T10T: 10 Books I Loved (but Forgot to Review)

August 25, 2020

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme was supposed to be questions I would ask my favorite authors, which I love, BUT the theme 2 weeks ago was “books I loved but never reviewed” and I was so sad I missed out on this prompt that I decided to just do it now!

Let’s talk about 10 books I loved but haven’t reviewed (yet)! I typically try to review everything I read, so these books are all on my “RTC” (Review To Come) shelf on Goodreads. My #1 blog-related summer goal was to clear my entire RTC shelf before fall starts, so I have just under a month left to type up at least a 1- or 2-paragraph mini review for, as of right now, the 55 books on my RTC shelf. Oy. For this list, I just picked 10 5-star reads from that shelf.

The Invasion

This is a book I normally wouldn’t review, because it was a childhood favorite, but I was given an ALC of the audiobook re-release at the start of the year and really loved revisiting it. It’s just so difficult to review a book you’ve loved for so long!

Rolling in the Deep

I loved this novella SO MUCH when I read it back in February, but I think I need to re-read it before I review it. You know… to make sure it’s thorough. ?

The Language of Thorns

It’s been almost TWO YEARS since I read this, whaaaat! I keep putting off reviewing this one because I want to do a story-by-story breakdown review like I usually do for collections like this, and I didn’t take thorough enough notes on each individual story to do that, so it definitely deserves a re-read!


I actually didn’t even realize this was on my RTC shelf until writing this post. ? I totally thought I had reviewed this already! It’s been a year and a half, but I still remember this book really well, so I think if I skimmed through and found a few quotes I like, I could write this one up pretty soon.


Do you ever read a book and, when you finish it, you feel like you aren’t capable of giving it the kind of review you want to give it? I don’t know if anyone else feels that way, but I do sometimes, and this was one of those times. I don’t know if I’ll review this soon or re-read it this Christmas and then review it.

The Last Olympian

I’m low key mad at myself for this one lmao. This is another one I didn’t realize I hadn’t reviewed, even though I’ve read it twice! (Once in January 2019 and again a few weeks ago) I really need to do that while it’s still fresh in my mind from the re-read.


Honestly, I’ll probably just give this one a mini review, because I think it’s one of those books that I don’t have much of anything noteworthy to say about — I just really had a lot of fun reading it (which I didn’t expect).

Sour Candy

This is another one of those that I definitely need to re-read before reviewing. I read this almost 2 years ago and remember it well, but any excuse to re-read a KPB book… ?

All Systems Red

I loved this book, but somehow, remember very little about it! Which is so frustrating, tbh. This is another one I’ll need to re-read first because I honestly couldn’t review this right now if I tried.

The Midwinter Mail-Order Bride

This is the only book on this list that I’m hesitating to review because I’m worried my rating might not be the same as it was when I first read it. I read this a year and a half ago and I loved it, but I remember it having some super cheesy elements that I’m not sure I would be as forgiving of now, so I plan on re-reading this first, just in case my rating drops!

Do you review books right after finishing them, or do you ever let them sit on an “RTC” list like mine for way too long?


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    1. There are so many books I want to review and then when the time comes for me to actually try to review it I forget stuff or don’t know how to form my thoughts? I use to review books constantly and now I’m like wait how and is this even good? The struggles.

    1. I always try to review books within 2 days, since otherwise I will forget my thoughts haha!
      But sometimes it is so hard to review books..

    1. I loved PJO but I didn’t reviewed it when I reread it and I was really surprised, because I thought I did! ? I had a recollection of writing my thoughts, but idk where I posted it… ? I can’t wait to see your review on Horrorstor!

    1. I totally get remembering that you loved reading a book but not remembering why or much of what it was about ? That’s basically me and every book I read prior to starting my blog/reviewing on GR! I had no idea that Animorphs was being re-released and in audiobook too! Makes me want to find the books now 😛

    1. I have to review books right away, otherwise I wouldn’t have any content for my blog?

      1. Lmao your reviews are so thorough and fantastic as it is, and I’m forever drooling over your review writing style, so I’m (selfishly) happy that you do things the way you do! ???

    1. Oh, interesting post! ? I usually try to review books soon afterwards, when I find the time, so I don’t forget all of the details ? Usually this works out, but sometimes when things are really busy reviews will pile up and I bulk review when I have the time again!

    1. I really liked Language of Thorns! The flip book type artwork around the pages is the best 🙂 I’m glad I liked this after not liking the other Grisha books

    1. I did a different activity a few months ago and was hyperlinking the book reviews and was shocked at some of my favorite books read but never reviewed. Everyone encouraged me to go back and write a review now, but it seems like the magic has faded with time…Will you go back and review these? My TTT interview with Jane Austen

    1. Great list! Novellas can sometimes be even harder to review than novels; I’m always worried I’ll give too much away if I do a super thorough review.

      1. Ugh, I agree so much with this comment! I feel like SO many of my novella reviews literally end up just being like, “I can’t tell you what this is about or why I liked it, JUST READ IT!”

    1. I usually sit on them for a little bit to mull over what I’ve read 🙂 and I LOVED The Language of Thorns so much too <3

      1. That’s not a bad idea at all! I know there are some reviews I wrote right after finishing the book where I’m like “FAVORITE BOOK! ALL THE STARS!” and then within a week, I’m side eyeing the review like, but was it really… ?

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