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February 12, 2019


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic was supposed to be about our favorite bookish couples, but I’ve done some OTP-related posts in the past, so I decided to switch it up.
With Valentine’s Day coming later this week, what better time to discuss the romance reads at the top of my TBR?

At the time I wrote this post, I was in a major romance mood and I couldn’t narrow it down to 10 — you get a list of 15 today, instead!

I’m also going to start trying to throw in details on where you guys can get the books I’m recommending whenever possible, especially if they’re on sale or free, so be on the lookout for those links below, and let me know if you find them helpful! ♥
I’ve recently become an Amazon Affiliate, so the links below are affiliate links. They’ll help me keep this blog domain paid for, and they won’t cost you a penny extra!



1. red, white & royal blue — casey mcquiston
ARC; releasing 05/14/19; pre-order here

this is a new adult rom-com releasing later this year about the US president’s son falling in love with the prince of Wales. it’s getting rave reviews and the buzzword I keep hearing is that it’s cute AF.

2. the unhoneymooners — christina lauren
ARC; releasing 05/14/19; pre-order here

this writing duo hasn’t let me down so far, and this fake-dating (fake-marrying?) rom-com sounds like something they’re going to absolutely knock out.

 3. the bride test — helen hoang
ARC; releasing 05/07/19; pre-order here 
(currently only $10.40!)
like almost everyone else who read it, I adored the kiss quotient, so I’m dying to dive into this companion novel featuring Khai, Michael’s autistic cousin.

4. rock — anyta sunday
available on kindle unlimited 
(or $3.99 without KU)
this is an m/m new adult romance that I’ve been told is a bit of a tearjerker, and pretty angsty, which makes sense, since it’s about two step-brothers falling in love.

5. bad for the boss — talia hibbert
$2.99 in the kindle store

technically, this should be the whole just for him series by talia, because I just want to catch up on everything she’s ever written. she’s easily my favorite romance author and I know this one won’t disappoint! (by the way, you can buy the entire trilogy here for less than $5!)


6. a princess in theory — alyssa cole
$5.99 in the kindle store

this is another one where I say one book, but I mean the entire series. I’ve bought all of the books and novellas released in this series so far, and pre-ordered the upcoming ones, if that tells you how excited I am! this first installment is about a woman who suddenly learns she’s been betrothed to an African prince — no, really!

7. criminal intentions: season 1, ep 1: the cardigans — cole mccade
available on kindle unlimited 
(or $2.99 without KU)
after how much I’ve gushed over this author’s standalone over and over again, it’s no surprise I’m excited to read more work from cole. an m/m adult romance/mystery series featuring homicide detectives? I’m sold.

8. ten count, vol. 1 — rihito takarai
$12.99 for the paperback edition

surprise, a manga suggestion! I’m dying for some good romance manga recs, so please leave them below, but this is the one I’m most wanting to read right now. it’s an m/m adult romance manga with OCD rep and it sounds amazing.

9. rafe — rebekah weatherspoon
$4.99 in the kindle store

all you really need to know is that this is a diverse adult romance between a doctor and her new buff nanny. apparently, the hero is a big redheaded biker guy who is covered in tattoos and spends his days baking.

10. wolfsong — t.j. klune
$6.49 in the kindle store

sometimes, you just need some good, swoon-y gay werewolves in your life, and I’m told this one delivers, big time. so many of my friends adore this book and have raved about it endlessly, so I’m dying to get a copy.


11. killing sarai — j.a. redmerski
$2.99 in the kindle store

this is, I’m told, a very dark new adult romance in which the MC has been sent to live with a drug lord by her neglectful mother, and she grows to fall in love with an assassin. if y’all haven’t figured it out yet (*cough* captive prince *cough*), I love a good dark, twisty, taboo romance.

12. dollars — pepper winters
$3.99 in the kindle store

this is actually book 2 in the series (book 1 is always FREE in the kindle store), and fair warning, this series is so messed up but it’s addicting and I need to continue it.

 13. hate to want you — alisha rai
CURRENTLY $1.99 in the kindle store 
(I don’t think this sale will last long!)
I hear so many rave reviews about alisha rai’s diverse, angsty, sweet romances, and this on-and-off friends-with-benefits-turned-lovers situation sounds incredible.

