T10T: Favorite Found Families (With Fanart!)

November 27, 2018


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s challenge was to focus on platonic relationships, which makes me think of one of my favorite tropes: found families. ♥ If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s basically a group of non-blood-related individuals who have claimed one another.


10. Victor Hanoverian, Brandon Eddison, and Mercedes Ramirez

This trio of FBI agents is great from the start, but by book 3 (The Summer Children), you really see the love between them.
Sadly, this was the only one I couldn’t find any fanart of!

Image result for harry hermione ron fanart

9. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley

Obviously, I have to include my OG fave found family. Again a trio that forms in book 1, but I thought their love for one another really started to shine in book 2.


8. Prince Elian and his pirates

I loved TKAK so much, and part of the reason it meant so much to me was how wonderful Elian and his ship-family were together. (And we can’t forget Lira, of course, who is with Elian in the fanart since I couldn’t find any art of the crew!)

7. Lihn Cinder and her crew

I absolutely love the bonds we started to see form in book 3, and it’s one of many reasons I want to reread Cress before continuing on to Winter. They’re all from such different circumstances, yet they make these incredible connections so easily.

Image result for six of crows the dregs fanart

6. The Dregs

How could I not mention Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Wylan, and Jesper? My sweet, bizarre, murderous little babies. ♥ No spoilers, but the ending of this book BROKE me.


5. …everyone from The Illuminae Files

Okay, I can’t be specific at all without spoiling things, but I’ll just say this: that Marie Lu drawing of them all together at the end of Obsidio? And a certain father figure’s “notes”? Excuse me while I cry tears of joy FOREVER.


4. Aelin and her court

This is another I can’t say much on without spoiling things, but I loved the weird little band of misfits Empire of Storms gave us—and an honorary shout-out to the Thirteen, naturally. I STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED KINGDOM OF ASH, SO PLEASE DON’T POST ANY SPOILER COMMENTS! ?

3. Kell and Rhy Maresh (and Lila and Alucard, too)

I know they were raised as adopted brothers, but I’d still consider them fitting of this trope, plus when Alucard and Lila come into the mix, well… what a gorgeous, dysfunctional little bunch of miscreants. How I love them so.

Image result for the raven cycle fanart

2. Blue and her Raven Boys

I could literally just cry, like… forever over how much I love Blue and the boys. I adore how they love each other and every single interaction is pure gold. While I love the whole series, I think BLLB was my favorite for its “turning points” regarding certain relationships.

If you didn’t see this coming for #1, I’m disappointed in you:

Image result for the inner circle fanart

1. The inner circle ♥♥♥

Listen. LISTEN. I cannot tell you all how many times I have just lost my shit over this precious found family. I love them so damn much. ACOMAF is probably my single favorite book of all time and honestly, it’s 90% because of watching these damaged little souls love on each other and support one another. Especially watching them pull Feyre into their little fold and help her heal? I’m literally choking up while typing this.
Like, yo, that scene where Cassian is training Feyre and she burns through his gloves and he doesn’t say anything? FUCK ME UP, FAM, I cry every damn time I think about my sweet bat baby and what an amazing big brother he is for Feyre. ??? And don’t even get me started on ACOWAR and that whole “the flash of Illyrian blades looked like home” shit. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner for the rest of the evening…

Thank you to everyone who made it through all of my gushing and crying over all these sweet beans. ?? Now let me know in the comments, who is your favorite found family? It can be from a book or anything else you like!


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Fanart credits:
#9: Natello
#8: Freiheit/meliescribbles
#7: the artist’s name is Julie Crowell but I couldn’t find a link anywhere 🙁
#6: cryingmanlytears
#5: Marie Lu
#4 & #1: Charlie Bowater
#3: Paula/@Puali_
#2: another one I can’t find credit for anywhere 🙁
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      1. They are so wonderful! I honestly live in a constant state of wanting to reread The Raven Cycle. <3 Thank you, and I'll check your list out as well – sorry this is a little delayed haha!

    1. Wonderful choices – and these fanarts are gorgeous! <3 Harry, Hermione and Ron are a must in this topic, that's for sure 😀

    1. I love a good found family. 🙂 Everyone from the Illuminae Files *nods vigorously*
      Aelin and her court sound fabulous too!

    1. Cinder and her crew are definitely one of my favourite found families too! I also love the found families in Becky Chambers’ Wayfarers series.

    1. I like the friendships in The Mortal Instruments.
      I still haven’t started Empire of Storms… at this point it might end up being 2019 before I finish that series.

