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October 24, 2017

This is a weekly tag hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s challenge is technically to pick ten books with unique titles… but I decided to go for unique covers, instead! And by “unique”, I actually mean noteworthy, unique, bizarre, or downright ugly. Click the covers for each book’s goodreads link!


1. Where would this list be without the atrocity that is The Foxhole Court‘s “four corndogs being dipped in sauce” cover?


2. Continuing with the Hideous Covers That Never Should Have Been Green-lit segment of this week’s post, we have I Hate Everyone But You, which has not just one, but two terrible covers! Left is US, right is UK. They hurt my eyes.


3. Handbook for Mortals has been the center of a lot of controversy, as I’m sure most of you already know, but one of the focuses of that controversy has been what a blatant rip-off this cover is! I actually like the artwork for this cover – or I did, until I learned that it was complete and total art theft. Here’s the original artwork, if you’re interested:


No similarity at all, right? 😉


4. What I Lost was genuinely a great read about eating disorders and mental health, and I found it to be free of so many of the tropes that I usually see in ED-centered books. One thing about this book that bugged me so much, though, was this cover. I know authors don’t pick the covers, so I would never mark down my rating based on it, but anyone with any experience having an ED or working with ED survivors/fighters knows that focusing on popularly-deemed “bad foods” is not a good idea, so who the hell thought, “Hey, let’s put a big ass candy bar on the front?” Nah.


5. Look at this cover for Contagion! I’m obsessed. Is it space stuff? Is it sea stuff? Is it a virus? Nobody knows! (Actually, based on the synopsis, I think it’s probably a virus, but I could be wrong.)


6. So help me god, I swear this cover glows in the dark, and it has scared me shitless more than once when I accidentally left it sitting out at night. It startles me every time because I’m never expecting a book cover to GLOW!


7. The entire reason I started the Saga series was because of the cover on the first volume. We’ve got horns, wings, and a breastfeeding baby – the last of which is what cemented my need to read this, because in what other graphic novel – or book at all – have you ever seen breastfeeding being normalized?


8. Unfortunately, The Undertaking of Lily Chen was one of the single biggest letdowns I’ve ever experienced in a book (and DEFINITELY the biggest letdown in any single graphic novel), but that doesn’t change the fact that the cover is absolutely GORGEOUS, and so unique.


9. The Wrath and the Dawn is definitely a unique cover, with the image of the girl peeking out from behind this screen of sorts. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of this look at first, but the longer it sits on my shelf, the cooler I think it looks!


10. I love Alice retellings – specifically the creepy ones – and this cover totally fits one of my many preferred aesthetics for Alice in Wonderland art. The blood splatter over the rabbit’s eye is so subtly eerie and really pops!

What’s your favorite unique cover?

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    1. Wow, good point about the cover of the book about eating disorders!
      I love the cover of The Wrath and the Dawn. I haven’t had a chance to read the book and see if it’s as delightful as the cover though.

    1. I love your take on today’s topic! These definitely are some very unique covers. I never would have guessed that What I Lost is about eating disorders from the cover. I agree-that does seem in bad taste. I kind of like the cover for Contagion. It’s kind of pretty–sort of. Palahniuk’s covers always seem a bit creepy to me, I confess. I love the cover of Saga. It makes me want to read it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Man, I don’t really have a favorite unique cover, but some of my favorite covers are illustrated not pictures. Some of my favorites are Landline, all the Shades of Magic books, and Six of Crows because of their amazing use of negative space and simple spaces.

    1. I bought the Saga book because of the cover as well. But I haven’t gotten to it. I am so glad that someone else was let down by Lilly Chen because I was starting to feel weird about it. “Lilly Chen and the Run from Every Man You See Because They All Are Terrible!”

      1. It’s really good! I hope you like it. I’m 5 volumes into Saga and have loved all but one of them so far. And YES, THANK YOU! ? I feel like everyone I’ve talked to has loved it until now! I was soooo annoyed and disappointed by it.

      1. LMAO. Yeah. It’s at my mom’s house currently, so it gets to creep her out instead of me. ? For real, though, when I was single and living alone, I fell asleep reading that book once and woke up in the middle of the night with the cover peering up at me from the floor right beside the bed, where it had fallen? Yeah. I literally screamed.

    1. I have hear great things about the Saga series, well actually good and bad. I do still think that they look amazing. 🙂

      1. I am five volumes into the series and have loved all but one volume so far! I highly recommend the series overall, though be forewarned because it’s very weird at times, haha! It’s a fun read for sure.

      1. It really is! It’s what first caught my eye since it was the first Palahniuk book I ever picked up. It’s very disturbing at points – I’ve never actually finished it, despite trying a few times. I’m determined to soon, though!

    1. The Haunted cover freaks me out sooo much when it surprises me! This is such a good list.

    1. Love your twist on this topic! And so many thoughts: 1) I had NO idea that Handbook so blatantly ripped off it’s cover art. With all the controversy that book has caused it seriously didn’t need additional bad PR. 2) That CP cover would scare the shit out of me day or night 3) Congrats on your chunky bangs — not a stalker, I promise — I saw that on my IG feed this am!

      If you want to check out my list, you can do so here: http://nerdnarrationblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/24/top-ten-tuesday-books-with-unique-titles/

      1. Thank you! 😀 Yes, the Handbook scandal honestly just kept getting worse and worse for a while there. I feel like that woman’s career is ruined (rightfully so)! And yeah, the Haunted cover has spooked me on more than one occasion. ?

        Also, thank you! ? <3 I really appreciate it. No worries, I didn't think you were a stalker bahaha.

        I will go check out your list right now! I should have commented on it sooner but I've been almost completely MIA from my blogging stuff lately. I get daily emails for your posts but I haven't checked any of my emails in over a week (I have 800+ unread). It's sad. I'm working on my priorities right now ???

        1. First of all, totally agree that her career should face all the consequences necessary because that whole story line just got crazier by the second and apparently I STILL missed new elements of the drama.

          Secondly, okay good! You never know with compliments lol.

          Lastly, you never need to apologize for delays. Life happens and of all things blogging/bookstagram can wait! Even though we never feel that is actually the case lol. And holy cats! 800 emails?? Good luck =D

    1. you killed me with those ugly ass covers…and then those gorgeous ones brought me back to LIFE

    1. This made me laugh haha. The cover of “Haunted” is super creepy. And the cover of “Alice” drew me in too. It reminds me of the creepy game version of Alice in Wonderland (Alice: The Madness Returns), which I loved.

      1. Hahaa I aim to please! Yessss, I LOVED that game! I remember playing it on my 360 years ago. It was so creepy and literally the PERFECT Alice aesthetic. I would love to replay that some time.

            1. I wouldn’t if I were you :/ I originally played on steam and it had this bad glitch that literally kept me from progressing in the game. I was so annoyed.

    1. I could not deal with a glow in the dark book cover at all ? I once got freaked out by a glowstick I found under my bed so I wouldn’t do so well with having Haunted on my bedside ?

      1. IT IS THE WORST! I swear. I hate it so much. I honestly refused to read that series because of how bad the covers are, but so many of my friends have begged me to try them that I finally (reluctantly) added the first one to my TBR, lmao.

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