T10T: Holiday Highlights (TBR & Faves!)

December 3, 2019


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s theme is all about holiday reads! I decided to highlight 5 from my TBR, and 5 that are favorites of mine.

1. the boss who stole christmas — TBR

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This is the most recent addition to my holiday TBR: an employee/boss rom-com novella. I’m a sucker for employee/boss pairings and it sounds cute, plus it’s on Kindle Unlimited!

2. dead of winter — fave

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I love wintry horror short stories, and this is by far my favorite! I read this in one sitting last year and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, so I’m hosting a read-along later in the month if anyone wants to join!

3. better watch out — TBR

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I am such a sucker for Christmas horror stories, especially ones where Santa is the villain. This is super short (only 68 pages) and also on Kindle Unlimited, so I’m pretty sure I’ll read this one over the next few weeks!

4. a holiday by gaslight — fave

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This is an absolutely gorgeous Victorian romance novella set at Christmas. It’s only a dollar on the kindle store, and it’s inspired by North & South (which means that, yes, I absolutely did spend the entire book picturing the hero as Richard Armitage). It’s easily the best slow-burn you’ll ever find packed into less than 200 pages and I seriously cannot recommend it enough. ?

5. 10 blind dates — TBR


This is actually an overdue eARC that released back in October, but since it takes place over Christmas break, I made a pretty tough call and decided to save it for December. Hopefully the publishers will understand, but I just knew I’d enjoy it so much more once I got in the holiday spirit, and I’m really excited to read it FINALLY!

6. nos4a2/nos4r2 — fave


(Before anyone asks, this book is filed under separate names depending on where you live — hence the distinction.) If you wanna talk about one of the most fun, wildest, most atmospheric Christmas horror stories ever written, you gotta look at Joe Hill’s brilliantly weird vampire story here. If you’re an audiobook lover, I HIGHLY recommend Kate Mulgrew’s narration!

7. worst holiday ever: a family drama romance anthology — TBR

42070984. sy475

A whole romance anthology about holiday family drama? HA. Sign me up. This one’s only a dollar on the kindle store, so I’m actually buying it as I type this, because it just sounds like so much fun. I really hope I can get to it before the end of December! (and if it’s good, there’s a sequel anthology: Worst Valentine’s Day Ever!)

 8. merry inkmas — fave

36640831. sy475

Y’all already know I’m obsessed with Talia Hibbert and have 5-starred everything I’ve ever read by her, right? So, naturally, I can’t write this list without yelling about how freaking adorable and sexy and hilarious and diverse Merry Inkmas is. Seriously. Just… go get it.

9. the butterfly bride — TBR

40614795. sy475

This looks like a really sweet Yuletide regency romance! Friends-to-lovers, marriages of convenience, widower-father heroes… I don’t know if I’ll prioritize it this year, but maybe next year?

10. hark! the herald angels screamfave


Finally, let’s close it out with one of my favorite horror anthologies ever. This is such a campy, creepy, wildly fun Christmas horror collection. I genuinely loved almost every single story, and some of them were such favorites, I still think of them constantly. I miiiight have to see if I can fit a re-read into my December TBR!

I’m always looking for more Christmas recommendations, especially horror or romance ones, so please feel free to drop a recommendation in the comments!


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    1. Worst Holiday Anthology sounds really funny. I always mean to read Holiday books during the holidays and then don’t do it. This year will be different. My Holiday book list

    1. I’m about to start 10 blind dates, I hope we both enjoy!


    1. I love wintry horror too and definitely need to pick up that anthology.

      You should check out The Mind of Winter, its a slow burn psychological horror novel but its perfect for this time of year.

    1. Great list! I love the cover of Hark! The Herald Angels Scream and NOS4R2 is one I’m planning to start reading in the next days. 😀 I really enjoyed A Holiday by Gaslight, too – I definitely pictured Richard Armitage while reading it, you’re not alone.

      1. Thank you! Lmao isn’t the cover amazing?! I swear it’s the first thing that sold me on it, I just had to have it. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who pictured Richard Armitage. ??? I love him! I hope you like NOS4A2!

    1. I’m definitely going to add A Holiday by Gaslight to my tbr! I love North and South, and Richard Armitage is great! Here is our Top Ten Tuesday.

    1. So I need to read Dead of Winter and also want to grab the Worst Christmas anthology. I adore holiday drama at the holidays – as long as it’s in a book. I like peace and tranquility at home. I just read NOS4A2 this year and really liked it but definitely wanted more of Christmasland. Did you enjoy the series adaptation?

        1. It was okay. Not my favorite, but oh well. Christmas threw up in it and that chick was so annoying. It could have been better. It did make me laugh, though. I liked the guy.

    1. I read Merry Inkmas last year and loved it. I might try to fit in a reread if it but idk if it will actually happen because I have a massive TBR this month.

    1. 10 Blind Dates has been on a lot of these lists. I might just have to add it to my TBR too. ?

    1. I swear I’ve been screaming about 10 Blind Dates and its cuteness/coziness since I read the eARC and I’m infinitely jealous of everyone who gets to experience it for the first time now! Also, swoon, so many highlights on here. I’m hoping to get to The Boss Who Stole Christmas ASAP.

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