RETURNING TO T10T: 10 Book-to-Game Adaptations I Need (and vice-versa)

August 18, 2020

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That’s right… I’M BACK! I haven’t done a Top 10 Tuesday post since my Spring TBR back in March, but I’ve been missing these posts! This week’s theme was supposed to be books that should be adapted into shows/movies, but it only felt right to commemorate my return to T10T by putting my own spin on the theme, as usual, plus this post has been bouncing around in my brain for a few months, anyways!

So instead, I’ll be talking about… 10 book-to-game OR game-to-book adaptations I need!

Final Fantasy X

This is my favorite video game of all time, and I had to include it. There is technically a book that exists as a sequel to X-2, but I’m thinking more along the lines of a series fleshing out the events of the games, including a prequel focused on Braska’s journey.

A Darker Shade of Magic

Technically, this whole trilogy would make such an interesting video game IMO. It could be so gorgeous and visually appealing, including side tidbits where you would veer off-course from the main storyline to play through Holland. ?

Stardew Valley

I know some of you are raising an eyebrow at me right now, but hear me out… a series of romance novellas or a short story collection taking place with SDV characters. Tell me you don’t low key want to know how a certain political figure’s shorts ended up in a certain townie’s room… ?


Honestly, the battle scenes alone. Could you imagine?


I don’t know how many people will recognize this one, but it’s a horror/sci-fi indie game involving some very creepy time-continuum issues and… other things… and honestly, I think it would make an absolutely TERRIFYING book.

The Bone Season

I’m not even sure if I would ask for the game to follow the plot of the books, or if it would work better as an MMO, because what I’m really picturing is the option to choose the type of voyant you play as and having the ability to train and level up your powers, complete with raids against SCION soldiers, etc.

Delicious series

If you’re not familiar with these, they’re point-and-click time management games (similar to Diner Dash), but there are a ton of them and they follow a linear storyline for the most part featuring Emily and her family. I think a set of graphic novels following Emily’s story would be so cute, plus there are spin-off game series featuring other characters from her town, which could easily work into spin-off standalone graphic novels! And the art could even match the art style of the newer games!


Like The Bone Season, I’m picturing this more as an MMO. Imagine getting to choose which order you belong to! Or, I guess you could not belong to an order and play someone boring like Mal… *sigh* Also, the Darkling as a boss battle? WHOA.


I cheated a little bit here because I haven’t actually played this game, but I’ve watched my spouse play a good bit of it, and when they suggested the idea of this as a children’s book, I had to agree that it would be adorable and perfect. It has a sweet little mouse as a main character! How much more can you ask for?

We Have Always Lived in a Castle

I thought of this one while writing this post, and now I feel like I’m going to always want this to be a thing because it would be so cool. Imagine a hidden object/mystery game where you uncover clues to the death of Merricat’s family. If you’ve read the book (or seen the film), you know where I’m going with this, but… yeah. It would be creepy and epic.

Are there any books you’d like to see adapted into video games? Or any video games you want novelizations of?


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    1. Oh my god this is genius!!! Do you mind if I do this prompt?? Also I love all your choices, The Stardew Valley confuse me at first but I understand why you want it to be made to book!!

    1. I love your twist on this so much! I would so be down for a stardew novella or graphic novel. I miss the characters so much. I haven’t played in ages. I would love to know more about the shorts.

        1. I think if I played probably would start over new because it’s been so long I would be so confused with what I was doing. I do miss having Shane as my hubby though.

    1. Oh this is such a cool idea!! ? I would definitely play a videogame set in the Grishaverse, that would be really epic and the Darkling as a boss battle would be so cool ?

    1. This is absolutely awesome, I love your ideas! I definitely would love Stardew Valley romance novellas, so so much.

    1. I love how you turned this prompt into something that suited you better. It’s wild and creative and I love it. I have not played any of the video games you mentioned or read any of the books, but “A Darker Shade of Magic” is on my TBR list, and Emily’s Road Trip sounds super fun!

      1. It’s super eerie and fun! I love “weird” horror and I feel like it totally fits in that vein, plus I like that it starts off pretty subtle and just gradually amps itself up as you go on. 🙂

    1. these ideas are sooo cool! i especially love the Stardew and We Have Always Lived in the Castle ones. we need people on this STAT.

    1. Welcome back, sweet friend! As you know I returned for the first time in 6 MONTHS (gasp!) last week! I like your twist on this week’s prompt. Very you and great selections!!

      Feel free to check out my book-to-screen wishes here:

      1. Thank you! Oooh, that would actually be pretty cool. What if the game was one of those where there are several possible endings depending on the choices you make? And one of them could be Alina on the Darkling’s side and ending up with him, like you said… omg, I need this to exist even more now haha!

    1. I haven’t done a T10T for … probably a year or so. And I love your gamer spin on the prompt! My husband and I have been binge-watching The Witcher and he’s started playing the games again, leaving me to devour the books 🙂

      Here’s my TTT

    1. DESTINY!!!! I never knew I needed a Shades of Magic video game but now I bloody well do!

      Also I would totally read Delicious graphic novels, I love those games!

        1. I used to play so many of those computer games before they were made into phone games ? I played diner dash as well, and the wedding planner one, my fave was cake mania which they put on Nintendo DS back in the day, I think they stopped making them ? I’m so tempted to try and hunt down the game and buy a DS so that I can get a nice dose of nostalgia ?

          1. I haven’t tried the phone versions, but I hear they’re really fun! I just am a sucker for the PC ones, I’ve been playing them so long that it wouldn’t feel right to play the re-mastered versions, I think. ? Omg, yes to Diner Dash, Wedding… whatever it was, and Cake Mania – I loved ALL of those SO MUCH!

            1. I really need to revisit the PC ones! I don’t think I’ve played that way since I was a teenager!

              Oh no… this is not good, I’m gonna end up downloading these all again now and I will fall into the gaming hole when Animal Crossing already takes up too much of my time ahahah.

              Have you played Overcooked? It’s similar to these but best as a multiplayer game and so much fun! I played it with my cousin just last night aha.

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