T10T — Characters I Wish Were on Twitter

February 25, 2020


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is to pick 10 characters I’d follow on social media!


Onishi Sumi

Mainly because her posts would be hilarious and make no sense 90% of the time, while they’d be deep AF the other 10%.

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I want a social media account following Rook as he explores the modern human world, and he could just make hilarious, confused commentary on everything.



In a modern setting, Damen’s entire Instagram feed would be sexy candid shots of Laurent, himself and Nikandros performing wasted karaoke, and puppies. PROVE ME WRONG, I DARE YOU.


Ashlinn Järnheim

I wanted to go with Mia until I remembered she wouldn’t have social media in the first place, so my next pick from this series would be Ash. Her entire feed would be gay as hell so we’d get along fine.

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Maverick “Big Mav” Carter

Let’s be real: Big Mav is the underrated star of THUG, and we all know he’d be bringing the dad jokes non-stop and I would live for it.

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Hermione Granger

Hermione is so smart that I feel like she’d be that person who’s constantly making threads explaining super in-depth stuff and teaching me new things (or explaining things I thought I knew in a new light), and really, we all need social media friends who can teach us things!

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Luca Ward

I think Luca would probably post a lot of music and movies-related stuff, but I also think there would be a LOT of baby goat videos and candid Imre pics. ??



Ahhh, sweet Silas, our weird little demon friend. Sure, on the outside, he’s all “meh, who needs humans, I hate ’em”, but then you’d look at his “likes” and it would probably be, I dunno, endless videos of babies being cute.

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Crescent Moon

Cress’s feed would be endless baby animals and cute little pieces of art and fun facts about space. Honestly. All the best cutesy lunar witch vibes. ♥


Chloe Brown

… I just really want her to be my friend ??

What characters would you love to follow on social media?


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    1. Great list! I haven’t read Captive Prince, but Damianos definitely sounds like someone I’d want to follow on social media, too, and Cress would be so sweet to follow. Hermione made my list this week, too!

    1. I like to imagine that if Hermione had a Twitter it would get shut down like how Captain Holt had his shut down on Brooklyn 99. The exact tweets and handle would be so exact and factual that the algorithm would think she was a bot! I know that’s random but it would be funny 😀

    1. Omg yes, Cress’ feed would be amazing! And I was actually thinking of putting Silas on my list, actually I was thinking of putting all three of them on my list lol they’d be really awesome to follow. Great list 🙂

    1. I totally agree with how Cress’s feed would look like! I would love to follow Hermione and learn new things. Also, I feel like her instagram would be really aesthetically pleasing.

    1. Ezra from the Illuminae Files would be so much fun to follow on Twitter. He just be a snark most of the time and I would just live for it. Hermione is a good choice to have, as well. I feel like her twitter feed would be a lot like Uberfacts but with more in depth information.

    1. I feel like you summed up these characters so well! I can definitely see Rook just commenting on every mundane interaction that we take for granted. There would be endless content! And I think that Silas would definitely follow Cress so he could like all her cute posts. They’d end up becoming friends for sure!

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