14. four psychos — kristy cunning
available on kindle unlimited 
(or $0.99 without KU)
I’ve never read a reverse harem book, and I’m told by Sionna that this is a great introduction to the trope!

15. that kind of guy — talia hibbert (no cover)
I had to mention this one because it’s the next book in the ravenswood series (which begins with that amazing story you’ve all heard me gush about nonstop for the last year, a girl like her) and it’s going to feature an older woman/younger man dynamic where the dude is a major geek. I’m so stoked.


Do you like romance books? If so, have you read any of these, or are you interested in checking any of them out? Let me know!


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    1. I seen lots of booktube videos that talk about Christina Lauren and Helen Hoang’s books, but I haven’t read anything by either one. I do think Christina’s looks cute, plus that title makes the book stand out. 🙂
      Enjoy these, Destine – and many thanks for the Finding Wonderland visit!! 🙂

      1. You know, I always loved romantic fanfics and short stories, but I didn’t get into “published” romance until a year or so ago, and I am SO glad that I did! It’s just so comforting and quick and fun when I’m slumping or just want an easy, enjoyable read.

    1. Red, White and Royal Blue is on my TBR, as is Helen Hoang (both of her books), but now all I want is Ten Count! Let me know if you find any more like this one!!

      1. Will do! I finally caved and ordered the first volume of Ten Count just a few minutes ago and I’m hoping to read and review it as soon as it arrives. 🙂 and Helen Hoang is an amazing author, I really recommend her writing!

    1. Every time I read about the Unhoneymooners I want to read it. And I have to read the Bride Test too. I just finished Hundreds earlier this month and now I want to read Thousands and Millions, but I need more Amazon money for them. Pennies was disturbing though.

    1. Honestly not much of a romance fan, but I’ve been feeling like binge reading a bunch of fluffy relationships after reading mostly fantasy for the last six months straight, so some of these are definitely going to be added to my TBR. I really love the sound of Red, White & Royal Blue. Gimme all the cute af feelings!

      1. Yaaaaay! 😀 I think RW&RB will be a good one for people who don’t typically read a ton of romance, because I’m hearing it’s more “cute” than sexual, and I know the super explicit sex scenes can be off-putting for a lot of people when they’re new to the romance genre. I have no idea if it would bother you or not, but either way, I do hope you like it if you read it! 😀

    1. I’ve seen so many people getting excited about Red, White and Royal Blue – I’m definitely going to be checking that out when it finally releases.

      1. Haha yes! I used to love queer manga so much as a young teen but I got out of the manga circles in my late teens for some stupid reasons. Now I’m happy to be picking up manga again and I need all the cute and steamy yaoi (or yuri) recs 🙂

    1. as someone who is Constantly on the hunt for romance recs, this is a thrill

    1. Sooo many great titles on your list!! Definitely read the Alisha Rai series ASAP! I love her writing and the way she creates tension between the characters. I found some new books for my TBR too 🙂

    1. I am super excited to see The Bride Test and The Unhoneymooners on here because I have yet to read them. I cannot wait for them and hearing they made the cut makes me even more excited!

    1. Rafe!!! You need to read that one so badly! Four Psychos too, but that one is so intense and just all over the place. Rafe though is 100% gold <3
      Much of my top romance TBR is on this list too…. hope you don't mind if I do topic for TTT too.

      1. I swear, it’s at least once a day that I think about how desperately I need to read Rafe, so at this point, it’s like… why haven’t I just bought it and read it already?! ? And I know I already replied to your list, but I never mind! ♥♥

    1. I like the links! They’ll definitely be especially helpful for sales. 🙂 I just got approved for Red, White, and Royal Blue on Netgalley and am really looking forward to it. And I am super adding Rafe to my tbr, it looks so cute. It’s coincidentally hilarious because I had a coworker named Rafe who was also bearded and tatted.

      1. Thank you! 😀 That makes me happy to hear. And I hope you like RW&RB! I think I’m gonna pick it up this week. I’m also REALLY tempted to buy Rafe like… right now? And the only thing holding me back is that if I buy it right now, I’ll start it tonight, and then I won’t get enough sleep. ?

    1. One of my bookclubs picked The Unhoneymooners for next month and now I’m super excited to read it after seeing this post!

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