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October 6, 2020

top ten tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is favorite fall book covers, but you know me… I jump at any opportunity to tweak the theme, so I’m going with my favorite horror book covers! Some are beautiful, some are spooky, and some are just fun.

💀 We Live Inside Your Eyes — I love this imagery!
💀 Dead of Winter — This and the previous cover were both designed by Kealan, and I just really love the way he made this skull out of the trees!

💀 NOS4A2/NOS4R2 — The UK Christmas edition of this book is so fun! I lucked up on a good used copy online and it’s one of my favorite books I own.
💀 Doorbells at Dusk — Another great seasonal one. This reminds me so much of Trick’r Treat, one of my fave Halloween movies.

💀 My Best Friend’s Exorcism — I actually have the hardback edition which has a different cover (though still cool!), but I really want to get this 80s VHS-style paperback soon!
💀 Corpse Cold — I love the Scary Stories vibes of the artwork in so many of Brhel & Sullivan’s books, but this is definitely my favorite.

💀 You May Now Kill the Bride — I don’t know what it is, but the flowers, skull, and general style reminds me of a really badass tattoo (that I want. ASAP.)
💀 Pitch Dark — This cover reminds me so much of the Ghost Ship movie poster, which makes me super nostalgic and happy.

💀 Shutter — Such an eerie, artsy cover!
💀 A Head Full of Ghosts — For some reason, I didn’t get what this cover was supposed to be until after reading it. Once I recognized the hallway, I got the importance of that shot, and it gave me legitimate goosebumps!

What’s your favorite horror book cover —
or if you don’t like horror books, your favorite fall-themed cover?


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    1. I love that cover for My best friends exorcism, almost makes me want to pick it up!


    1. Do I take it that autumn is your horror season? LOL. I love your twist on the take.

      I had a bit of a hard time since brown is not my favourite colour (actually, it’s the colour I like least) but I found some good books anyway.

      My TTT.

    1. Horror novels are so much fun. From your list, I really like the cover for Dead of Winter, and in general I really like the cover for Shepherd’s Warning by Cailyn Lloyd. That said, there’s so many great horror novel covers out there.

    1. My Best Friend’s Exorcism has such a fun design! I like the Penguin Classics edition of The Haunting of Hill House I have, which has a dark orange colour scheme with the looming house.

    1. Okay but I am tempted to pick up You May Now Kill The Bride because that cover is gorgeous and I grew up loving Fear Street. I just feel like I need it in my life. All of these though have really beautiful covers and I will be adding them to my TBR on cover alone.

    1. So I read A Heat Full of Ghosts 2, maybe 3 years ago now? I JUST figured out the cover. Literally, JUST right now looking at it! So its really funny that you also say that you didn’t see it at first either! Why didn’t we see that?! Wow!

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