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October 31, 2017

This is a weekly tag hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s challenge is a Halloween freebie! I opted to name ten of my favorite books that I deem Actually At Least a Little Bit Creepy for you guys. Click the covers for each book’s goodreads link!


1. I’ve read many of Koontz’s titles, and while they’re usually enjoyable, they rarely spook me. Phantoms, however, came from an era in which Dean hadn’t yet renounced the title of “horror author”, and in fairly recent things I’ve seen from him, he’s said that he still considers this his scariest book. It follows a handful of people who are finding mysterious, swollen, dead bodies in their town, and what first looks like an illness turns out to be something much more malevolent.


2. Heart-Shaped Box was the first Joe Hill book I picked up, years ago, and it impacted me so profoundly that it began an immediate obsession with Joe’s writing and placed him solidly on my auto-buy list. It’s a ghost story about a rock star who’s obsessed with macabre items, and bites off way more than he can chew when he decides to buy a ghost online.


3. I’ve met a few rare souls who disliked Through the Woods, and almost all of them gave me the same reason: it wasn’t scary enough. The thing is, though, I strongly believe there’s a big difference between “scary” and “creepy”; one of these keeps us up at night, while the other unsettles us and, when executed well, makes us view the world a little differently. Through the Woods, a stunning graphic novel anthology, is not scary, but it is surely creepy.


4. Bentley Little is the author I tend to reach for when I’m looking for horror that is bizarre, gross, and sometimes disgustingly perturbing. The Association was the first title of his that I read, and let me tell you, it meets all of the aforementioned criteria. It follows a family’s struggles after moving into a new neighborhood where the HOA is seriously overbearing – to the point of mortal danger. I can safely say that I will be very careful to read any HOA agreements in my future moves, thanks to this book.


5. If you’ve ever asked me for horror anthology recommendations, more than likely, I recommended C.K. Walker’s books to you. She’s an indie author and her books need some serious polishing as far as grammar and spelling go, but she’s considered the Queen of r/nosleep, and her stories have rattled me on more than one late night. If you have Kindle Unlimited, a few of her collections are free there; if not, you can typically grab ebooks of them for $3 (though I do love my cute little paperbacks of the series).


6. If you ever find out that I’ve resubscribed to Kindle Unlimited despite the ridiculous number of unread books I already own, it’s usually just because I’m going through Darcy Coates withdrawals. She’s an Australian author who pumps out titles like there’s no tomorrow (I think Goodreads says she already has 36 distinct works?), and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from her so far, but her short stories are my favorite work she’s done.


7. Sorry, but I couldn’t mention Darcy Coates without also mentioning my favorite of her full-length novels: Ghost Camera. It tells the story of a young woman who’s acquired a camera that shows a ghostly apparition in photos of her, and in each consecutive snapshot, the ghost is a bit closer. I have this weird thing about ghostly photos, so this one really creeped me out!


8. I actually just read Mary: The Summoning this past weekend, and while it was definitely imperfect (review coming soon!), as someone who has held a lifelong fear of mirrors and the idea that they could house other, not quite living entities… Well, I’ll be honest: I’ve spent the past two days double-checking the mirror every time I go to the bathroom.


9. Slasher Girls is a collection of short stories, and honestly, quite a few of them aren’t worth your time at all (you can read my review here to see which ones I’m referring to), but there is one story in particular that I’m choosing this title for: In the Forest Dark and Deep, a very twisted and gruesome Alice in Wonderland retelling that had every hair on end as I read it… late at night… alone… in my dark house, surrounded by woods…


10. Thirteen Chairs is another horror anthology, and realistically, it’s the mildest collection on this list, but I thought I’d add something for my friends who aren’t into being kept up all night. It’s a collection of ghost stories, and while they’re pretty chill, they’re not boring by any means.

What book has scared you the most? If you can’t pick just one, feel free to name a few for me!

*TBR whimpers in background*

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    1. Heart Shaped Box is definitely on my TBR list! Actually, Joe Hill seems to have a lot of fantastic books but I haven’t had a chance to read his novels yet. One of my friends adores his writing.

    1. I loved Through The Woods. The illustrations are so good! I’m always scared by books about Mary. My childhood games damaged me! 😉

    1. I haven’t read any of these but Through the Woods has been on my wishlist for a while. I was interested in Slasher Girls at the time but I heard a lot of mixed reviews so I left it, haha.

    1. Since I usually run from all things creepy, The Shining is the only book that has freaked me out so far.
      I seriously have not picked up ONE creepy book since. Nope. Those animal-shaped bushes of my neighbors are still torturing me. And the days being so short right now, causing me to pass them in the dark all the time are NOT helping.

      *I’m considering beheading those stupid bushes for real.*

      1. Bahaha I have never read The Shining but I love the fact that you got spooked badly enough to just NOPE out of the rest of the genre. ??? Dude, I’m scared of the dark in general, and that would honestly freak me out, too!

        1. I have a whole stack of King-books that I want to read; including IT. So.. It’s temporarily noping out of the genre. :’) Or that’s what I’m trying to convince myself of.. :’)

          Someone’s dog was doing his business all over one of those animal bushes and I seriously just stood there “YES. KILL THOSE FUCKERS!” xD

            1. LMAO I hope you don’t get caught because what if this discussion counts as scheming?! I WILL NOT BE YOUR ACCOMPLICE, KATHY! (Just kidding. I will. COME AT ME, police in… Belgium, right? ?)

    1. I haven’t read Heart Shaped Box yet, but I have the book on a shelf at home. I was 10 when I first read The Omen, and that freaked me out considerably. When I was 16, I read The Stand and that is probably the scariest thing I’ve ever read – because that COULD HAPPEN.

      Excellent list!

      Here is our Top Ten Tuesday. Thank you!

      1. It’s sooooo goooood! I’ve never read The Stand, but I’ve heard it’s super freaky. I’ve also never read The Omen, though I loved the film remake with Liev Schrieber!

        Thank you! ❤ I’ll check yours out, too!

      1. Oh, I don’t blame you! Awesome, thank you for the recommendation! I actually have that one on my shelf, unread – I’ve owned it for a few years but keep forgetting to read it. I should move it up on my list!

        I’ll check your list out!

    1. I recently read Slasher Girls & Monster Boys and thought the collection as a whole was not very scary but I absolutely agree with you about Carrie Ryan’s story. It creeped me out SO much and I still can’t stop thinking about it! Great list!

      Here’s my TTT.

    1. So many great picks! I especially love Joe Hill’s writing (though, I haven’t read Heart-Shaped Box yet. Sad face.) and Through the Woods was fantastic.

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