of attention to most cover redesigns! I guess I’ve just been lucky enough that most of the series I love didn’t undergo any bad redesigns in their making. Instead, I wanted to talk about 10 upcoming releases whose covers I love!


1. bone crier’s moon (march 10th, 2020)

I just want Charlie Bowater to illustrate all the YA fantasy covers, because WOW… slay me ?

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2. loveboat, taipei (feb 4th, 2020)

This art is so soft and pretty, and I love the abstract “city lights” vibe the background has, plus how gorgeous is she? <3


3. dark and deepest red (jan 14th, 2020)

Anna-Marie McLemore always has stunning covers, but this is very easily my favorite of hers so far. It screams “twisted fairytale” which is exactly what this story is!

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4. beyond the black door (oct 29th, 2019)

Something about the perspectives being played with here just makes my heart happy.

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5. serpent & dove (sep 3rd, 2019)

Black and gold is my FAVORITE color combo, and add in the shiny elements and the snake and bird? *dead*


6. the ten thousand doors of january (sep 10th, 2019)

A few aesthetic choices I never get tired of: black and gold together (as I already mentioned in #5), floral patterns on a black background, great typography, and keys. ?


7. get a life, chloe brown (nov 5th, 2019)

I love the point of the new illustrated-romance-cover trend (more variety, less shirtless dudes making people judge-y about romance novels, and most importantly, WAY more diversity represented!!!!), but I honestly hate most of the covers themselves. That said, Chloe Brown’s a perfect example of how I want all illustrated romance covers to look: diverse as hell, colorful without having some blindingly bright main color (looking at you, The Right Swipe…), and the art is GOOD. I mean, look at how freaking cute Chloe is?! LOOK AT HER.


8. the deep (march 10th, 2020)

I just think this whole cover style — the double-exposure of a translucent silhouette mingled with some sort of landmark or iconic setting — is really lovely and elegant, plus I adore the filigree around the title text.

46371247. sy475 goodreads

9. angel mage (oct 1st, 2019)

There’s something really simple but lovely about the falling jewelry on this. I’m low key dying for the AUS cover to release because, if his past works are an indication, it’ll probably be amazing, too.


10. house of earth and blood (march 3rd, 2020)

I saved this for last partially because I know almost everyone has already seen it, but partially because I’ve gotta be honest… this is one of my favorite book covers I have ever seen. I don’t know what it is, but I love the mix of this super saturated blood red with that pale gold. I’ve never been a big fan of SJM’s covers, to be honest, but I would juuuust about tattoo this on myself. ?



Did I miss any upcoming covers you love? Let me know! I’m a total cover-buying junkie, I’ll be honest.


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    1. Loveboat, Taipei genuinely has one of the most beautiful covers i’ve ever laid my eyes on i love it so much ??

    1. Ugh great list! It keeps getting harder to not cover but all the books!

    1. Wow House of Earth and Blood is gorgeous! I’ve never gotten into Maas’s work, but that cover makes me want to try it. I’m really excited for Beyond the Black Door and Serpent & Dove, and Dark and Deepest Red is going on my TBR IMMEDIATELY. Great list!

    1. Oh wow the Bone Crier’s Moon looks STUNNING, I would love to see Charlie Bowater’s illustrations on more covers as well, because they are so beautiful ?

    1. I love seeing Charlie Bowater’s work on so many covers recently! I didn’t even know she did Bone Crier’s Moon, but she did a fantastic job! Dark and Deepest Red is so wonderfully eerie and I feel like it fits the book’s aesthetic perfectly. I’ve already read Serpent & Dove, and besides for having a gorgeous cover, the actual book is pretty great as well! I think for me All American Muslim Girl has one of the most beautiful covers. The colors and the typography have me entranced every time I see it!

    1. All of these really are beautiful. I need to go look at upcoming release covers now. I’m curious what others are coming.

    1. Oh my gosh, all of these are SO beyond gorgeous but I’m super intrigued by Loveboat, Taipei. This is weirdly the first time I’m hearing of the book and I’M SO DISAPPOINTED BY THAT but so excited because there’s still a lot of time left to anticipate it. But, wooowww, that cover is so swoon worthy. I’m weak!!

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