      1. The TMI friendships are soooo good! I almost included them too, actually – especially towards the end of that series (I still need to finish CoHF), I really love how close everyone becomes.

    1. SERIOUSLY. Where are you at in KoA? Because I need to know when you’ll be having a mental breakdown. Probably right around the same time I had when I was reading the thing. :’)
      Seeing Illuminae is like.. I want to reread those books? I know I shouldn’t – I CAN’T CAUSE THEY’RE PACKED – but I really want to right now? Maybe it’s for the best they’re all packed up in some unknown box or I would’ve dug them out.. :’)

      1. LMAO. I’m legit only 150 pages in. I haven’t touched it in about two weeks because it’s like my brain REFUSES to do it. I feel like everyone thinks I’m crazy but I do this with the finales of every single series I love. ? I can’t help it.
        I’ve been wanting to reread them, too! I was just telling Terry last night that I want to reread them and he was like “you should do a readathon in February, too! like… Favorites February or something!” but I can’t really devote a whole month to reread. I did think about a weeklong readathon… but I just don’t know 😛

        1. Yup, you’re crazy. But I knew that already – this is just more proof, haha! You’ll get through it eventually but I get not wanting it to end. :’) That’s probably why your brain is going “NOPENOPENOPE” over it. :’)
          Haha, Jazzy June is rereading month darnit! Oh, and then there’s sci-fi july after that. Like. JUST SAYING.
          I’ll have to wait until I unpack the monsters anyway. :’)

          1. Exactly ?? My brain is not ready at all to say goodbye.
            Yeah, I’m just not sure if I want to wait until summer to reread them. ? I’ll definitely be fitting some rereads in for June, though. I feel like July is the challenge I commit to the “least” because I just never read much sci-fi ?

            1. You have to convince your brain you’ll always be able to go back to the world!
              Haha, I feel you. ? The only reason I can is because.. I probably have to? I can’t really see myself unpacking my books before little wiggle is born so yeah. ?
              Same! Which is why I started that challenge? I’m already happy if I end up reading one or two scifi’s that month. One of the reasons why I added the “you don’t have to commit the entire month to my challenges”-rule. I would go nuts if I had to read scifi for an entire month. ?

    1. Amazing list and amazing fanarts! I agree, despite forming the trio in the first year, I think they really started to click CLICKed in the second year 😀 Saving the wizarding world together then being separated for the next 3 months must be pretty frustrating!

    1. What a great take on this week’s topic! The fan art is great too. Cinder and her crew, the Dregs, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron are a huge yes for me as well. Here is our Top Ten Tuesday

    1. I agree with so many of these choices and the rest of them are still on my TBR! I’m about to start ACOWAR but I already love the Inner Circle so so so much!! 🙂

    1. Oooh, we have the same prompt theme! Yay!
      I love the fanart addition! Especially Kell & Rhys, bunch of cuties! That art for The Dregs is A++ Funny how I haven’t read the duology yet hahaha

    1. YES, QUEEN! YES! Your taste is impeccable. And the #1 spot was well earned. I am right there with you in forever losing myself over that little family! They are everything. I love them. And the rest of your picks are fantastic. I haven’t heard of 10th pick before your post–but I’m definitely intrigued now.

      1. Thank youuuu! I legit was choking up writing up my little piece about the Inner Circle, they just mean so damn much to me. ♥ I don’t know what it is about them that gets me every time! I always say that I think Sarah writes some of the most lovable characters in the world and those little babies are proof haha!

    1. Sigh….I am so behind with Sarah J. Maas. I do love your take on this. I was thinking more of friendship parings when I wrote mine. I didn’t really consider friendship groups.

    1. I adore the found family trope, and I’m so happy you included fan art in your post! These are all so beautiful, and I’m in awe of the talent. Especially the fan art of The Dregs, our lovely crew. It’s so gorgeous. I love your post! I’m definitely going to check out To Kill a Kingdom because that one wasn’t on my radar at all.

      1. It’s sooooo good, I love it! Thank you. 🙂 Oh, the Dregs have my heart forever, they really do. I want to reread all of the Grisha books soon, actually! And TKAK was really fun, and I just loved Elian’s little band of pirate misfits, so I totally recommend it!

    1. So many great ones here! I decided not to include Sarah J Maas and HP ones because I talk about them ALL THE TIME but 100% yes to all of them <3
      And Blue and the Dregs and Illuminae and simply all of them haha

    1. The inner circle and the HP gang will forever be my top faves, like I will die for them to stay together forever. <3

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